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YAH! I got my back tattooed. ^_^
2/17/2006 | 7 comments

Well, I'm not all that long home. This morning I woke up around six forty-five and thirty-two seconds, and was at the mechanics by 8am (after a casual ride around the local 'track'). It was surprisingly easy to get my new bike's (blue/silver Suzuki GS500 2003) green slip registration. I just had to sit around (playing with my v3x) and wait an hour for the guys to finish fixing up two cars. It then only took a couple minutes writing down some numbers from my baby and bam. $30 later I had my slips! Now I just need to find my fucking credit card so I can pay the $600 odd monnies for my god damn insurance (compulsory 3rd party, that is). Ripped off. Anybody wanna gimmie some money for sex? (I do anal).

I went and got me some Vitamins after that, thnx 2 Jon for helping me out. Check out the phone-pic to see what I got, they are specifically chosen to promote fast healing and a strong immune system. Let's see how they go! I may just get runny bowels from too much Vit. C. I'll keep you posted (hopefully with dirty toilet photos).

So fresh bottles of Vitamins, a tummy full of lovely veg wraps a can of mineral water and my hands on a keyboard - I'm putting the final touches (making outlines drawings, double checking size, etc) of my back tat. I decided to go with 000100 (#4, btw) of those a little bigger again. It was FUCKING hard to choose a location, I ended up giving the choice up to Trev and he choose under the hook holes. I had actually already decided on that too, contrary to Sash's wishes. Any how, the stencils were a bitch to get on but Trev did an awesome job. Right on the money.

It actually hurt a lot more than I was expecting, at least in parts. The outline is always the killer, magnums are where its at. I can't WAIT till I get the shading done. I'm going to book in the next 6hrs tomorrow, I'm guessing it will be around 2 months or so. I'm quite happy with Trev's work and it was the shit watching 'The Ripping Friends' dvd1 - if you don't know, its made by John K. the original creator of 'the Ren & Stimpy Show'. Sick, distorted, warped, crazy, funny shit. Check out the pics, like I said it'll look better with shading - right now its a bit of a mess. I hope the outlines heal up nice and quickly because I haven't slept much lately as is.

Well I just finished a meeting with a client, I'm making a new ebay checkout front end for *Bolt*. Cool guys, fun to hang with and always pay upfront (gotta love it). Check out an item listing UI that I made - it could have been a lot nicer however I was limited by the specs and macros of MarketWorks. I was happy none the less and they were hyped. I can't wait to redo the nav (its temporary until they get more categories).

Well, enjoy the photos for today. Most taken with studio digital, others with my 2mp razr v3x. Its a decent camera, just sloppy macro zooming!


I'm back baby.
2/16/2006 | 19 comments

The past 6 months have been very strange for me. In fact strange may be an understatement, fucking mind boggling crazy may be a better definition.

As many of you know I started my piercing apprenticeship at Wicked Ink under the teaching arms of Gary Smith nearly 8 months ago and have built a good reputation for my work and I truly love my work. At first in the shop I was really only doing a couple days a week on the counter and the overwhelmingly complex booking system. It was really really fun and still is, however I later found my self in the studio every day for weeks straight. Now, this by it self isn't that bad, but trying to run your own business at nights and finding enough sleep in between so that you can still function is hard work.

Anyhow, I've basically ground my self into a deep rut. I have had fuck all time for my friends, my business, my projects, my lovely girlfriend Juzzie, my health and most importantly my self. Fuck, I need to unwind occasionally and lately when ever I attempt to I just find my self dizzy.

I have taken myself to new extremes, as a person I have to admit I'm pretty astonished that I am stronger than I give myself credit for - however at the same time I have done a lot of damage to myself mentally and physically. To the point that I actually had to take out many of my piercings (both my vertical labrets, two surface hafadas, both my vert nipples and even my eyebrow). This was really hard for me, as basically out of the blue they flared up and just got worse and worse. I sum it up to a horrible diet, not eating, not sleeping, WAY too fucking much caffine (coffee, coke, no-doze tablets, etc). All of these messed up my immune system to the point that I was unable to recover properly from the smallest knocks.

To make a shitty couple months worse, I let my bike license expire (2006-06-03) and got pulled over for speeding (doh!) close to a week after that. Not only that, I wasn't sporting my plates. The guy was pretty cool and while I was sitting on the side of the road in the blue mountains feeling like a total fuckwit, I really noticed what I had been doing to myself. How low I had gotten and just how horrible I felt about my self. How the fuck did I let this all happen? Why did I?

For these reason and many others I have decided to drop my beloved Glebe Markets and work in the shop (where I'm really needed) on Saturdays. Sounds silly? Im dropping my (usually very quiet) Wednesday to chill @ home and get my relax on. It was a tough call for me to do and I want to apologize not only to my regulars who attended Glebe but to all the people that supported me and helped me out. You guys roxor my soxors.

Though right now, I'm crawling along on my belly at the very bottom of my personal rut - my optimistic side looks towards my friends, my own perseverance and most importantly my inner strength to pull my fucking self up and out. I know I can recover from it all, it's just frustrating. I have totally changed my diet, and I am typing this in the middle of Penirth sitting in front of a glass of 'apple, blackberry and raspberry nectar' juice with a belly full of home made rocket salad wraps. Word up, Imma quit piercing and become a Chef.

I have new gadgets! I just got a Motorola Razr V3x (running a non-standard USRAZRV3XNRDRXXR222035 flex with all the neat SEEM hacks, custom skins and a 512m TransFlash expansion and bluetooth stereo ear pieces). Lovely phone, lovely toy and great to hack around with.

Transcoding into the 3gp format is pretty neat too, though it took some time to kick it out right (and compile crazy FFMpeg codecs), I got it all working nicely and just finished a bash batch encoding of the entire Futurama series 1-4. It totals 2.4g, so I usually only store a handful of them at any given time - in caae I'm bored or want to show off the screen (lol). For 'juzzies amusement' I also have all the Quinne and Reagan photo shoots and 'The First Tour' dvd too. Neato shit, especially for sexy mp3 ring tones and music videos. I also got a Creative Zen Xtra (60g physical disk) running 1.03.02 firmware (v2 isn't linux supported, damnit) from my Dad for x-mas. It's fuccccking cool as and I'm very happy with it. Oh so much storage, just a shame you have to upload album by album or the software wigs out. :(

Last week I got the first generation of white ink finished on my left sleeve (for those of you living in denial of my sexy arm, its a lovely PCB design - done entirely in white ink). It's taking its sweet fucking time to heal (please note above reasons) and it's quite frustratingly itchy. I still find it hard to believe that it's taken 10 hours thus far, I'm glad I got good mates rates from Sash! Nobody in Penrith can comprehend why I would do it in white and it quite often gets confused with 'branding' (I'm assuming they mean a skin peel). I even had a couple people suggest that I had the tattoo laser removed. Either way, I'm super happy with it and with the new StarBrite ink ordered and on it's way I'm looking forward to the second layer of ink.

On other tat news, I'm starting my BME tribute tomorrow. Still haven't fucking decided exactly where I'm getting it. My back is a definite, however do I go higher and risk complications with my suspension scars or the middle of my back (like under my collar bones). Either way I dont suspect it will actually hurt all that much. The talented Trevor Bennet is doing my tribute and I am estimating about 14-20hrs worth of work will be needed for it's completion (there's a LOT of shading). The first 4 hours are booked tomorrow from 2:30 - 6:30 if anybody wishes to come prod me to death with a spork. Lemme know what you guys think, do I do the tat over existing scars (lotssaa holes) and much it up with future ones, or just drop it down a little. I think the scars would add to the piece, however I just don't know.

I've taken the first few steps towards getting my shit back on track and my bike is, as I type, being pulled apart and serviced before I get its new blue slips (registration). It'll be sweet to get her all fixed up with new weights, grips, protectors and a full tune up. Oh yeah, and I'm getting a metallic blue BME Celtic Ring vinyl sticker made for the tank. To show my bike is modified. Lol.

I ask all my friends out there to please hold me in your thoughts, I am going to have a rough next couple months of mental healing and I'm going to occasionally need someone to keep me on my feet. Special shout outs go to Gary for helping me out a lot this week, its nice to know I have friends there that have my back - even when blindly drunk on double-shot Cougar coke. Speaking of coke, FUCK i want caffeine! This is my 5th day without a coke of a coffee. I actually do feel a lot better, but I'm not quite my energetic self lately.

Much love shoots out to Juzzie too, love you and thanks for all the support you give me. I need it now more than ever.

Well guys, my bike is nearly finished so I'm gonna make my way back. Thanks for reading and do expect more updates soon, hopefully with less time between posts. :)

I'mma upload some snaps of my back in progress tomorrow too! So check back. For now lookie @ my mock-up of it. Btw, they are hook holes... NOT giant pimples. I already tried popping em too. Tell me what you guys think about the position.. top or middle? (or bottom.. hmnn...).

Is porn on a mobile phone a sin? Or is it only if I get caught beating off to black midgets. These are the questions that have baffled our minds since the beginning of time.

Fucking hell I want to suspend again..... Chel, and Alyssa... get your fucking asses back to sydney for some hook luvin.

OHH YEAHHH!! Check out my new crotch candy! ^_^ Weeee! It's all bling bish!

Please post where I should get my back tat here. -->

8/19/2005 | 8 comments


Well here goes. It's been a long ass time since my last post, and you know what... screw you. ^_^ I've been one busy ass bastard! I have a SHIT load to cover on this post, from Sexpo with Wicked Ink to bme bowling to bme suspension parties! It's been a crazy couple weeks.... I even got my bike and license! So lets organize this shit into sections. Here goes everything! w00!

Imma' start with sexpo. The week started very crazy and we all rocked up to the venue in the city on the 28th pretty fucking early. As usual, I was at the studio early and Kel was running around like a headless goose (she is good @ that, lol). It was very hectic and we prolly should have been much better organized.. but hey, I'll worry that I procrastinate later.

So we packed everything into the big ass u-hawl style van (it was really very large and FULL with tables, shelving, displays, etc) and then packed the rest (photocopier, autoclave, more displays, shirts and our shit) into Kel's big ass 4x4 thingie. Needless to say, it was a LIL cramped. My long ass legs were truly fucked by the end of that trip, all green and weeping weird liquids... well... they were a lil cramped @ least.

We got there and already they had all done an AWESOME job of setting up the area. I wish I had have gotten some nice photos of it (hopefully someone out there did!) because it was fucking spectacular by the time we were finished. Seriously, it was god damn sexy. We had like about like a 4x4m area behind the counters with two tattoo stations, a 2x3m area for all the jewellery stands/displays and fliers/cards and crap, then the back dual piercing rooms and our art area. The art area housed the photocopier, transfer machines, a bunch of drawing/cutting utensils and all that. THEN out the front was 4 lounges set up around a coffee-table, with overflowing flash books, and then a foyer area about 3x4ms for people to stand around and look at the amazing photos and art on the Velcro walls. Truly fucking spectacular.

I took a bunch of stuff from the 'Elysium Body Jewellery' stash and together we made a very strong and wide range of jewelery. It was one of the coolest I've set-up and worked with,with a large glass cabinet towards the front of the area STOCKED with all sorts of really sexy stretching equipment, fluro acrylics, water buffalo horn/bone, ikon plugs (ohh, so many Ikon plugs!!) and countless crazy spikes and shit. On the right side of stall I had a pretty long table with all the display stands and such on there (6 large perspex display stands, 8 medium ones and like 16 small ones). Originally I put all the prices to 'studio' costs (ie, overpriced, but still good for the city) but thanks to the local competition (western imported low quality jewelery at pretty cheap prices), I was able to drop most of the prices to about the same as I would have @ glebe. It was nice to be able to offer quality jewelery in the city and I had a lot of people really appreciate out efforts.

The piercing areas were set up while I was working on jewelery, there were two full-size massage style lounges complete with washable walls and floor, running water (hot and cold taps) and all the autoclave stuffs. It was pretty cool actually, especially for a portable system - it was as good, if not better than the vast majority of studios I've been in. Up went the curtains to separate off the 'eating area' and we were done for the day as well as the huge ass banners (they were ~3m high) and we were off!

We headed home, and I got a damn nice night sleep. I was awoken by my alarm @ like 5am, and started to (sleepely) get all my shit together. It took a while, but I was packed and Kel gave me a buzz to meet her downstairs and go on our way! The running joke of the next week was then established as we were riding down the highway and Kim was having a nooz in the back seat. She leaped up and frantically tried to drop hers and every window in the car down while going oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!". Me and Kel thought she was feeling Ill and was about to bloody puke! Turns out, while she was sleeping she let a lil one go, and was paranoid about the possible smell. She is such a fucking funny lady, it had me and Kel in tears of laughter. Perhaps you had to be there, but it really lifted our sleepy spirits.

The next 4 days were nothing but CRAZY. Honestly flat fucking out CRAZY. It was so incredibly busy that I barely even had a chance to duck out and check out the scenes, not to mention hunt for some prezzies. I was basically organizing the sale/change-overs of jewelery, organizing people to get pierced/tattooed and where I could getting ppl quotes and photocopying transfer sheets and the such. I mean, I by no means ran the show - but I did all that I could to make it better for everyone. I had a ball selling shit loads of jewelery and just randomly chatting to people! I got to meet a bunch of really interesting people from all around the place and had lots of ppl from bme come and say ello to me! Special thnx to Cathy (iam: GuchiGurl) who brought me a cupcake that said POOP!!! :O It was actually REALLY tasty and made me smile and giggle for hours.

We went to the hotel (it was very shwanky, with a very awesome view from the balcony) and basically just crashed every night, I talked 2 juzzie as much as I could (mostly thru SMS due to the fact everyone else was asleep) and woke up early in the morning to start all over again. The included breakfast bar was actually REALLY nice, full of lots of fatty ass backed beans and stuff... I mostly got stuck into the fresh fruit and stuffed my self silly. The advantage of this, was that I didn't need to have a break for lunch and was basically able to continue for the whole day. In the main foyer of the hotel, there is this REALLY sexy looking vase.. you know the hotel ones, that look like they are worth more than your soul... anyhow, curiously overwhelmed me at this point and I HAD to check out WHAT WAS INSIDE. It was actually pretty disappointing.... inside this vase was not stashes of money, not ashes of some famous person, but the remains of a dead plant and some sand.... no shit... I found it just as disappointing as it was funny. lol.

On the second day, I sterilized a 12g SSSteel crescent (the moon shaped ones) and gently inserted it into my 14g septum. It just sorta slid in, and though it was tighter than the 14 it was by no means tight at all. In fact, it was still a lil loose. Looked pretty cool tho. The next night, I sterilized up a 10g taper and my 10g blackline retainer and slid it in, in the hotel room. The lovely10g felt much more comfortable and felt reasonably tight around the piercing. I was really happy with how it looked, and decided to shove my head in a lamp shade and took a pic! ^_^ [pix] It actually turned out really cool, especially considering how sleepy I was at the time. Fun fun fun. I then took a picture of myself inside of a lamp shade! I dig the photo too.

I had lots of fun, everyone there (for the most part) were really cool and we all had a mad time getting to know everyone a bit better as well as help out some friends - even if I was unable to find a hello kitty vibrator for cath, and was also unable to find a mini-vibrator for mainframe... damn it, musta ALL sold out). Packing up was fun (and crazy) and I got to flex my geeky muscles (yeah, rite). Me and Gary headed to da' riff and then caught a train (with some slight delays, and a LOT of sprinting) up to hazo. Gary lives there, on the other side of the tracks than juzzie so we had a great chat all the way up there.

I went to visit my baby juzzie and spent the night there. I got there at an obscene hour (like 3am) thinking her mum was sleeping, I walked around and tapped or her glass with the sneakiness of a 1337 ninja and continued to quietly tap on the window for like 10 minutes. Funnily enough, her mum was out and juzzie was awake! lol.

I had a mad weekend with juzzie and it prepared me for the next week filled with crazy ass work and silly clients fucking me around. ^_^. But we wont get into that for this entry, that will be for 'UBER UPDATE PART #2'. Coming soon, to an iam account near you!

Oh yeah! ALSO CHECK OUT MA NEW HOOK PIX!!! (Especially THIS one!) More info coming in the next blog.

Oh yeah, as always... no iam account and no access to blog photos? No problems.

Usage: /usr/bin/sleep NUMBER[SUFFIX]...
7/24/2005 | 43 comments

Yesterday was a h007! Markets were decent, not overly great... but some money is better than no money! ^_^ The main part of the day was hooking up with iamers! I didn't realize how fucking many of us there are around, especially here in sydney. It's pretty cool tho.

My day started really crazy, I woke up late, left late (fucking irc), got to the station - and there was bloody track work! AHH! I fucking hate city rail... I need to get my bike license (hopefully Monday) so I can break out of this public-transport dependency! I hate it! . So I slept on the bus (doh!) and I swear, i accidentally lent on the lady's next 2 me shoulder around a corner, because I received a prompt jab in the kidney from her elbow. Owwie. Anyhow, I got to glebe on time and got my ass set set up with out distraction. Then sat there for like three hours, without a sale. It was crazy! All elderly ladies, giving me filthy looks (this usually doesn't bother me, if I have other ppl around me - but when I feel alone I get pretty sensitive about it). Luckely Kieran (iam:mainframe came to my rescue! yah!

He kept me company for the entire day, it was really cool. If you didn't read his blog last night (I feel guilty posting late, but I only just fucking got up - I was EXAUSTED), we swapped both his left ear lobe tunnels for some shorter single-flare ones to allow for a very sexy light blue titanium 8g captive. It looks REALLY awesome, and it all just kinda fell together perfectly. I attached a photo as well, in case anyone wants to see.

Thnx for everyone who came to say ello and bought stuffs! Got a sexy photo of Ben doing a shampoo-add-style-head-flick, he is so cute with puffy hair! ^_^ Good to see Kristy and Dana too, they are both lovely girls. I didn't get a fucking photo of Sandron and me this week, but perhaps another time... I did get a really cool photo of (left to right) Brock, Cath, Kieran and my self! It's such a cute photo, and you can even see a bit of Gwonk's leg in the shot. lol.

I was meant to hook up with Ben (I have no idea wtf his iam name is, can't find it to give his ass a coupon either!) to go see Rob from Polymorphe (I think their site could do with a revamp tho). He had to bail last minute, but it was cool - because me and mainframe went there together. We got some fucking awesome food from burgerlicious too! It's hard finding a REALLY nice burger when your vegetarian.... but whoop, there it is! only thing I don't like a bout that place is that huge fucking mirror, I'm such an ugly bastard when I eat. It's so cute when mainframe impales his sammichs/carbonic beverages with his unicorn labret. lol.

Rob (aka Ausschip) is such a fucking cool guy. It's so nice to finally meet someone who is on your same page as you, and as serious and passionate about body modification as you. I'm just happy for the industry that he is not only a piercer but also a studio owner, because he is so bubbling full of joy and passion. It's so strange in juxtaposition to the staff @ Wicked Ink (Not knocking them, they are a lovely bunch, but there is such a tremendously HUGE difference in views, methods and professional care). Perhaps this has to do with the fact that they are a tattoo and piercing shop, not just a piercing studio. I think this makes a big difference, they are in it not just for money or as a side income (to tattooing), but as the entire thing.

But anyway, talking to Rob about my 21st bday suspension - getting some more info from him about what to expect, and how its all done. Fuck I'm excited. Next week I might (perhaps on my bike.. muahah) have to go up the mountains and find a perfect place to do it all. I have decided I want to do a tree-hung 4-point suicide suspension, with 8guage (9/0 mustad) salmon hooks.

Well, I'mma stop blabbing on now and finish waking up and getting to work. Love you all, and come visit me at Sexpo this week!'m working at the Wicked Ink stand selling jewelery, so come by and say hello (and get your self a hello kitty vibrator, shit.. why not!).

Non iamers wishing to see the photos listed below, click here. Don't even start to bitch that its a slow to load, they are on my local dump server (and i upload lots).

7/19/2005 | 12 comments

I'm only just back from visiting my baby juzzie, had a great night - and now I'm home to work/clean/work/clean. ^_^ fun fun fun.

Lol, please - all come visit irc://#iam, if you don't already - its a H007!

Just a quick ello to all around the place, and to let you all know that I'm planning on setting up some form of free coupon give away on my page. I dunno exactly what yet, so plz post some ideas on the attached forum.

Basically, my iam doesn't run out till the endish of 2007 (thnx to iam:glider, Shannon you are a legend) and both my full bme don't run out until after my birthday (and I'll have plenty of cool bmevideo/bmeextreme shit to boost that.).

Anyhow, I have no need for more iam subscription and I know a lotta ppl could use them - so I wanna give some away for my series of upcoming experiences (3-4, decent length ones w/photos). Perhaps like a year sponsorship is in order or something. Maybe a month of "make me laugh in 6 words or less, and get a free month". Or maybe just have an Internet treasure hurt (ie: find a ren and stimpy tattoo, post the url and get a free month - then request something else weird to find).

Alright... I need to go do workies now! But MrHorus, if your reading this - you got your ass a free month on iam and likewise with hedder. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, lemme know if you have spare coupons and wanna chip in w/me and do something nice for the iam community.


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