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12/29/2007 | 3 comments

I've got this ongoing problem and I have no idea how to handle or if it should even be handled.
Alright now I'm scheduled to work wednesday saturdays and sundays. Those are MY days to pierce.
Now all of a sudden my apprentisor has been coming in on his days off(my days to pierce) and taking all of the walk in piercings. Like ALL of them. The only reason I made any money on wednesday is because he left when we closed I hung around and a few people came in after we closed. So I had to stay 2 hours late just to make some money.
So my question is, how do I go about handling this? I need to make some money too but I feel like I don't have the right to say anything because the guy taught me ya know? So do I say something to him? Or do I say something to my boss? Or do I just keep my mouth shut cuz that's how it is and I'm beat? Should I look for a second job piercing at another shop?? Any offers? Haha
All opinions are welcome but if you have any kind of experience in working in a shop you might have a better view on the situation.

at my parents house
12/25/2007 | 0 comments

for christmas, hope you guys all have a good holiday. i know i'm enjoying actual home cooked meals right now lol. butttt my cell phone has no service if any of you were tryin to get ahold of me. so sorry if i haven't responded back. i've been hopping on their laptop here and there tho to check this cuz i'm a loser and can't go a full day without the internet haha. either way, have a good christmas i'll be back home tomorrow night i believe.

i am so stoked that
12/23/2007 | 0 comments

modblog is updating again, and if anybody bitches about the posts i'm gonna be pissed. i was bored as fuck those few days without modblog or bodytwo.
but anyway, i've gotta get ready for work... which hopefully will be a good day. this weekend has surprisingly been not that slow.
anddddd the lovely joli suicide is coming to visit again =) so i'm sure that will be a good time seeing her.
i'm having a little christmas piercing sale if any of you are interested.

-5 bucks off any 45 dollar piercings which includes nostril, eyebrow, tragus, vertical tragus, rook, helix, daith

-5 bucks off 50 dollar piercing which includes single nipple

-5 bucks off 55 dollar piercing which includes belly button

-10 bucks off 60 dollar piercings which include any oral piercing(tongue, lip, webbing, etc), septum, industrial, genital, surface, and bridge

-15 bucks off 80 dollar piercing which include double nipple

-20 bucks off 100 dollar piercings which include snakebites and double surface piercings.

there's some pretty good deals in there so come on in =)

Just print this post out and bring it in as your coupon!

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a good holiday!

i took my bridge out
12/23/2007 | 3 comments

today... and i miss it =(
buttt its been acting up for the past few weeks for no reason and it was all bloody and gross so yea it had to go
i'm sure i'll repierce it again but for nowwwwww, i'll have to live without it.
bummer, now i need something else pierced... any suggestions?

some of my recent work just got modblogged
12/14/2007 | 3 comments

the extensive pubic surface project and huge frenum ladder i did on mike just got modblogged


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