"voodoo mama from hell..."

what have i got?
alot of tattoos that i'm working to join up into large pieces
modblogged here
a silicone star subdermal
and not as many piercings as i used to have!
also got a tit lift with added oomph!

and what do i do?
i have a day job working online as a digital producer
i also support an amazing group of anti-censorship women known as Feminists Against Censorship and edited this book called
tales from the clit


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3/16/2013 | 0 comments

as with many people today, logging on for the first time in ages...out of sheer sadness and the need to be with my community. goodbye shannon.

4/8/2009 | 2 comments

well...yes, iam well again.
or at least building myself back up.
nope - did't really talk about it on here...so you didn't really miss anything.
but i'm back a bit more nowadays.

and have a few new tattoo bits!
got a lovely biohazard symbol on my arm where the nurses are always taking my blood - got it done by stewart robson at frith street in soho here by my house, and some big red lovely flowers and butterflies added to my back by marco in milan - he also inked a lovely lotus around my red5 while we were all hanging out it ibiza...guess i should sort some photos out!

and as well as inky goodness i'm still crafting alot and have been yarnbombing england and france the last couple of weeks with cute crocheted easter eggs that i made!

2/8/2009 | 1 comments

not bee here for ages - as mostly hanging out on the crafty site ravelry. will catch up with you all when i can! x

the chop!
7/13/2008 | 0 comments

i have new angular manga comic book hairstyley hair...

4/14/2008 | 3 comments

the fiance has his 2nd tattoo booked with at blood brothers on saturday = i really want to go along as well and start planning my footballer's wife wrist tattoo for after the wedding! and no we haven't set a date yet, we have to figure out which house we are going to live in and stuff first...so much that needs thinking about!

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