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MODS: 10 mm shaft halfadravya (00 gauge) / 75 mm subincision / 20 mm superincision


Tunnel healed and I'm back in a 2 gauge padlock
2/7/2017 | 0 comments

I wanna get the 2g thru 00g tapers at Spencer's. I'm ready.

Shredded my tunnel
1/28/2017 | 2 comments

The shoelace gaping carpet burned and chafed the inside of my tunnel. The tunnel shrank from 2 to 4 gauge. I'll taper it back open when it heals. I want to inflate magician balloons to make it expand.

Lace gaping my apadravya
1/20/2017 | 4 comments

I walk around and bike all day now with a barbell plus two laces pulling my shaft piercing halfadravya open and stretching every time I step or open my legs wide. It's pretty fucking surreal once the hole submits and it's just floating there tingling with every step I'm getting a 5/16" nail to file a taper and get my 0 gauge barbell in soon. Enjoy my pics and looking right thru me.

2 gauge shaft apadravya healed and padlock installed but barely able to orgasm with massive nerve loss
1/18/2017 | 5 comments

I'm happy my piercing is growing and I can wear a padlock. The hole is totally healed with scar tissue. But it takes me forever to cum and I feel like a woman now! You know cause women almost never cum? I'm not unhappy. It's good to be able to fuck for hours. I'm just concerned what next? It's also hard to get hard. Could it be the result of age?

New girlfriends
1/5/2017 | 0 comments

Yay that's always fun


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