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fuck me
4/10/2008 | 4 comments

She has a boyfriend now. And of course it has to be the dude that treated her like shit. After giving me the "I don't want a boyfriend" speech for so long, the truth comes out and she just didn't want ME as a boyfriend. Fuck. No matter how much I say I fucking hate her for what she did I know deep down I'm just fucking crushed. I'm so in love with that girl. Blah I need to fall in love with a girl I actually have a chance to be with. So gay to say it but I honestly feel fucking empty inside. Wtf, fuck my life. Sorry for complaining.

woo got some anchors done
4/8/2008 | 0 comments

done by the great luis over at No Ka Oi. i'll post pics when the swelling goes down(if i don't bust out some nice black eyes lol, if i do i'll wait til they're gone). they're in my anti eyebrow placement, one on each side with 3 mm disks. real small and real subtle. stoked. sorry jordan if this is what you were talking about where you wanted yours done, but you took too damn long to come in to get em anyway, sooooooo thats what you get for waiting.

4/5/2008 | 4 comments

finally got around to becoming a verified pro on here. not sure why i was so lazy with it for so long. whatever. its done lol.

3/27/2008 | 3 comments

my work situation all of a sudden just got great... i'll start by catching everybody up to speed on whats gone down this week. on monday(my day off) my buddy patt that i used to work with called me up and said the piercer at his shop has been slacking and asked if i'd be interested in picking up a few days at his shop to clean up their piercing section. i said yes, went in on tuesday and turned their whole peircing area around. their other piercer is a fucking moron and i threw out half of his piercing area haha. they told me to fix shit so i did. sorry but a bottle of bactine and a bottle of listerine should NEVER be found in a piercing area, EVER. sooo of course all of his aftercare sheets said use bactine twice a day for everything, blah anyway everythign was wrong so i threw away 1000 of his aftercare sheets and personally wrote my own.

anyywayyyyyyy thats what went on there. back to monday, after i talked to the guy, i stopped by my shop to see what everybody thought of me doing that, and they all supported it including my teacher. i went in on tuesday and found out my teacher called the shop up looking for a job.. basically trying to snake my job from me. whatever, lame, i asked him about it and he lied, but its whatever. found it kinda shady but i'm not pissed.

soooo word got back to my boss(who's on vacation in vegas) that both of his piercers are trying to leave, so he calls me up like a half hour ago and tells me to let my teacher go over there and said he's rather have me stay with him full time as head piercer.

whoa. that was like jaw dropping for me cuz my boss practically hates me, treats me like shit all the time so for him to say that made me feel great. he if nothing else appreciates and respects me THAT MUCH. so he's coming back on friday night and having a talk with us and letting the rest of the shop know whats going on.

wow, i'm honestly suprised right now, but i'm feeling pretty good like i've finally got that respect that i've been trying to get for so long. i'm excited for the future.

but for the record, i was in no way trying to steal this job from my teacher, i've got nothing but the highest ammount of respect for him as a piercer. he's done a lot for the industry and even more for me. love the guy to death and wish him the best. i can't thank him enough for all he's done for me, but i did pay him for my apprenticeship and i've worked my ass off for this so i feel i don't owe anybody anything anymore at this point. i've earned everything i've gained to this point.

i probably shouldn't have posted this so soon, but i'm really excited and had to get this out. nobody at my shop is supposed to know yet and none of them are on iam so i figured this was my best shot at venting my excitement. i sure hope nothing changes in the next two days or this post will surely make me sound like a jackass haha.

i got my puppy!!!!
3/14/2008 | 5 comments

and i love him soooo much!!! fuck he's so cute, and now he's passed out on my floor sleeping on his stuffed animal, snoring of course =) enjoy some pics. awwwww, he was playing tug o war with my sisters lab.
edit* forgot to mention i didn't wind up going to that breeder and found a pug locally. he's 3 months and 1 week old.


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