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Greetings all.
7/10/2005 | 1 comments

Yesterday at the markets was pretty full on, when I got up it was really crazy and almost surreal. The ground was wet, however it was dry in the air and it wasn't raining and there was just a thick layer of fog everywhere. It was difficult to get to the station (packed with 3 back-packs full of stock) when you can barely see cars moving around you. Pretty scary actually.

I got to the markets (a touch late, but not overly) and noticed that there were very few people there... all the store holders were scared of the potential (and foretasted) rain... I didn't even check, and I'm glad I didn't because it was an awesome day with the exception of 5 minutes of light sprinkle showers. My friend John (or is it Jon.. ?) who owns a food stall there and I had a great talk in the afternoon and he stayed in bed until the every last minute that he decided to get up and get his shit together for the markets. He didn't have much pasta/salads, so I continued to embrace my new found vegetarianism and had a really delicious bean nachos! I fucking love nachos... now if I could only find a way to be able to eat them without running out of sour cream. They put an ungodly dollop of the stuff on there, I'm talking a tower... and it vanished. I think the sour cream thieves are out again... lock your fridges ppl.

I took Jon's 'lil Canon A200 with me too, and took a bunch of (mostly random) photos - most were pretty fucked, but some turned out decent. I have decided that I'm going to make a gallery just of random shit from the markets just to plop them all somewhere. I got some kinda cool shots of my stand too, its lookin a bit dodgey this week as I didn't take them until about midday and a lot of people messed up my lil displays and arrangements. Oh well, at least now people can stop asking me to take photos of my stall! ^_^

For those of you who didn't notice my latest addition - check out the Play Piering gallery to your right. It's all new, and kinda freaky. Nothing too extreme (yet), its really my first decent play and was an excuse to put some sorta freaky shit up on deviant art. (http://joeltron.deviantart.com).
I'm very excited about tomorrow, its me and Juzzies 3 year anniversary... no shit, three fucking years. It seams only yesterday she was staggering over to me, drunk as hell, murmuring "shovveee love" and collapsing next to me.. oh, what lovely memories. lol. I can't wait to give her all of her cool pressies, I sorta went pretty out this year (and no, I'm still broke as hell... I just wanna make her happy!). I will post pics AFTER tomorrow, so I don't ruin the surprise ('sif she reads my blog anyway, but I'mma be paranoid all the same).

Anyhow, to fill you guys in on the last couple days - I haven't been on the irc://#IAM chat much lately, due to me feeling like total fucking crap and having so much work on I could fucking explode. So sorry if you've missed me. I got my bike pre-learners certificate deelie... Crazy shit. I was so fucking petrified on that damn bike, I think I went okay however. The other two guys had both been riding bikes for many years, and had their full car licenses - I felt pretty n00b had not even driver a car/bike before.

Why the hell not, here's some photos I took of the place I was at during our break. I'm not gonna put up any pics of the trainer or other guys (I don't think they would care, but I didn't ask all the same). So check it out, enjoy and please post comments/ideas/anything about my play piercing or soon to go up 'Random Market Shit' gallery.


Oh yeah, I had some fun with new jewellery! WIldcat currently have a crazy special on a bunch of blackline tombstone navel rings. Heres the stock photo:
http://www.wildcataustralia.com.au/images/products/kts03.jpg. You are meant to wear it so that the slave ball is on the top of the navel, and sort of covers the bar and belly button area. They are pretty cool, especially in blackline.

You can see in some of the following pictures what I did, but basically I stole the dangely bit of it and attached it to my central labret. I think it looked pretty cool, and I got quite a few comments on it yesterday - mostly "wow, you got a new piercing?!!" even though I had it done since year 11 in high school. Still, I think its cute.

- 'tron

7/7/2005 | 0 comments


It's my friend Ben's bday today! w007! .. well.. yesterday, we are just back from teepan-yakie! w007! It was really cool and it was great to catch up with Ben and Kristy (his crazy wife). Its sorta scary sometimes, we have known each other for quite some time now and he is only 3 months older than me, but married with a lovely child. What totally different paths in life we choose.

It was really great food tho, I'm going to post some pictures we took tonight... lets just say, jez throwing food object bad reaction times = funny ass fucking photos. I can't talk tho, I coped some rice up my fucking nose (seriously)... I think I got a little cocky after catching the twe eggs that he pegged @ me. lol. Fun times were had by all, I can't wait till we all go out as a group again! (perhaps... this time... nakah?)

On a bit of a sadder note, during the past couple days of trying out helmets and the like.... i have aggravated the shit outta' my poop eyebrow piercing. Hes like ~9months old, but still weeps lymph and flares up regularly. Its such a fucking shame, because I really loved each and every one of my eyebrow piercings (I've had in total of 8, the most at one time being 3). I have been thinking more about my flesh-coil eyebrow idea lately, it basically consists of three parallel eyebrow piercings with a sort of |_|''| design going on. Naturally, it would be mans second best friend (next to large guage labia piercings) - Teflon! and would have a ball affixed either end. Everyone seems to state that my mouth is too 'busy' now, and I need to draw attention upwards. I agree, but how! Do I risk six times my current eyebrow hell, am I missing something that everyone else out there knows? Do I smell like a llama in heat? TELL ME PPL!

Well, It is now 7:00am, I've been up a while now.. (me and sleep lately have not been on par) and I am off to brave the lovely cold Penrith air and march over (seriously, I need to walk) to do my up-right course (they teach you how to sit on a bike, and ctrl the gears and such... kinda boring, but a requirement for my license none the less).

Fuck.. I'm late.. and uploading photos.... lol. Heres a picture of the prezze we got for ben, entilted 'Memories' (yes, if your geeky - youll get the pun) and also some cool shots of last night. Also please look in my main gallery so you all can laugh and snicker (or perhaps gimmie suggestions to bring attention 'upwards' - yes, thats the most fuck up thing I've ever been suggested... but hey)



(btw: the photo of me all red faced looks fucking weird, because that's HOT fucking rice on my crotch..... they throw rice @ you to catch usually in bowels, but he launched this fucking one @ me. Crazy stuff. It was steaming on the floor, no shit)

w007 for my new septum!
7/4/2005 | 7 comments

I was tinkering with my septum piercing for quite some time now, in fact well before my lip project really began. I never really took it too serious, until about a month ago I decided that I would try it out for a bit.

I had a captive and CBB *sitting* in there for a couple weeks... just playing with the idea, as you can note in some photos (mostly Winter Magic, I was sporting a cute blackline captive). I actually got some comments by very observant friends about how nice it looked in the photos, and the thought grew and grew.

I purchased a pair of septum forceps about 3 months ago, mostly just to play with (they are very pretty) - but with the intention of piercing my own and/or Jez's septum. At one point I even sterilized a blackline CBB, clamps and all - and then clamped up, however backed out soon after opening the cannula. No idea why, I just wasn't mentally on the ball that day. I hate any negative association with my modifications, it had to be done in the right mind state. And that brought us to today.

I have had a fucking crazy past couple weeks, running on ~3hrs sleep a night until last night where I actually felt very over-rested after a whopping 9.5hrs. After a couple coffees to clear the old noodle, I was good to go and feeling very caught up on my much needed rest. Mix that in with a pretty slow relaxing (and broke) day @ the markets (god damn it, come buy stuffs ppl!) and a nice afternoon filled with ET and casual programming (mencoder dvd ripping front end, screen shots/code coming soon!) - I was pretty damn relaxed and in a positive mood. I decided last night, on the train back from glebe actually, that I want to finally (again) quit smoking.

I fucking hate smoking, and its been pissing me off for quite some time now... I have tried many times before (stress always gets to me hard), but I am just fed up with it. I'm hoping on all my friends and my lovely Juzzie's support on helping me overcome this.... anyway, back on track - the septum is my first step and a constant reminder to keep my head up and keep trying to improve my self. I have been gradually eating better/getting fit over the past few months, mostly for my own health but also in preparation for my September (21st birthday) suspension. I am also working on my mental health, most noticeably my recent decline in anxiety and "ups and downs". Oh yeah, I'm also thinking about going vegetarian again... don't know if I can wave good bye to my cabanosi (cool sausage thingies), but I have very fond (healthier) memories of when I was for quite a number of years when I was younger. I guess I'll just have to see how it goes,

Yah! My vertical labret pics recently went online, didn't get the email (server transfer, I assume they will all be sent out soon). Most of them got cut, but they handful up are wonderful. Now I need to get off my ass and finish my experience on it and get that up too!

On a side note, I am really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon... all day I am visiting clients and such and then I'm going to go see juzzie. I lent her my 6g (4mm) tapering rod and gave her 4x 4mm purple titanium canisters a number of weeks ago, word on the playground is that she finally (and gradually) stretched from 8guage to them - so I can't wait to see how they look! I always have troubles sleeping @ juzzies house, with the fun of her playing loud games, with lights on, while im trying to sleep and all, with her seaming lack of pillows... no idea why, maybe my head is just too fucking huge (seriously) - but I need sufficient pillows or I get very sore necks. The good news is, she just got some nice ones for me when I stay around (w007!).

Well, Its now 1am and I need to be visiting clients @ 8am, so I must get my beauty sleep (eheheh, imma need a lot!). Oh yeah, please check out the new septum pics and in my main gallery too! I like added like ~25 new pics round the place, and I'm a fair bit happier with it all now. I need to take some nice pics of my power-implant now, as I don't have any recent ones.

Well, im off to noozie land! TTFN!

Well, today was pretty cool.
6/23/2005 | 0 comments

It started at 5:50, when my alarm went off. I crawled outta bed, excited at the day to come. I had to very carefully take my steps as I lurked across my room (as remnants of notebooks were scattered loving on my floor), as mounds of body jewellery lured me to accidentally tip them over in a raging sleepy stumble. I then made it to the shower and woke the fuck up.

The next hour was a bit of a blur, from drying my self to hoping on the 'puta - however somewhere along they journey I managed to clean up the majority of my desk and surrounding floor space for some potential buyers of my leased apartment to have a walk-through (basically anywhere that I didn't have to get out of my chair, was spotless). Jez was up (hoorarh!) and I got dressed and we cleaned the rest of the place up. It wasn't that bad (compared) as we had a client around the night before, however my room was the official "this doesn't belong in the living room" dumping ground... and showed it.

I got all my shit together before the horde of business-type clones came around and headed into the cold (lovely) morning air, my new Twiztid charm bouncing around my neck and likewise in my ears. I got to my local mod-shop (Wicked Ink) come 9:30 and waited (with two pies.. muhuahhaah) for Lugh (I dunoo wtf.. but you say it Luke... ^_^) to open the door and began my day of much the learnage!

I basically got the ropes of the shop today, and a fuck load of really cool ideas how to fix it up/make it run nicer/sell more jewellery. I think I can put most of my ideas credit to the many hours I spend pondering my 'dream studio' (If I ever get enough money) as well as kick-titty jewellery selling ventures. Very exciting shit, seriously.

Hung out with the crew, helping out where I could... I think I got in the way a bit to start, but I hope I got the gist of it by the end. Tomorrow at 12:00 I am going to meet the lovely Kellie (co-owner) at the shop and we are heading to Paramatta to a fucking cheap computer seller to pick up three 17"-19" TFT monitors for the shop! w007! new digital booking system (thank you, most likely Sunbird.. rock on mozilla!) and a cool linux-out-the-front-slut-box machine for customers to use to look up piercings/browse their soon to come new spanking website (oh yes, its the sex). The idea, is when the site is not in use - it (along with the other screen, facing out the main glass entrance) will be showing a random assortment of images gathered from the new site's gallery database (pretty shweeeet, eh?). Very exciting shit, can't wait!

So yeah, just home from today.. Went to a mad fruity restaurant for lunch with Kellie, and met some mad crazy lady called Kylie (I didn't catch it all, but Kellie was meant to be doing some spray-tanning thing with her that fell through). No shit, all the walls had REALLY crazy crap like balsa wood crafted airplanes, and fruity giant teddy bears and shit. It looked awesome, imagine going into a gift shop (yes, they have one attached!) and zooming in on a bookcase of shit... then put life size tables in there and nice food. I felt a little claustrophobic, but in general it was really lovely.

I still feel very sad every time I look upon where Jamie's red lovely bowl used to sit.... if I think too hard about it, I nearly start to cry again. He had a good life, and I loved him. It just fucking breaks my heart even thinking about him. In comparison to the life my neighbors fighting fish had (and I'm sure compared to many others), his was fucking paradise. I try to remember that, but it still doesn't quite stop hurting.

Anyway, as its now 9pm and I'm feeling pretty drained.. I might do some Technetium work and head to the bedness that I call shleepah town.

TTFN! Heres a lovely (and the only) pic of my missed Jamie too. Thnx to Jon for taking it like over a week ago, I tried many times before.. but none came out well. You can't really make him out, but hey. RIP Jamie.

RIP Jamie. Miss you.
6/21/2005 | 0 comments

Well. The past few days have been both very cool and at the same time very fucking hard for me to deal with. I'm flooded with mixed emotions from head to toe.

Ill start with Saturday (Winter Magic festival). It started pretty cool, 4am starts for some reason I always enjoy. I was really excited about it actually, It was a fantastic change to get my jewelery business out there and meet a bunch of weirdos. Always fun. We ended up getting there a bit late, and I started to just totally stress out. I haven't been that stressed in an umber of years, I literally felt as if my blood was on fire rushing through my body. Mix that in with anxiety, a HUGE crowd (I'm talking packed... like a moving mass of people) and some not so pleasant information I found about the night before. Nothing too serious, just friendship politics and such, the crap I usually try and steer away from - but this time it smashed me fucking hard in the face.

The day wold have been totally shit, if it wasn't for the all the people that came to visit me and naturally Jon's unexpected help was by the main reason why the day actually worked out. He spent the entire day by my side, from getting there to selling and packing up. It was a FUCKING long day, by the way. We didn't get home until ~9pm. Much love for that man, this week has been quite an eye opener to who my real friends are. I'm glad that you are truly one of them.

Thanks to all those who came to visit me from Wicked Ink, Industrial Strength and all my friends from high school! It's been a long time I know, and I appreciated it greatly. My stand looked like shit after only a couple hours... everyone in Kattoomba are very touchy-feely. I'm really happy with the turn out and turn over. I ended up setting ~$1700 on the one day, which is quite substantial considering our prices (about 3-4x what I would normally do at Glebe). I did spend about that on new stock, so I didn't really gain anything financially - but I now have a shit load more stock and met a lot of really lovely people.

I think the cold got the better of me, however. As the past two days I have been bed ridden with a fucking nasty cold... I'm talking green urine, orange snot.... you name it, its not looking healthy. I've been taking extra care of my piercings however (especially my vertical labrets) as I lost two piercings last time I got sick and my immune system went to shit.

Yesterday, juzzie came to visit me and make me feel better. When I am sick, I'm always a lil cranky and need special attention given or I get upset even easier. I don't think juzzie has been around enough when I'm sick to know what to do... but a little bit of sympathy and kind heartiness's can go a long way when you are in need. Was nice to have someone

My fishy Jamie died today. :( I got up this afternoon to check on him, as he wasn't looking too great the past couple days. I made sure his water was nice and clean about a week ago, and he is always fed daily.... but he just wasn't his normal colorful self lately. He is an imported fighting fish, you know.. the really sexy ones with mad colorful fins that flare out. I found him belly-side up this afternoon, and I instantly knew. I was really upset about it, I haven't lost a pet in many years. He lived quite a long life, and even after his two attempted escapes/suicides was going pretty strong.

One time, we found him behind a desk on the carpet... covered in 'throth', hair and fluff... it was really scary, and then he made a lil flop and we quickly put him back in his bowl. After like an hour of trying to clean him (really carefully moving the water around near him, to try and get some of the crap off) he began to move a little bit. By move, I mean he kinda bounced around the bowl and I thought he was dead. It took him a while, and me pushing food around for him to finally bounce open mouthed into some food. He ate it, and started to move around to find more. I was so happy to know that he was alive. It only took him a few days to be back to his normal self, but we still have no idea how long he was on the ground for - just very lucky that I happened to check up on him before going out. RIP Jamie, I'mma miss you.

I just dont' think I'm fucking equipped for any of this. From loosing pets, to this fucking friendship political crap. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so fucking sensitive.


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