Dick Piers blog. IAM genital play piercing since 1996 and bought first edition of BME Modern Primitives. 

MODS: 20 mm diameter (35 mm shaft incision) halfadravya / deep shaft apadravya / reverse Prince Albert

75 mm subincision / meatotomy

Glans / penis head split 50%

1 kg / 2 lbs 30 mm ball stretching ring thru cock

Permanent weight and chastity on 3/21/20


I Spoke Too Soon
11/19/2016 | 0 comments

She just wanted to play video games alone. That's fine. I'm watching wrestling instead.

Oh It's On!
11/16/2016 | 0 comments

I have a dinner date Friday with my ex. I think she's craving some clitoral simulation from my mouth. I miss the taste of pussy. After my chicken soup recipe, I hope she feels warm and cozy to open up her arms and legs to my love. If I can't seduce her, I can live with that but I'm a plucky chap—as you may have gathered by now.

Tape Tapering
11/16/2016 | 2 comments

Rather than tear my cock, risking infection, with a mechanical taper, I'm going to use a trick a tattooer told me: Electrical tape. I'm going to add one layer of tape to my barbell every couple days. Soon I'll be at 00 gauge and beyond. I can't wait to wear a disc lock and a bicycle U-lock for your viewing pleasure and mine too.

Microsoft phone worst experience of my life
11/16/2016 | 0 comments

G-spot massagerIt doesn't do anything at all. Even its built in apps got cancelled. Can you imagine iTunes suddenly not work ever again? Its JavaScript engine couldn't even activate this MIDAS widget! Nothing works on it. The damn IE browser didn't have a scrollbar! I can't believe I put up with that since March! That being said, my 6g G-spot massager is back thru my cock. It has a 2g ball on top and a standard ball in my meatotomy. If both ends are huge, the pussy just clamps around and pins it fast. I'm seeing my ex Friday to make chicken soup. She used to say she couldn't enjoy normal cock after fucking her horizontal and vertical simultaneously. I hope to slip it in again after giving her a super blowjob on her clit.


Depression and my cock
11/15/2016 | 0 comments

I'm very lonely again and not surprising. I think about returning to college but to what avail? I could use the student loan to buy a car but why? It'll just eat up my pension. The hopelessness is becoming insurmountable. I'm just no good for anyone. I'm going to thrust the 2g chopstick thru my cock tomorrow. Then I'm going to buy a padlock. I'm tired of masturbating. I want love. I'm going to leave it on for one year. That's my 2017 resolution to not ejaculate for one year. Maybe that way I can build up some psychic energy to approach another woman. And I want to get it to at least 0g during that time.


12117 headshots.

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