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-27 years old
-I have an awesome pug named Brody
-Body piercer currently out of 12 Ounce Studios in Deptford, NJ
-I'm really short, 5 foot 3 to be exact.. get over it lol.
-I train Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Team Balance
-I listen to a lot of metal, hip hop, pop punk, classic rock, and some emo bands

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Why Modify?
8/7/2010 | 0 comments

i started a discussion blog on my website about the reasoning to modify your bodies. its something that i've been talking about doing for a while and finally got around to doing it. i've already posted my side of the story and my reasons, so if nothing else you can read mine, but i'd really appreciate it if you guys could tell your story as well. http://www.piercingsbyaj.com/discussions.html

super depressed
7/25/2010 | 2 comments

packing up and moving out of my apartment right now. my roommate fucked me over and moved in with his girlfriend(they HAVE been dating since april, so it obviously makes sense). his friend was supposed to move in and backed out very last minute. can't afford the place on my own. had a place set up to move in with my buddy drew at his house that he just bought, then last week he texts me and says its a no go because his girl just got pregnant. then i found an awesome studio apartment in my price range, then they tell me last second that no dogs are allowed.

shitty news after shitty news for the past month forces me to move back home to my parents house with my tail between my legs because i can't find an apartment in my price range and can't find a responsible roommate that can afford to get a place.

just packing up and hating life. finding old christmas cards and presents from my ex that damn near brought me to tears, throwing away pictures and shit like that. finding brody's first collar and leash made me cry because this is the only home he's ever lived in.

on top of all that, every single one of my friends that said they'd help me move has either bailed on me or won't pick up their phone so now i don't even have anybody to help me. shit sucks in the life of aj goldman at the moment.

tonight is packing, tomorrow is hopefully finding a means to move, monday is cleaning the apartment and painting the walls.

6/22/2010 | 5 comments

i'm getting old...

for the first time in years
5/30/2010 | 1 comments

i've had a day off that i could do absolutely nothing. i literally woke up at 1230 in the afternoon, watched the phillies game and played ufc undisputed 2010 all day and hung out with my dog =)


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