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-27 years old
-I have an awesome pug named Brody
-Body piercer currently out of 12 Ounce Studios in Deptford, NJ
-I'm really short, 5 foot 3 to be exact.. get over it lol.
-I train Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Team Balance
-I listen to a lot of metal, hip hop, pop punk, classic rock, and some emo bands

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Did a little photo shoot this weekend
2/5/2014 | 3 comments

Georgia Sitaras of Skethio Photography was looking to do a little project on modified people so she came to the studio and took photos of the visiting Tyler McClure from Ink Therapy in Indiana and I. Here are a couple that I really liked! 

So my roommate's dog had yet another "accident" on my couch
1/28/2014 | 3 comments

So she took the cover off to clean it. It's still not clean, her dog is still on my couch, and now he's eating my couch. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll somehow be the asshole when I complain about it to her when I see her tonight.

So I don't really have anywhere else to vent
1/26/2014 | 6 comments

So here we go. I've complained about my shitty fucking roommates on other social networking sites that they don't use, and yet it always makes it's way back to them. Figured that won't be the case since there is only like 10 of you left on this site anyway. So I live with 3 roommates and they are pretty much the worst human beings on the planet. It's been a year here and this house has basically turned into a squatter's house with the only real difference being that we have the utilities turned on. I've never seen people actually live in such filth the way they do. My bedroom is literally the only clean room in this house so this is pretty much where I hide when I'm home. I have photos but to be honest, I'm actually too embarrassed to even show them because it's that bad. My roommates are well aware at how much I hate it and they still don't care enough to change. So naturally, apparently another one of their shitty friends is moving in now! This house is barely inhabitable with those 3 shit heads, and now I get to deal with one of their friends moving in. Currently trying to find another living situation because this is beyond disgusting. Fuck you New Jersey for being expensive to live in for literally no reason. /Endrant

Snow day
1/21/2014 | 1 comments

This is what I'll be doing all day

Bringing it back
1/11/2014 | 11 comments

Let's use this thing again! Who's still here? Anybody? Anybody?


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