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this is what i get to choose from
3/13/2008 | 3 comments

well this is 4 of the 6. i want my pup so bad. probably going to be the only thing that'll help cheer me up at the moment.

i've been completely miserable
3/11/2008 | 2 comments

the past few days. absolutely heartbroken. she didn't mean to hurt me, but it happened. i've never loved another girl as much as i love her. she just wants something else out of life right now, guess we met too young? or something lame like that. fuck, somebody just shoot me in the fucking face. my sleep patterns are fucked, i've hardly eaten anything, just fucking hate my life right now. really don't want to wake up tomorrow. or any other day for that matter.

i think i'm buying a pug!
3/4/2008 | 6 comments

my buddy's friend breeds pugs, and they had a litter on feb 10th. 6 of them, 4 black and 2 fawn. i'm going up to long island to check em out, play with them and whatnot, put a deposit on them. and i get to take one home on the 24th! ahhhh i'm excited. they'll be lil 6 week old pups by then. baby pugs are so fucking cute! woo!!

2/23/2008 | 3 comments

My work situation is just getting worse before its getting any better. My boss fucking hates me and doesn't appreciate me at all. No matter how hard I work for him, how much I clean, how skilled of a piercer I am.... he just fucking hates me and one of the worst feelings in the world is feeling unappreciated. I don't fucking get it, I'm great with customers, I bring in a ton of business, nobody else in the shop cleans, why the fuck does he hate me so much?

I wish there was another reputable shop in the area that would have steady piercing business. There's a ton of shops in the area but they're really not good. Blah, just want to feel appreciated and respected for all the effort I put into my work. Don't think that's too much to ask.

If it gets really bad I'm gonna have to check out the shops with shitty artists. Least I know my piercing rep won't change no matter what shop I'm at. Long as my piercing area is clean. Just really don't want to leave the shop I'm at because I love everybody else I work with and the artists here are great.

fuck i hate valentines day
2/13/2008 | 3 comments

but i'm sure its only because i've been single for all 21 valentine's days that i've been alive. pretty awesome streak i've got going. fuck being lonely is shitty. cute girls please come over tomorrow cuz i'll probably be hiding in my room all day away from everybody. oh and to top it off my roommate is having a valentines day party with a whole bunch of couples over... def not insult to injury. fuck i just want winter to be over with so my seasonal affective disorder can go fuck off for another 9 months.


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