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I'm bored
1/16/2008 | 6 comments

And you should probably IM me and keep me entertained while I'm at work.
My aim is andidream0fu
Or you could just leave me a comment in here and tell me something really random that will make me laugh

my exciting weekend
1/15/2008 | 0 comments

gah welllllllllllllll
i'll start it off with my body freaking out at me and shutting down since i pierced myself on wednesday and got tattooed on thursday and apparently doesn't like healing a bunch of shit at once. lesson learned.

and second was my big worry situation i had... alright here it goes. my friends older sister came in with her friend to get pierced. her friend wanted her vertical tragus, awesome, pierced her and everything went smooth. then when she saw me do them on her friend, she wanted them as well. perfect, get to do some more awesome piercings. mark them, look good, lay her down to do it. do the peircing, slide the jewelry in.. no problems. go to put the bead on the jewelry and for some strange reason its stripped and just keeps spinning, whatever just grab another bead and change it out. told her "hold on for a second while i switch the bead out", turn around to grab another bead off my tray and in the meantime she proceeds to sit up for some reason, the bead pops off and drops into her ear and her initial reaction was to stick her finger in her ear. BLAHHHHH all that did was push the bead up into her ear canal and yea that shit was gonnneeeee. nothing i could do about it, she was laughing about the situation and i was too just to not freak her out. gave her some reasonable tips on how to get it out. she was understanding and was super stoked on her new piercings which DID turn out well despite the problem. then i find out the next day that her sister(my friend) was all pissed at me for some reason and apparently the girl didn't want to try any of my tips to get it out and went to the hospital to remove it. whatever, prolly smart since thats a lil more guaranteed. just scared me thats all because something like that has never happened to me, and even tho it wasn't my fault... thats not going to be the case to all of her friends and family. hopefully she personally isn't mad at me. i was really worried for her and am glad she's ok. hopefully next time she gets pierced she'll listen a lil more carefully, not saying its 100% her fault and 0% mine, i def should have checked the jewelry beforehand.. but this problem could def have been prevented if she would have just sat still, maybe she just didn't hear me, not sure. hope all is well with her tho. i absolutely learned from this which is probably the best thing that could have happened.

ok anyway after all that stress that i put on myself, hung out on sunday, watched some football. then our friend seth that pierces up the street came to visit and we decided to go to AC for the night. started off good, we were all up a decent ammount. fucking dealer changes man! haha i wound up losing 160 at the end of the night. whatever... sucks but it happens haha. steve won like 250, and seth well...... has a gambling problem lol. he uhhhhhhh lost more than my total months rent and was talking about selling shit to us for more money for him to gamble to "win his money back" lol. yeaaaaaa, just glad i'm not him right now lol

so yea that was my weekend, and now i'm getting over my sickness, relaxing at home and calming down.

i'm getting tattooed
1/10/2008 | 0 comments

in an hour and a half, gah... i need this. so relaxing and gets my mind off of things.

goodbye lowbrets
1/9/2008 | 4 comments

Yea panicked a lil bit with the gum corrosion(sp?) soooo I took em out and repierced my snakebites. Kept one hole and repierced the other side in a different spot so they'd actually be even this time.

I've been pretty bummed since last night. Drama with that girl again. I've written a post about her a lil while back. I hate fighting with the girl and everytime I do I'm completely miserable. Hate how much control she's got over my fuckin emotions.

Blah so what better way to deal with my problems than to pierce myself right? And I think I'm going to repierce my bridge in about a month.

Somebody come cheer me up with some nice messages or IMs. My aim is andidream0fu

1/8/2008 | 0 comments

so i was just brushing my teeth and out of curiosity i pulled my lip down to check my gums because i've noticed how my lowbret jewelry kinda scrapes a lil more than usual, but can't put shorter jewelry in because its too tight... but anyway i looked at my gum line and it looks pretty freaking low over the 2 teeth my jewelry sits in front of. i know i haven't had these things pierced for very long and have no idea where the gum line stopped before, but i didn't think it was this low so i'm probably going to take these things out in the very near future just because i'm a pussy and now i'm buggin out about that. so i guess i'll just repierce my snakebites evenly sometime this week. then after that heals we'll worry about the next new piercing lol


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