Dick Piers blog. IAM genital play piercing since 1996 and bought first edition of BME Modern Primitives. 

MODS: 0 gauge 5/16-in 8.3 mm apadravya behind the corona / halfadravya / reverse PA

RETIRED: 6 ga Prince Albert to subincision, 12 gauge apadravya to head split, 12 gauge ampallang

INK: none


Penis traction
5/7/2017 | 0 comments

Fun stuff. 

4/30/2017 | 4 comments

I'm so tempted to invert a dolphin.

Dead head (but I like it)
4/30/2017 | 2 comments

Numb as my thumb, can have sex indefinitely

Webcam modeling
4/17/2017 | 5 comments


It's too small ! Lol
4/3/2017 | 0 comments

I have to go larger to 00 gauge. Enough is never enough. I'll begin wrapping the pin with electrical tape. It's like anorexia only I have to make my shaft piercing ever larger.


2799 headshots.

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