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MODS: 20 mm diameter (35 mm shaft incision) halfadravya / deep shaft apadravya / reverse Prince Albert

75 mm subincision / meatotomy

Glans / penis head split 50%

1 kg / 2 lbs 30 mm ball stretching ring thru cock

Permanent weight and chastity on 3/21/20


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2/11/2020 | 0 comments

Well I have to say this kind of “mod” done with a steak knife isn’t a joke. It wouldn’t be possible without very strong antibiotics. I had to get Doxycycline twice which is the strongest known. And you might have to be a little delusional if you expect a better sex life. Strangely though it’s healing and I’m able to ejaculate. I have to jack off both sides and the sensation well is something few experience and many will imagine.

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2/10/2020 | 0 comments

20 mm shaft apadravya or halfadravya



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50 mm shaft cutting
1/31/2020 | 1 comments

Around July of 2019, I began cutting or bisecting my cock using a scalpel since the piercing was 10mm or 00 gauge. I didn’t use tourniquets or anything initially so I bled a lot. The first times I went really deep I passed out. I kept putting in makeshift spacers but they’d always get infected. I’d remove them and the cut would heal...

Then I began using serrated steak knives because the feeling of it tearing thru the fibers of my central shaft nerve felt so good. In fact I’d get boners and crave the feeling of sawing thru it like steak. Even now nearly halfway down my flaccid penis my central nerve is craving me to saw deeper. I crave it more than sex now and probably will die a fakir.

What you see here is a 1/2 inch PVC coupler (12 mm inside diameter) with a shower ring to stop it from closing. The diameter is at least 20 mm or 3/4” and the cut is about 1.5 inches or 35 mm linear. It finally isn’t getting infected as I learned to bathe in salts like Epsom and sea salt. Previously I went on a cutting spree and got a 1.125 inch or 30 mm plug in but it got badly infected and took months to heal.

After healing, and before cutting it quickly with pleasure on 1/20/20, with a diving knife, the tissues has recessed or had shrunken in somewhat. I’m stretching them back out. As I don’t have money to waste on a 20mm x 25mm 12 ounce ball stretching ring, I’m going to order the 30mm x 25mm ring weighing over 2 pounds 2 ounces as my childhood dream was to wear a permanent weight and stretch my cock to a foot long like a rope. Maybe it’ll touch the floor before I die?

I will be severing my suspensory ligament after I order the 2 pound plus 1 1/8 inch diameter ring to wear. But I have to do it right and will need a cautery knife with sutures etc. I should have near total sexual negation which was my dream as a child and wish I could find a woman who would modify her clitoral shaft with me with a deep shaft or triangle to start and ultimately split her shaft almost to the pelvic bone. At least I’d love her to wear a 00 gauge barbell thru it vertical so we can stretch together. A pipe dream? I met someone who’s a cutter but she was homeless and it was on again off again. My search for a fet life wife is now in progress. I have a stable home, car and income and I’m pretty good looking with health too.


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