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A pierced (ex-)librarian....whatever next....where will it all end? I really don't know, but this is my story so far.

About me:
Born in 1948, which makes me...OK, so you do the math. Eyes - Green. Height - 5ft 9ins. Weight - currently 154lbs (but trying to get it down). Starsign - Libra: the sign of a balanced personality, hmmm.

Being nice to people. Beautiful golden sunsets. Cacti: the way they defy the odds of nature. Chinese food. Feeling the need not to take anything too seriously. A long soak in a hot tub. On-line shopping. Relaxing and doing nothing occasionally. Sixties' music. Oh - and BME, of course.

Favourite film of all time:

Whingers - 'If you can't cheer up, shut up'. Cold wet winter days. Homophobia. Indecision. ISPs that cut out on you after two hours. Junk mail that's sent in an envelope saying "Important - This is not a circular". Machines that don't work like they're supposed to. Weak coffee. Websites that say only 'Under construction'. Cruelty to animals - remember, they were here first.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it."

Big boots, high heels, black leather, skin-tight rubber, PVC, corsets... Mmmmmmm!

BO: there's NO excuse for it - soap and deodorant are NOT that expensive.

Pet hate:
Intolerance - 'If you don't like it don't do it, but don't tell everyone else they shouldn't like or do it either'.

Goal in life:
Be happy - There are enough miserable ****s in the world without me adding to them.

My "library catalog":
In stock (in order of acquisition) - PA ring (now 5mm); paired standard lobe rings (currently at 4mm); septum (now with circular barbell); stomach tattoo; pubic piercing (titanium CBR) *RIP 18 Jan 2002*; centre tongue (2mm barbell); navel rings (only the inverse remains out of the pair); paired 21mm dia nipple rings (first two pairs both rejected); BME and Celtic Rings logo tattoos - matching pair on both outside shoulders; Madison (14ga CBR) *RIP 17 Mar 2002*; wrist bar (PTFE) done during the British Meet at Brighton - rejected, but only after 4 years; 'love handles' - paired D-ring surface piercings *RIP*; cartilage ring (left ear); tragus (right ear); nape (PTFE bar)*RIP*; second pair of nipple piercings (vertical barbells); second nape *RIP*; bridge; BMEboy tattoo (centre back); 16mm dia guiche (my third try at a guiche) *RIP 6 Jan 2002*; third nape *also RIP*; 'Cell' back rings - a set of 6 D-Rings (lasted around nine months); pair of spinal surface bars *RIP*; replacement pubic ring *RIP* and guiche *guiche RIP 13 Apr 2002 after only two weeks!*; replacement Madison (12ga CBR) *RIP*; smiley aka scrumper *RIP*: paired foreskin rings.
Future additions: It's been some years now since I added anything new, or replaced anything. But that doesn't mean the urge may not strike again at any time!
And I'll bet that that you thought that librarians were boring old ****ers!

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Read all about it! - our Brits' May Bank Holiday get-together in Brighton
Don's handy guide to writing BME 'experiences'

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As BME's Number one experience reviewer, I was very honoured to have been interviewed by Roo for BME on 21 February 2007 - here you go .....
Teenage Mutant Ninja Librarian

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You're out of luck here: there aren't any. Why not? Not because I don't have any buddies - there are lots of really great people here on IAM. But I didn't want to put up a screenful of buddies just because everyone else's page has one. I like to be an individual, to do what's right for me - that's what BME is all about, really.... Just in case you were wondering.

My character:
(And here I quote from the results of a psychometric test): "Happy in his own company. Prefers to make his own decisions. Co-operative and obliging. Avoids conflict. Modest. Even temperament. Non-emotional. Relaxed. Copes without being flustered. Concentrates on the big picture rather than the detail. Quite radical. A challenge rather than the conventional. Non-conformist. Disorganized. Spontaneous reactions. Solution-focussed. High expediency. Finds his own way of doing things. Confident intellectual. Generates interesting, practical ideas."

My chastity:
Ever wondered what it's like to be locked up in a chastity belt? You can read all about my chastity escapades in the IAM Chastity Forum

My corsets:
Yes - I wear a corset! My current favourite to be laced up in is my black 28" PVC one, which you can see along with my others in my Corset Collection gallery.

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My days as a schoolboy:

Me as a second-former

Me... as a second-former, aged 12!

Click the photo to read the story in words and pictures of my days as a grammar-school pupil in the 1960s.


Re-surfacing after the holiday
12/27/2009 | 0 comments

Today being Sunday, I took the dog for a walk in the woods this morning. It was already past ten, but very quiet out. Just a few cars on an otherwise busy road, even fewer pedestrians and a bus passed us with no passengers on board. The DIY shop, normally a hive of activity, was shut. There were a few other dogs about, though, as we made our way through the woods - the open grassy bit still covered with frozen ice where the cold weather of Christmas was still in evidence. Past the frozen pond, we made our way onto the common and spotted a father with two lads trying out what I guess was a Christmas present in the form of a radio-controlled car: I felt a determined tug on the lead but was sure they didn't want any four-legged help with it!

Back at the ranch home, I spent quite an enjoyable afternoon scanning in a load of old photos from the family albums my sister had lent me when I went to see her just before Christmas. A lot of the photos I remembered having seen before from when I was still living at home with my parents. The dates and captions - some of which I now recognized as wrong - ranged from before I was born up to about 1960: they then dwindled noticeably and there were very few after that. I'm not quite sure why, although by that time we'd given up living overseas and didn't go in for exotic holidays so that may have been part of the reason. Added to the fact that as the years went by, I became a good deal less photogenic than I had been as a youngster!

Christmas paaarty time!
12/26/2009 | 0 comments

For many many years - almost as long as I can remember - we always used to celebrate Christmas with some sort of family get-together on Boxing Day. Gradually, that custom started to fall into disuse: my parents are now both dead, as are all the aunts and uncles, and my cousins all have families of their own. So we now tend to enjoy a quiet celebration of our own instead, but with happy memories of the all the fun times we used to have as kids.

As a little memento, I've still kept the photo of the Christmas party at my Junior school which I was looking at earlier! The date was December 1958, I'm third from left in the photo, and it was our last Christmas out in Hong Kong. I was ten at the time.

Let's keep it simple today
12/25/2009 | 0 comments

Happy Christmas!

I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
12/23/2009 | 2 comments

I'm not (and never have been) a devoted reader of ModBlog. Nevertheless, I occasionally comment on assorted things I find particularly interesting or unusual - as I do in forums and indeed blogs elsewhere. So, following the invitation on Rachel's page, I added my two cent's worth to the current discussion on the recent featuring of a tattoo which was subsequently claimed to be racist and therefore removed. This is what I put:

“This stuff should be documented on BME, but it should not be held up for idolization on ModBlog, at least not without an accompanying interview to give it context and commentary”

I think Shannon’s hit the nail on the head there. The choice of what to feature on Modblog is - and always has been - that of the editor. I didn’t see that pic so I can’t comment on whether I thought it was a racist tattoo or not. I don’t think Modblog should shy away from the occasional controversy on the other hand, provided the submitter is given a fair chance to put his/her view across.

I don’t subscribe to deriding people as “stupid” for their choice of tattoo design. I may not agree with it, but I respect their right to get it and to submit pictures of it if they so choose - however personally distateful I may find whatever it symbolizes. Attempting to suppress or ridicule racist tattoos doesn’t make them go away, nor does it tackle the underlying problem which is the racist attitudes that inspires them. If anything it makes racism appear less of a problem than it really is, and unless we as a community have the courage to discuss it openly and rationally and try to understand it better, nothing’s going to change.

I stand by that: it's an honest summary of what I feel about it and I don't see it as either insulting, argumentative, inflammatory or unsuitable for any other reason. Having submitted it, I was therefore perturbed and not entirely pleased to discover for the first time a little note at the top which read:
"Your comment is awaiting moderation."

I shall refrain for the moment from making any further comment or drawing any inference from that, but I await the eventual outcome with interest.

EDIT - I've just now (17:15) found and seen the picture in question.

12/20/2009 | 0 comments

Yesterday was bitterly cold, although fortunately sunny, so I went over to my sister's and took her Christmas Card. She lives in Leamington Spa, so on the way, I went down the street past where my old school was. Having been re-formed into a sixth-form college in 1977, it's now closed altogether and I believe is to be converted into some sort of luxury retirement complex. It's been boarded up, surrounded by a security fence, and is awaiting the builders. I took some photos as best I could, struggling to poke the camera through the fencing against the sun shining straight in my eyes. On the home again, I noticed a gap in the fencing at the back just big enough to squeeze through: there was no-one about, so I stood in the playground just as I'd done in the 1960s, but this time taking pics with a nervous eye over my shoulder in case anyone had seen me.

I'm pleased with the way the pics came out, and I've uploaded them to my flickr account. In a way it's a shame I couldn't have done it earlier while the buildings were still in use, and maybe have got some interior shots through the windows. On the other hand I can't help feeling that the appearance of desertion and decay has accentuated the time-lapse since I was there as a pupil, and given them a sort of atmospheric quality which has more than made up for that. I certainly experienced a definite "end of an era" sensation which I don't think I would have done