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6/18/2005 | 0 comments

Greetings. "tis ~4:30am here now, I"m up and showored and getting ready to head out! w007! 'Tis Winter Magic today kiddies. so come fight the negative degree temperatures in the mountains and come visit me! I'll be the freaky lookin guy shivering his piercings out, but loving every second of it. ^_^.

Been in talks with Wicked Ink, my local shop, lately. Not only are they down for a very sexy site (will post screenies, etc soon as I am particularly happy with the design), but this coming Thursday I will be going in there to help reorganise them in the jewellery selling market! Right now, they have a pretty damn cool set-up in regards to tattooing and piercing but never really sell any after-modding jewellery. My mission, if I choose to accept it, is to turn that around and set up a studio to compete with all the local (dodgey) mall-stands and such. I enjoy a challenge!

On heavier news, I have been really really bumbed out lately... it's actually been really hard to concentrate on work and life. Friendship politics are just lovely, aren't they? It's really one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't (plays Simpsons mp3).

Well, I really must be getting out of this towel and into some clothes! (yes, its butt-freezing cold). Please, if you either live in the mountains, are visiting or just wanna hang out - come visit us! It's on the main strip of Kattoomba, and guaranteed money back if you dont enjoy your self! (btw.... its free.... ^_^).

Wow.. I just realised, I've been standing infront of my streaming web-cam for the past hour, totally NAKEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY..... luckely, nobody loves me and my web logs are clean. (and no, the images are no cached.... smart ass).

TTFN, and thanks to all of my friends who have my back in both times of need, and times of joy. True friends really form then, while those who hesitate or plot can choke on a fucking dick. *cough*. But seriously, I really appreciate more than I can express.

Oh, btw... check back soon for pics of my stall!!! YAH!

iam: sleepy
6/15/2005 | 0 comments

Ok... It's 9:30, I went to sleep @ 7:30 after spending all night/morning trying 2 fix up a couple fucked notebooks for a friend.... they are fucking CRAZY!!!! I actually just kinda flopped dead on the floor for about 1/2 hour whilst putting a motherboard back in. I'm sure it was fucking funny to everyone else, except my face and the rough carpet/pile of screws and their still visible indentations.

Happy to announce that the pics of my tongue web cutting are up and online! w007! I only submitted them late last night, so it's going down as the quickest image submission every. Now that the imgs are up, I can finish up the experience with embedded images (th ev. labret one is nearly done too! yah!)

I'm actually really looking forward to Winter Magic, remember 3 days to go! :O Please, every and anyone come say hello and help me pay off my huge credit card debt! ^_^ In the immortal words of Gir "COME BACK!!!! I NEED STUFFFFS!".

Can't wait to take some cool shots of my new shortened v. labret posts, fingers crossed Jon will be in the mood (lol) tonight.

TTFN, and check out the filling on one of my web-cutting photos! Chewing on alfoil is sexy!

6/11/2005 | 0 comments

Greetings! It is now 5:22 am, and I'm not all that long up... but I have a nice warm (and strong) cup o' joe in my hand that I'm lovingly sipping down.

Last week or so has been pretty fucking trippy, I've been hanging out with my new (and old) friends @ my local studio (Wicked Ink - High street penrith, btw) hammering out ideas for a website and just general crapola. I'm having a ball with them, they are all such awesome people.

Looking forward to the sexpo coming up mad soon, I'm hoping to be there and hope to see you all there too! Wicked Ink have a mini-studio set up doing lots of cool shit, lotsa tattooing and piercing and they have some wicked jewellery too.

Speaking of jewellery, next weekend is Winter Magic! w007 w007! And your's truly, along with beloved 'Elysium Body Jewellery' shall be attending! Please come along, check out our stall, stay for a chat or whatever - if you see something you like, support the events and stalls there and spend some of that hard earned cash (I know I will be.. lol)!

Well, that is all for now... I must be getting on a train soon! Glebe Markets awaits me and my sexy ass. Take care, and anyone reading this today (saturday in aussie town) and you live local - COME FUCKING SEE ME! I get oh so very lonely... :'(. lol

Much love and I promise i'll post more often.... :)

If you haven't all ready seen, check out the vert. labret pics - they are pretty cool, I look like a fucking dick head tho... but the piercings are lovely. :)

Oh yeah, I did up some tattoo sheets for WInk this week, here is one of them for my favorite band ICP. I always told my self I would make one of these up but never got around to it... but they are all done nice high rez (vector imgs exported to a 300dpi A3 image). If anyone wants a high rez png/psd just lemme know. :) MCL.

More pics!
6/8/2005 | 0 comments

A lot of ppl have been on my back about getting up some photos of my labrets, welllllllllllll - here they are! YAH!

I'm too damn tired to type much tonight, so just check out the shots (inc the very last one, its cool). Enjoy!

Dual vertical labrets -> COMPLETED!
5/25/2005 | 0 comments

As of literally 5 minutes ago, I just finished my dual vertical labret project.... well.. I guess it's more of a dual vertical LIP set, but oh well.

I have been contemplating doing this for quite a number of years, however I always really like to think heavily about my pierings before I go ahead with them. The past over a week, I have been pretty low in the dumps. I was upset because I previously attempted to do them and wasn't happy withe the placement so I bailed. I left them sufficient time to heal, (Btw: lips heal QUICK - no bruising/discomfort after about 5 days). So I waited a fair bit over a week, and then dotted them up. I took a LOT of care (as anyone watching me has noticed... painfully) dotting and preparation (will post more about this in my latest experience deelie) and took a new approach to mirror-piercing, which is always a bitch to get lined up correctly.

Anyhow, I have a very busy night tonight... I need to now sort through all the pictures to choose decent ones, write up an experience (with photos), and then crop/color correct lotsa' photos to upload too. lol.

Just wanna say thnx 2 jez *hugs*, your a great guy and an awesome camera cam (even if you decide to talk about the taste of menstrual blood whilst I'm piercing), and Juzzie for always supporting me no matter how loopy my ass may be. :)


Added a teaser photo too.. ;) you can't really see it that clearly, due to blood. But i hope you get the idea. ^_^

Whats that? Your silly and dont have an iam account? Ohh.. your too lazy to sign in? Thats otay. HERE YOU GO!!!!


848 headshots.

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