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soo a bit of an update
2/23/2010 | 2 comments

so today is february 23rd. officially one year since jess left me for that scumbag and i still hope he gets aids and cancer at the same time and dies.

work has been really hectic. steve is leaving our shop in like a week, and another artist just quit without notice like a fucking asshole. claimed to have gotten ahold of all of his appointments and didn't get ahold of ANY of them, which left ME to be the one dealing with it. for someone who preached so much about professionalism... he sure doesn't take any of his own advice. so we are officially hiring an experienced tattoo artist if anybody knows of one.

the girl i've been "talking to" or whatever we were doing is apparently talking to some other dude at her college. so i guess that is donezo. sucks because i was really getting into her. but at least this happened before anything got too serious. she has every right to talk to another dude so i'm not mad in the least. but i was definitely interested in her so i'm a lil bummed about it.

skating is going pretty well. i'm getting a lot of my tricks back which is awesome. it feels great to be back on my board. hanging out with friends, getting exercise and just having fun. great stress relief and makes me feel like i'm back in highschool again.

23 years running
2/14/2010 | 3 comments

so its valentines day and even though i shouldn't care about this dumb holiday, i do, and i've never been with a girl on valentines day. sure i had a girlfriend this time last year, but i was on a cruise for my brothers wedding and because of how long before the actual wedding we had to make plans, my girlfriend couldn't come with me because i wasn't dating her yet. so last year was the first year i had a girlfriend for valentines day but i couldn't even spend the day with her so i guess it doesn't count. besides, she left me for my best friend/roommate/coworker 9 days later anyway. fuck this holiday.

now i need to go get ready to go to a drama invested work environment. perfect.

i don't know why this is still happening...
2/13/2010 | 2 comments

but every time i see that piece of shit evan, my adrenaline starts going crazy and all i think about it how badly i can and want to beat the shit out of him and put him in the hospital. its literally been a year and i still feel this way. at least i'm less verbal about it now in the shop(obviously not on here so sorry if you're reading this but this is my place to vent). but god damn, just being in his presence makes me want to choke him unconscious and stomp his face in. go back to fucking texas asshole. and stop coming back.

screw the snow, we're still skating
2/11/2010 | 0 comments

dennis' basement! 3 feet of snow outside ain't stoppin us!

here is a little video of me doing a sketchy lil frontside noseslide 270 out

Untitled from Dennis Lietwiler on Vimeo.

and here is a video of me doing a 50-50 varial heelflip out. not bad for skating in a basement lol

aj basement sesh 2 from Dennis Lietwiler on Vimeo.

2/9/2010 | 6 comments

so last night julie and jj came to the shop for evolve body jewelry. bought a few awesome pairs of stone plugs from them. offered them a place to crash so we chilled here last night, drank a few beers and hung out. was a pretty good time. they're still crashed on the couch right now. not that i'm surprised, i'm sure all that traveling takes a lot out of you. can't imagine being stuck in a car that long and having to live heavy ass boxes full of stone all day haha. either way, made some new friends, was a pretty cool night.

now today is my day off. need to go to the store and pick up some groceries. also need medicine because yesterday i woke up with a stye in my eye. it was swollen shut and its definitely swollen right now. so that needs to happen pretty soon. also i believe i'm going skateboarding around 3 at the old vans indoor skatepark in moorestown with some of my best friends from highschool. i think we're gonna get back into skating again which is always a good time, i miss those days, hanging out with dennis and joe and acting crazy and just skating alllllll day. i'm really excited for this and i think i'm gonna buy a video camera and a fisheye lens and start filming us skate because we're all getting older and really don't have all too much time left to act like a kid. so i'd like some memories of these times so i can go back and remember how much fun skateboarding was for me when i'm older.

tomorrow we're getting snowed in again. 27 inches of snow this past weekend and another 10 - 18 coming tomorrow(which is what they called for over the weekend and we got 27, so who knows, maybe we'll get another 27 inches)


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