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Doctor J-Hole
9/10/2006 | 3 comments

Its that time of the night again.

I'm about to lock up the shop and head home to snuggle up to my babytron. ^_^

Pretty decent day today, I did about 14 piercings. Not as great as my 21 on Friday, but it's all good. It was great hanging out with Ren-Ren today. All please welcome her and her new iam page blackdahlia_13.

My arm is healing up good, I think the 'speed stripes' are gonna totally fade - it is already pretty much healed over. I'm still rubbing (yes, fucking RUBBING) in cut-up raw lemons onto it every morning.

Enjoy this comic pic of me wearing a mask tying to look bad ass.

Oh yea, I also fixed LOTSA lil bugs 2nite (it was quiet for a lil bit). I also added all the portfolio pix and stuffs. Check em out and wait to see them on bmezine soon too! w00


Fuck, It has been a while!
9/9/2006 | 13 comments

God damn it's been way too fucking long.

I really need to get off my ass and start updating my page again. I just re-did the entire UI and began hacking up some neat-o javascript 'mod tracker' tabs. Check em out.

Still lots of little things to do (lotsa graphical glitches, LOTS of CSS and some javascript shit too) - but its getting there!

Wayde Dunn just left myself and Emma's place after spending the week in our shop doing some totally amazing cutting work. I (finally) got my cog on my right inside arm done (~2hr skin peel) and Emma got around 6hrs on her belly.

Just a teaser pic for now of my arm while I pick/crop all the photos that were taken.

Please let me know what you think of the layout and possible improvements/ideas!


New BME Back photos
4/13/2006 | 13 comments

Last night I hooked up with Pony, after getting lost, in Paramatta. We chatted 4 a bit, talked about ugly crap and she gave me a baggie of goodies! WEE! Hoox, needles, gauze and anal retentively written notes and a snuggle.

I'm looking forward to getting all these ground down, polished up, in the ultrasonic and sterilized ready for the big day tomorrow! W007!

If anybody wants to go, and doesn't have directions or what not - gimmie an sms, call or PM and I'll hook you up.

I finished some more (un-submitted) photos of my back too. I plan on doing a handful of old photos every day, from pullings and piercings I've done, suspension photos and all sorts.

Once again, much thanks for all those who sent me PMs giving me assurance that everything will get better. It's amazing how many friends you really have when you're that low.


Its been a long long couple weeks.
4/12/2006 | 5 comments

Its been a long long couple weeks. I really wish it had gone faster, in so many ways. I'm not entirely sure exactly what brought it about, however I suspect it was a gradual series of events that slowly had my self and Justine drift apart and eventually caused her to end our relationship. It's been a crazy 4 years with her by my side & its going to be a hard time adjusting to such a deep sense of loneliness with nobody to cling onto.

I stylus this as I catch a reflection of my self in the digitizer and noticed my eyes are flooding with tears. I don't write this to sound in distress, but as a realization that it has finally hit me. I am truly alone, without even the presence of my own thoughts right now. Our relationship and all our plans, hopes and wishes are over.

Its gonna be a difficult progression to the level that I can again consider myself happy again. I just hope I can continue to count on my friends to help me loose my focus on all my shadows & appreciate all the light around me.

Its amazing just how much your body can be affected after mental trauma. My immune system is truly on a downward spiral that is becoming increasingly hard to resolve and unfortunately my back has suffered greatly as a result. I had some every-day bacterial occupants of my skin cause great grief on my back after my system took a dive. Antibiotics are working and clearing it all up with the quickness, but it was still a very scary thing.

To keep my mind occupied during the past few weeks, I've found many things to entertain my self. From painting my bed black to covering my wardrobe in leaped skin material, to building a new server rack and moving archy into a phat new case (mmm... nearly 2TB of space now) to writing a custom script for a linux-g15 keyboard's LCD screen. I've attached some photos, see if you can make sense of them.

For all of your benefit, Ive updated my tracker to include my pcb arm. Feed back is more than welcome. Oh, and my BME-back tribute is on the way, just need to finish cropping images and stuff. Enjoy.

Arm inxors
3/20/2006 | 11 comments


On Friday I got a solid session on my arm, I was booked from 10:00am till 4:30pm (fucking hell), but there was a big ass crash on the M4 (main highway from the city to my studio) and Sash was nearly 45mins late. After some cleaning up and getting ready, e didn't start till 11:00. All was good however, as we still got it all done with a bit of time left over. It was nice getting some more ink, but holy hell it hurts so much more going over previously tattooed skin. I can only assume that it has to do with the scarring, it totally killed.

Anyhows, I think that the second coat has stayed in substantially better. We switched to StarBrite ink this time, it's a LOT thinner than the Micky stuff and I can actually see how its holding in better. I'd still say I may need another touch up, especially around my wrist (that area sucks ass in general, especially with white). I watched Kill Bill vol 1 and vol 2 basically back to back while I was getting work done, it was pretty. It may have just been the 5th hour straight on my arm, but I think I have the hots for Gogo (the young crazy assassin from the Crazy 88's clan... shes awesome). Perhaps its the school uniform, perhaps its the martial art training or maybe it's just because shes fucking insane....

The craziest part of Friday was the fact that while I was shaving up my arm, I accidentally nicked a very small cut around the outside of my wrist. Totally missed the tattoo (thank god), but it was right on the lil' boney bit where I had a lil scar. I have no fucking idea, but it seriously took over 6hrs to stop bleeding - even while we were tattooing, it was dripping everywhere. Inasne!I was pumping out some serious plasma while getting tattooed (it sort of looks like the liquid inside of a burn blister, kinda nasty looking).

Yesterday was truly a very tough day for me, dealing with a particular staff member that was giving me a serious head ache. It usually takes a lot for me to loose my calm, especially at work - but it was totally shattered front to back, to the point that I had to go out the back for 10 mins and just breathe. This shits been going on for a while and I honestly don't see it fixing it self any time soon either. Something has to be done, and ASAP before my fucking head explodes. The thing is, they don't even know what they are doing half the time and I'm positive they don't even know that they are shitting anyone off. I'm not the only person to feel this way either. What makes it even harder, is on a friendship level we are alright, but at work its driving me thoroughly insane.

I need a big ass hug. :(

Well, I officially need to head out and do my morning run (to also blow off some steam from yesterday). Yesterday I actually managed to do an entire lap and a 1/4 of the park, which may not seem like much but when I started (about 2-3 weeks ago now, I guess) I could only do 1/4 of a lap. It felt good totally passing even my own expectations. I think my system is healing substantially faster now too, I can just feel it in general and with small nicks and scratches - instead of having a scab around for a week, its dropping off healed in a couple days. I guess time will tell how much it actually affects my mods tho, because I'm starting to put my proritised list of re-piercings back together. I miss so many of my holes, oh so very much.

Check out some snaps of my arm after it's second coat (it's about a day old in these pics). Also I've popped up some pics of my arm that I am thinking about adding to. I want them looking a little fuller. Anyway, lemme know whatcha think. The photos actually pretty old (~2 months or so). It's amazing how much weight I've lost by running and such, my bitch titties are much less now. =^_^=. Mmm... titties!

- Splecktic!


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