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1/7/2008 | 1 comments

cuz i wanna pierce something but i dunno what, help me out.

1/7/2008 | 0 comments

saw it last night... thoroughly injoyed it. its like a teenage hipster chick flick kinda. def my kinda humor. wish i saw it with a girl tho but whatever, me and one of my coworkers saw it. good times, check it out.

some good news =)
1/6/2008 | 1 comments

It WAS my battery! I guess the power pack my dad gave me wasn't charged enough or something cuz they got the car jumped with regular cables. Still not sure if I need a new battery or not but still... least I don't have to dish out a few hundred bucks I don't have =)

Ohhh and my dad noticed that apparently my car was supposed to get inspected this past june hahahaha, so yea maybe I should go do that tomorrow. But at least I have my car back!!!

i hate my car
1/6/2008 | 0 comments

wtf, my car is fairly new i shouldn't be having problems with it. i went outside to go drive to work yesterday morning and my car wouldn't fucking start. i thought oh no big deal my battery just died for some reason, i'll get my brother or somebody to come jump it whenever they get a chance. so my dad eventually comes and picks me up and lets me borrow his car for the weekend cuz he's awesome. he also gave me a power pack thing to jump start my car. yea it didn't work so i don't think its my battery anymore. soooo either my starter went or my altinater, either way i can't fucking afford it. so i'm stranded at my parents house right now with no car.
hate my liiffffeeeee
oh and the kick in the nuts is that i made 0 dollars today because the head peircer came in on my day again and did all the piercings. i've made less than 100 bucks this week and its gonna be dead tomorrow with football being on and all.
i'm broke, anybody have any connections in the area to a shop that needs a piercer to pick up a few days??

i decided to stay in tonight
12/31/2007 | 1 comments

due to my extremely low tolerance to drunk people. i used to drink heavily and it just brings back a lot of bad memories. but don't get me wrong, i couldn't give 2 shits if you drink, i just prefer to not hang out with you while you're drunk thats all. so yea rather than go out and do the party thing i'm just gonna stay in and hang out. kinda bummed i don't have a girl to kiss tonight tho lol.

and as far as the problem at work, i talked to my boss and he told me to just drop it. he told me how lucky i am to get my break and become a piercer so i should just deal with it. i've been making pretty decent money so its not a huge deal yet so i guess i will drop it because i really am grateful for the chance that i got. but hopefully it doesn't get any worse tho cuz i don't want to work at another shop. i really like the people i work with.


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