Dick Piers blog. IAM genital play piercing since 1996 and bought first edition of BME Modern Primitives. 

MODS: 0 gauge 5/16-in 8.3 mm apadravya behind the corona / halfadravya / reverse PA

RETIRED: 6 ga Prince Albert to subincision, 12 gauge apadravya to head split, 12 gauge ampallang

INK: none


I'm looking for agent / porn work
10/10/2017 | 0 comments

Message me if you're in Orange County. :)

3/4 inch slit = 0000 gauge
10/2/2017 | 3 comments

My goal is a 3/4 inch slit upward from by gland for a 1/2 inch dream ring. But I need to pierce it first and redo my horizontal ampallang or even do two horizontal glans piercings.

Day 2/30+ the full chastity experiencre
10/2/2017 | 0 comments

To have the fullest, most complete and enjoyable session of prolonged chastity, penis stretching and cum denial, I have locked my penis thru the black PVC pipe that's 5 1/4 inches long with the 330 gram 2001 Master commercial lock with 5/16" shank or 0 gauge. This way I get to become closer to Buddha. I will be piercing my ampallang and dolphin soon or have Kala do it. But I hate forms. 


3211 headshots.

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