Dick Piers blog. IAM genital play piercing since 1996 and bought first edition of BME Modern Primitives. 

MODS: 20 mm diameter (35 mm shaft incision) halfadravya / deep shaft apadravya / reverse Prince Albert

75 mm subincision / meatotomy

Glans / penis head split 50%

1 kg / 2 lbs 30 mm ball stretching ring thru cock

Permanent weight and chastity on 3/21/20


Chafing my tunnel under high clamping pressure
10/15/2016 | 0 comments

After the skin came out the tunnel, when I reinserted it in the shower, the padlock has begun to hurt. It's a persistent dull ache. I traced the cause: Lube. I hadn't been using lube. That plus movement dry chafed my tunnel. The pressure of gravity and clamping on my cock just made the lower portion of the tunnel fall away. Now the lock is dangling from raw skin under the shank where my ridge curves like an M. 

To alleviate this I applied Astroglide for now. I can't remove my chastity lock because I don't have the keys. And I'd feel embarassed saying I'm a wimp. Since wearing the lock yesterday, the emotional intimacy between my girlfriend has improved much. I even serenade her now with a ukelele. It's amazing how subjugating the snake demon affects the soul. As one who has a wandering eye this device is perfect. 

If I see a younger woman, I can feel confident talking to her-if I wish-because my girlfriend knows I cannot cheat on her. The chances of finding a BME friendly girlfriend are probably lower than regular folks. But that doesn't stop me from having confidence. Any woman who's right for me will appreciate the value of a man who wears a locked cock for a wedding ring.

She padlocked my cock as I had asked her
10/15/2016 | 0 comments

That'll keep wandering cocks at bay! Yesterday we found a Master Lock #7 at the gardening store. Ten minutes later, I find a restroom to lock it on. I pushed a 4 gauge thru my 6 gauge cock piercing behind the ridge. I had to push hard. The center of my head had tightened. But when it popped my cherry it was a dull aching mini orgasm. I can't describe the ecstasy to an ensign. But I'll try.

Piercing thru the shaft behind the head puts pressure on the orgasm nerve at all times. The 3/4 inch height clamps into the center of my meatotomy. This separates my two halves flat and pushes on the center. That spreading my cock alone creates persistent ecstasy. Add the weight of stretching my cock 24/7 in loose trousers and you have a new sex chakra. It feels like I channel and emanate love thru its opening lobes.

The dull ache from wearing it is also transcendental. Last night, as the tight clamp was stretching and tearing at my nerves, and flesh, I noticed that no matter which way I slept, gravity pulled down on my cock. Eventually I found I could sandwich my cock between my legs laying sideways to minimise the pangs. But I liked them. After all I wouldn't be here if stretching and tearing at my erogenous zones wasn't extremely erotic and pleasurable.

This morning it's still on going 18 hours. I did the dishes. I'm letting my girlfriend control my behavior with the keys. She loves it. I gave her both the keys. She controls whether I get to have sex. As I cannot find pleasure masturbating since falling in love, this allows me to channel my energy into mental and physical activities. This is better than a wedding ring. There's no telling the amount of trouble a wandering cock can cause a man.

My First BME Friendly Girlfriend
9/23/2016 | 0 comments

Hi folks,

Dick Piers here to report that the G-spot Massager mentioned in the Kama Sutra, known as an Apadravya, actually works. That is if you can handle the pain of forming a solid tunnel. Fear and temporary erectile dysfunction are barriers to face with this piercing. However it works very well when placed correctly. Cleaning with Borax is the single most important discovery I made. I use crystals on a cotton swab to debride if odor emanates. The biofilm left behind from Borax leaves lasting protection. And the alkali neutralizes acid that causes pain. 

The piercing is stretching itself naturally from the tug and pull of having sex. My girlfrlend likes the way it feels. The upper bead rubs the top wall of the vagina below the clit. When I plank upward and kegel, it rubs harder and flips over the inner frontal ridge. For me it feels like I'm having sex with two penises or getting a blowjob simultaneously. When she contracts her vagina, it pins my cock in place inside so that it stretches when I pull and compresses pushing.

I wrote in my diary that cumming inside her a month ago, with the fresh piercing, and her fresh pussy, was the most intense experience of my existence. Subsequent periods of sex are still as exciting. The piercing makes me float just below orgasm. Sex with the apadravya induces a sexual trance. It's like a radio antenna or condenser that concentrates and stores sexual energy and adrenaline.

I'm happy I conquered my fear and successfully formed a penis shaft tunnel after many failed attempts.

7/27/2016 | 3 comments

I'm pleased I finally got the 1/4" steel chopstick taper thru my 4 gauge hole. It took a week a painful gradual stretching. Finally I lubed with coconut oil and tapped it through over three hours. Tearing was excruciating and required two ibuprofen. Feels great now. 25 years in the making. I promised I'd split my head and pierce my shaft in 1996. Mission accomplished! I'm in no hurry to get to 0 gauge. I plan to let this tunnel heal six months.

4-2 gauge steel chopstick taper thru coxk
7/21/2016 | 0 comments

I'm trying a straight steel chopstick that's about 2 gauge tonight so hopefully that'll push thru so I can wear my huge apadravya with 1/2 ball bearings


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