Dick Piers blog. IAM genital play piercing since 1996 and bought first edition of BME Modern Primitives. 

MODS: 0 gauge 5/16-in 8.3 mm apadravya behind the corona / halfadravya / reverse PA

RETIRED: 6 ga Prince Albert to subincision, 12 gauge apadravya to head split, 12 gauge ampallang

INK: none


Quite Comfy / Ischemia Free
5/14/2016 | 0 comments

It surprises me that a nail feels quite comfy. You'd think it hurt forever but not at all. It feels as banal as an ear piercing. For an amateur the results are superb. Whilst negating 80% of sensation I'm still able to get hard and cum. Fewer masturbations which were excessively done has improved my focus. And the tunnel looks better than I imagined. The gland is free of ischemia.

Zen Reflections
5/9/2016 | 0 comments

I was doing Prince Alberts with the clothing tag gun at age 16. The hole would close those days. The same feelings I had then are still here. Occasionally I find a sex partner. Showing them my cock anywhere but our first time having sex gives them a choice to exercise power. In person it's really not that bad.

Shedding Dry Tunnels
5/8/2016 | 0 comments

A shaft piercing wants to close. It sheds dry tubes of skin periodically. You'll know when the piercing binds tight. Use a toothpick or a ring shank nail to loosen. Then pull off with fingers or tweezers.

My First 6 Gauge Orgasm
5/7/2016 | 7 comments

Yes my cock is still crucified like Tori Amos and the memories remain. The 16d common nail is exactly a 6 gauge. I must say the negating effect is profound. I've never been more interested in the female sex. But even pierced women on dating sites can't seem to dig what I done.

How I Pierced My Dick
5/3/2016 | 0 comments

Basically it began with a smaller size needle for sewing. As others more medically inclined can tell you, the meat just behind the head in that groove is tough. So I'd leave the needle in a few days, let scar tissue form, then repeat when I felt the urge. All sessions were cold turkey and did hurt. After awhile I got some syringe needles fr


2384 headshots.

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