"I'm in love with a pretty pistol."

-My dream would to become a body modification artist.

-I paint all the time and every piece of clothin I own has paint on it.

-I need more pretties all the time

-I drink too much coffee,hazlenut preferably.



Bigger Lobes
4/11/2013 | 0 comments

I really want bigger lobes. Yesterday I sized up to 5/8th and the stretch went so easily that it made me crave that stretch feeling that I used to get. I would love to make it to 1 in but unfortunaly I dont think my work (which is a little pizza/sub shop) would be very accepting...I wish I could achieve my dreams of becoming a body mod artist and join the overly accepting community of people that actually understand me.

COPS and grandmothers
4/9/2013 | 3 comments

Today my grandmother told me I am more likely to get pulled over and ticketed when driving because I am pierced and dye my hair many sorts of colors,now at this point in my life my grandmothers thoughts on my mods does not phase me but this statement made me think, would cops really waste there time on a cute little thing like me with a few piercings doing nothing wrong, I personally think they have better things to do! But then another statement my grandmother made was "well cops are more likely to let a pretty girl go than and ugly one ,and your beautiful but mods make you ugly" This one really hit home because body mods are beautiful and do not take away from beauty! This whole conversation just got me pissed off!



501 headshots.

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