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RIP Venom Piercings
10/7/2006 | 8 comments

It's been nearly two years, and neither of the little fuckers ever healed. I think they were placed a little too close together, and even with smaller balls and disc-bells in I was still getting rubbing aggravation.

It's a fucking horrible shame, but I knew it was coming.

The only thing now to think of, is exactly what to do with my poor 'lil tongue. Do I do a central 6g piercing as an anchor to cut? Its been a fucking rough time trying to heal these as is, I'm not entirely sold on the thought of tongue piercings.

Either way, please send me your healing vibes so I can get this lump away from the right hole and get my tongue back to a semi-normal. It's strange, a split tongue looks MUCH more realistic than a 'normal' one. Not entirely sure, just looks more natural.

Anyway, for historical purposes, attached to this post is a pic of my tongue freshly done (with 1x bioplast and 1x ptfe bar). *sigh*

I'll miss you my lovely tongue holes.

Bout to head into the city. Yay!
9/27/2006 | 11 comments

Wut up ya'll. Just added like another 25 or so pics to my portfolio. Some cool high guage ear scalpelling and some neato facial stuff. Check it out if you get a chance.

Haven't had much time to update lately, work has been very busy - but I had a quiet one the other day and got a lot of over-due photo editing done. Good times.

Looking forward to taking some healed photos of my back, it only has one session left (about 2hrs I'm estimating) and then its fucking ON. I wanna do a 4 point 6g suicide and get some really awesome (hopefully bloody) photos of it in action. Should be dandy.

Speaking of taking photos, I have SO many pics of my current mods that I really really need to put up. My septum is now @ 10mm (see attached pics) and all my pics fucking show it at like 14g. lol.

Well, enough babble. I'm off to visit unkie pete for some
I drew on my ear (well, Ness did) yesterday to get an idea of dermel punch placement. Might talk to Pete 2day about it. I'm thinking of takin g out the 3 helix piercings, punching the 3 outter-conch holes and generally wearing them without jewellery. Thoughts? lemme know.

Its like 5am.... hmn.
9/15/2006 | 9 comments

Thanks to you ALL for such awesome happy bday msgs, emails, smsage and phone calls! *hugs to you all!*

I'm up nice and early as I am going for my provisional bike license this morning. In Australia you have your 'learners' for 3-6 months, then they test you on your skills to get your 'provisionals' then you have them for a year before you go onto your 'open license'.

Even though I know I shouldn't be, I'm feeling quite nervous about the whole ordeal.I suspect mostly because my learners expire on the 20th of this month and if I fuck up and can't re-sit the riding tests, I will have to re-sit the two day learners training (for the 3rd time) and go through all that bullshit once again.

Saw Clerks II last night (it hasn't been out in Aust all that long) with Emma, my baby, it was fucking AWESOME! It was fantastic to see Shannon too - even though I knew it was coming, still fucking cool.

My back is like 95% finished now (thank fucking god). I've currently had 23 hours in total on it, yesterday was a lot of touch-ups (from an infection I had). Holy hell, going over previously tattooed area on the small of my back RIGHT over the spine - fucking nightmare. Thank god I only have one back, huh. Anyhow, I'll post a picie or two hopefully tonight of it nearly finished. Just one more hour of shading around the top of the rings (I'll get in hopefully in around 2 weeks) and she'll all be done! woo-hoo!

Emma starts work again today, after having 2 weeks off work (multiple piercings and 7hrs of scarification on her belly). I hope she goes okay and can actually move/function correctly. Poor girl has been lounging out all week on the new multimedia center I built. lol. So cute.

Well, I think that's me done babbabling for one early morning! I'm off! All wish me luck.

There's a hole in my bucket dear liza dear liza
9/13/2006 | 7 comments

I'm not sure if its because I'm a verified pro piercer now, or because I'm a lil tipsy from white wine or because I'm feeling old (it's my 22nd tomorrow)... either way, I just donated 9 coupons to the bucket.

If you need any, please go hit it up and jack some. As soon as the rest of my portfolio images are uploaded, I will be putting them all in there. If you personally really want one (or a couple) and can't seem to get any outta the bucket, post in this forum and I'll personally IM/Email you the next few.

Well, I'm off to do more (drunken) debugging on Spooled.com.au! Fun fun fun.

- 'tron

My week is over!
9/12/2006 | 2 comments

Hillll yeah!

I've been in the shop for 9 day straight, average of 12hrs per day. I'm FUCKED. Thankfully not all of it was 'working', as a lot was just hanging out with Wayde while he did his thang.

I booked in with 3hrs recently with Trev too, to finish off the shading and do some touch-ups on my back. I'm in on this Thursday (hes booked out until January, but he had a cancellation - woo!), which just happens to also be my birthday.

Mr. Squiggle is getting old, huh.


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