"I'm in love with a pretty pistol."

-My dream would to become a body modification artist.

-I paint all the time and every piece of clothin I own has paint on it.

-I need more pretties all the time

-I drink too much coffee,hazlenut preferably.



Rainy days
5/9/2013 | 4 comments

I love the rain. I like walking in it,listening to it,the feel,the smell,just every little thing! Its so rainy and I love it! :) 

5/1/2013 | 0 comments

Thinking about sizeing my septum up to a 10g the 12 easily falls and moves and i just think im ready...but now i have tons of jewerly in size 12 :/ 

5/1/2013 | 0 comments

Today I am relaxing smoking grass listening to good music...happy start to may 

Septum Clickers
4/19/2013 | 0 comments

I wish septum clickers werent so expensive!! I love them and need one for my nose,my funds right now just dont support the idea :/ I dont mind paying more for quailty I actually prefer it because you usually get what you pay for but I wish I wasnt a broke motherfucker!

Back to 5/8 after 5 months
4/14/2013 | 1 comments

I am so happy to be at 5/8 I have so much pretty jewerly to wear now.I will probably be staying here for a while because I have spent a lot of money on this paticular size and I have about 6 sets of plugs/tunnels in this size.the last time I was this size I had an allergic reaction to sillicone.I had let my lobes shrink and heal and I am now back up and I am content..for now



496 headshots.

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