Dick Piers blog. IAM genital play piercing since 1996 and bought first edition of BME Modern Primitives. 

MODS: 0 gauge 5/16-in 8.3 mm apadravya behind the corona / halfadravya / reverse PA

RETIRED: 6 ga Prince Albert to subincision, 12 gauge apadravya to head split, 12 gauge ampallang

INK: none


Major depression
12/15/2016 | 2 comments

What's the use of Life? I receive disability, eat occasionally, and sleep. Without a girlfriend or wife, there's just no point.

Adjusting quite well to a 2-0 gauge padlock
12/13/2016 | 2 comments

I was about 1/100" away from 0 gauge when the scotch tape unraveled and began slicing my cock inside like a paper cut. But I'm wearing this padlock now for a second day. It's a 2 gauge but the hole is nice and stretched closer to 5/16". It moves freely thru the hole. Oh yes this is what I've been waiting for since age twelve! A split cock with a shaft piercing and cock stretching. I hope I met a lady online who enjoys locking me for sexual monogamy.

Large padlock thru my cock
12/10/2016 | 2 comments

It's heavy and will take awhile to adjust.

Another day another layer of tape
12/8/2016 | 6 comments

At this rate I'll have a hole large as Shannon's was thru his cock. I wonder if I can break the world record? My penis is 1-1/4 inch in diameter. I want my hole big enough for another dick to fuck me thru it. I'm not quite gay yet but fear I'm a closet bisexual like Brokeback Mountain. All I know is I haven't been able to stop modding my cock since age twelve. 

Five layers of tape away from 0g 5/16-in pin thru my cock
12/7/2016 | 0 comments

My bones are knitting. Cod liver oil is reversing age. It's miraculous. Also my memories have returned. I have a the world can go fuck itself attitude. I should become an American cop. Except I know I shouldn't have that power. I'd totally abuse it. I understand now how people can act so depraved to one another in the states. I'm glad I have an ounce of soul left.


2793 headshots.

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