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MODS: 10 mm shaft halfadravya (00 gauge) / 75 mm subincision / 20 mm superincision


Shedding Dry Tunnels
5/8/2016 | 0 comments

A shaft piercing wants to close. It sheds dry tubes of skin periodically. You'll know when the piercing binds tight. Use a toothpick or a ring shank nail to loosen. Then pull off with fingers or tweezers.

My First 6 Gauge Orgasm
5/7/2016 | 7 comments

Yes my cock is still crucified like Tori Amos and the memories remain. The 16d common nail is exactly a 6 gauge. I must say the negating effect is profound. I've never been more interested in the female sex. But even pierced women on dating sites can't seem to dig what I done.

How I Pierced My Dick
5/3/2016 | 0 comments

Basically it began with a smaller size needle for sewing. As others more medically inclined can tell you, the meat just behind the head in that groove is tough. So I'd leave the needle in a few days, let scar tissue form, then repeat when I felt the urge. All sessions were cold turkey and did hurt. After awhile I got some syringe needles fr

Histamine Erections
4/8/2016 | 0 comments

I think it's kicking in but I still get erections from the increased histamine. I calculated the combined diameter of the stretch is 4.8 mm. I lost my 8 gauge taper so I improvised. I prefer the sensation of a parallel stretch. But I need to increase the sizes very soon. I'm bored. I'm stretching my cock now.

I had to take a break streching to pressure wash my orifice, massage my organ rapidly, and ejaculate to ensure circulation. Then I replaced the two barbells. I taped two tooth picks linear to brace the piercings. They've migrated nicely into position. The upper and lower tears are healing well. Next time I won't force the taper in with a vise. It's not a rally car race. 

Psychoanalysis after 20 years of BME
4/7/2016 | 0 comments

 Dear BME Community,

I have struggled with mental health challenges stemming from an unhealthy home as long as I recall. The one thing prevalent all along was a desire to have someone to listen. I never had that growing up. Today I still have no friends or family to listen. They've written me off as crazy like was done to Shannon Larratt. And I cannot blame any longer Modern Primitives for affecting me. That would be like blaming the author. And I see posthumously that he had to confront a similar challenge.

I stumbled upon the Wikipedia article, Asexuality, and realized I'm basically asexual, semisexual, or Gray Ace. That didn't surprise me. It was an enlightening article. Then I saw a blurb that made me question: Researchers Richards and Barker report that asexuals do not have disproportionate rates of alexithymia, depression, or personality disorders.[17] Some people, however, may identify as asexual even if their non-sexual state is explained by one or more of the aforementioned disorders.[33]


Alexithymia? I looked it up. It means the inability to identify and express verbally emotion. Long story short, theory says when someone experiences emotional trauma so great that it threatens the identity, the mind pulverizes all emotional processes. War veterans also have this frequently as do autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, substance use and trauma.

Alexithymics can't describe what they're feeling. So much emotion gets locked away inside. That's not healthy. Unable to use words to cognitively cope, they can develop bizarre sexual behaviours to release. Now I see given my health conditions that's what happened in my case.

So it's not book's fault, or BME, for why I'm this way. I happen to have mild autistic spectrum disorder, and health conditions, and environmental, that predisposed my brain to develop alexithymia. That's why I literally can't describe what I'm feeling. Even my thoughts are lost recently.

That's not good news. Well, it is what it is. Now I know, when I go to a bar, WHY I physically can't talk to anyone. I can't process what I'm feeling. So I come off as distant and aloof even though I'm really sensitive. How am I ever going to make an emotional connection if I cannot process emotion?

That explains my relationships. I feel so lost. I'm gonna stretch my cock. The pain mixed with pleasure helps clear my head. That's the problem. I'm too Zen. 


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