"Never judge a book by its cover"

A pierced (ex-)librarian....whatever next....where will it all end? I really don't know, but this is my story so far.

About me:
Born in 1948, which makes me...OK, so you do the math. Eyes - Green. Height - 5ft 9ins. Weight - currently 154lbs (but trying to get it down). Starsign - Libra: the sign of a balanced personality, hmmm.

Being nice to people. Beautiful golden sunsets. Cacti: the way they defy the odds of nature. Chinese food. Feeling the need not to take anything too seriously. A long soak in a hot tub. On-line shopping. Relaxing and doing nothing occasionally. Sixties' music. Oh - and BME, of course.

Favourite film of all time:

Whingers - 'If you can't cheer up, shut up'. Cold wet winter days. Homophobia. Indecision. ISPs that cut out on you after two hours. Junk mail that's sent in an envelope saying "Important - This is not a circular". Machines that don't work like they're supposed to. Weak coffee. Websites that say only 'Under construction'. Cruelty to animals - remember, they were here first.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it."

Big boots, high heels, black leather, skin-tight rubber, PVC, corsets... Mmmmmmm!

BO: there's NO excuse for it - soap and deodorant are NOT that expensive.

Pet hate:
Intolerance - 'If you don't like it don't do it, but don't tell everyone else they shouldn't like or do it either'.

Goal in life:
Be happy - There are enough miserable ****s in the world without me adding to them.

My "library catalog":
In stock (in order of acquisition) - PA ring (now 5mm); paired standard lobe rings (currently at 4mm); septum (now with circular barbell); stomach tattoo; pubic piercing (titanium CBR) *RIP 18 Jan 2002*; centre tongue (2mm barbell); navel rings (only the inverse remains out of the pair); paired 21mm dia nipple rings (first two pairs both rejected); BME and Celtic Rings logo tattoos - matching pair on both outside shoulders; Madison (14ga CBR) *RIP 17 Mar 2002*; wrist bar (PTFE) done during the British Meet at Brighton - rejected, but only after 4 years; 'love handles' - paired D-ring surface piercings *RIP*; cartilage ring (left ear); tragus (right ear); nape (PTFE bar)*RIP*; second pair of nipple piercings (vertical barbells); second nape *RIP*; bridge; BMEboy tattoo (centre back); 16mm dia guiche (my third try at a guiche) *RIP 6 Jan 2002*; third nape *also RIP*; 'Cell' back rings - a set of 6 D-Rings (lasted around nine months); pair of spinal surface bars *RIP*; replacement pubic ring *RIP* and guiche *guiche RIP 13 Apr 2002 after only two weeks!*; replacement Madison (12ga CBR) *RIP*; smiley aka scrumper *RIP*: paired foreskin rings.
Future additions: It's been some years now since I added anything new, or replaced anything. But that doesn't mean the urge may not strike again at any time!
And I'll bet that that you thought that librarians were boring old ****ers!

Version: 0.03
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Tips and Tricks

And now here's the rest of it (in alphabetical order - I'm a librarian, remember)

My blog:
Slices of Life Come and see what I get up to when I'm let loose by myself!

My BME articles:
Read all about it! - our Brits' May Bank Holiday get-together in Brighton
Don's handy guide to writing BME 'experiences'

My BME interview:
As BME's Number one experience reviewer, I was very honoured to have been interviewed by Roo for BME on 21 February 2007 - here you go .....
Teenage Mutant Ninja Librarian

My buddy pics:
You're out of luck here: there aren't any. Why not? Not because I don't have any buddies - there are lots of really great people here on IAM. But I didn't want to put up a screenful of buddies just because everyone else's page has one. I like to be an individual, to do what's right for me - that's what BME is all about, really.... Just in case you were wondering.

My character:
(And here I quote from the results of a psychometric test): "Happy in his own company. Prefers to make his own decisions. Co-operative and obliging. Avoids conflict. Modest. Even temperament. Non-emotional. Relaxed. Copes without being flustered. Concentrates on the big picture rather than the detail. Quite radical. A challenge rather than the conventional. Non-conformist. Disorganized. Spontaneous reactions. Solution-focussed. High expediency. Finds his own way of doing things. Confident intellectual. Generates interesting, practical ideas."

My chastity:
Ever wondered what it's like to be locked up in a chastity belt? You can read all about my chastity escapades in the IAM Chastity Forum

My corsets:
Yes - I wear a corset! My current favourite to be laced up in is my black 28" PVC one, which you can see along with my others in my Corset Collection gallery.

My counter:
Currently at: - Thanks for stopping by: enjoy your visit!

My days as a schoolboy:

Me as a second-former

Me... as a second-former, aged 12!

Click the photo to read the story in words and pictures of my days as a grammar-school pupil in the 1960s.


We all have individual tastes
12/2/2000 | 0 comments

One of the nice things about having an IAM page is that you can customize it to suit your own tastes - whether it's colour scheme, layout, fancy add-ons, content, pictures or whatever. Mine is fairly tame; I don't really have the time to do a lot of work on it - but to be honest with you I don't really have the inclination either. One of these days I might - but that's up to me. I like to think it doesn't cause anyone any offence. At the same time I don't take offence either; what everyone else does with their page is largely up to them. However much I might dislike something or find it irritating, it's only my opinion and not my decision. To use Voltaire's famous quote: "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

A feeling of deja vu
12/1/2000 | 0 comments

Until now,I've always tended to get piercings one at a time (apart from ones that are deliberately matched as a pair). Lately, though, I've thrown caution to the winds, by getting a septum, pubic and navels in quick succession within the space of just over four weeks. I fear I'm about to pay the price - my left nipple ring has been feeling decidedly tender lately, and when I look at it closely I'm convinced it's slowly but surely migrating, as my right one did about eight months ago. I'll get it checked out properly early next week, but somehow I already know I'm going to have it redone. I knew this might happen, and I could kick myself; older, it seems, is not always wiser.

There's a parcel for you
11/30/2000 | 0 comments

Excellent news; I got home from work this afternoon and foud that the BME shirts I'd ordered had been delivered today. They'd taken exactly a week from the time I'd placed the order, which I think is really fast service. Thanks, Ryan! Will try and post some pics on the page here as soon as I can. And what was that I read about the BME hockey jerseys being reprinted? Definitely be getting one of those.

Technical support
11/29/2000 | 0 comments

My wife decided she needed to get a bigger hard drive for her computer - so she's now upgraded to a 40GB - and she's also 'upgraded' from Windows 95 to Windows 98. Since it was my day off work today, and since I have been using Windows 98 on my computer for almost two years now, there are no prizes for guessing what I've been doing today. Much as I love her, I just want to say one thing; my admiration for those of you who do this sort of thing for a living knows no bounds.

Something new every day: code decoded
11/29/2000 | 0 comments

Today I thought I'd have a bit of fun trying out MODCODE - its a set of codes which reveal preferences, tastes, or whatever for an IAM member. To have a look at mine, just copy the code letters, click the word MODCODE, and paste in the code. All my innermost secrets will be revealed. Scary, or what?


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