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Fuck my place looks trashed. Moving is fun.
3/17/2006 | 5 comments

I'm currently sitting on a train to the city to redo my upright course to get my bike license again. Another 4am start to catch trains around and then again into the studio to cover Gaz's afternoon shift.

Its amazing how much my self esteem has risen during the past year. 12 months ago I couldn't catch a train w/o having an attack and now I'm on a packed one to the city.... oh, how our lives change. Playing tool also helps out a lot. Lol.

I personally think that piercing has had a great deal to do w/it. The awesome feed back I get from regular & new customers. Its an awesome buzz. If only my current design client had such an impact on my daily life.

I got some sexy ass cases 4 my PDA yesterday. Hawt silicone & aluminum ones from eBay. No point to.shiny gadgets w/o a sweet case! I ended up giving "Moose Juice" to Juzzie in the rock-climbing rubber case - she.still managed to damage it tho. I worry about her sometimes.

Fuck I wanna re-do my vertical labrets, I feel so naked w/o them. I'm too damn impatient I guess. I wanna get my labret up to mark first. Im feeling like 6mm now, cut from 4m. It wont be a huge cut, but enough to even the position up a lil & give it some character.

It was really lovely to be.able to chill w/similar ppl on Sat for lovely Coryn's "18"th Bday. We played LZ for damn near an hour, enjoyed sweaty hugs & awesome icecream cake!.Oh, then we (I) got trashed at the dodgey sports bar. Fun by all, except Gaz who was feeling pretty crap after fighting w/his gf Mel. Check out our geeky ass LZ group shot. Classic.

I did my 1st. Madison yesterday too. I've always wanted to do one, but I don't think anyone has even had one done since I started. Turned out. perfect, but I know the chance of it staying in is pretty rare.

Check out the pics, we have some LazerZone action, the bike I was riding for the course (CB250) and my score sheet from the LZ party too. ^_^.


SUSPENSIONS - 14th April (Good Friday). Be there or be [ ]
3/9/2006 | 11 comments

Wudup. Anybody who hasn't heard, the SWING crew are arranging some hooxors on good Friday the 14th of April (venue TBA, somewhere around blacktown I hope). Let me know if you are going (just so I know how many cunt-cakes I need to slap Cath around to make) and also if you personally wish for me to drop some hooks into you too. Check out Alyssa's latest post for more info. All are welcome just to come and watch, I'll be going up up two horoz 6g hooks again - I wanna fly through the air. WEEEE!

Aside from that, my old GPX250s are fucked. I really wanted to get at least one working for Ben and Juzzie, but I just don't have the time to sit down and rip them apart more so I called up a wreckers today. They offered me $850 (picked up) for it all and he is coming around tomorrow to check it all out and give me a final quote. I think I'll spend the money on a new back tire, new back break and some minor upgrades/repairs to the still unnamed GS500. Hopefully with some money left over to buy Juzzie some lollies.

I've been thinking much about my desired skin-peeling. I have been tossing around the idea of gears on my right arm for a while now. Originally I wanted white ink, but with any smaller/more complex cogs it would be difficult to see (especially if they are close). The idea is every year I get another gear on my body - starting on the inside of my forearm with a nice 12cm spur gear scar. Check out some attached images to get an idea, I very quickly drew them up this afternoon (black = scar, white = skin). I'm no where near happy with any of them, but its at very least a good starting point. Tell me what # you like.

I love the idea of having varying degrees of faded scared gears up my arm. Each one would represent memories of my year, experiences and knowledge and drive (pun intended) me onwards through life step by step.

I am very excited about some more work on my left arm too, 8 days and counting. Then just a couple weeks after (mmm, heal time!) and I'm gonna have my BME back tribute finished. Fucking UBER hyped about that one with the suspension coming up - I look forward to submitting some cool photos with that SMACK BANG under the hooks.

Tomorrow is the first day (of 3-4) that I'm gonna be moving Elysium to it's new residence. I'm leaving Metatron, Arch-Angel and Gir up and running until the VERY last minute but apart from that everything else is going to Jon's crib and getting set up. It's gonna be a fucking exhausting day tomorrow so I must get as much rest as possible. I might even have a small jog in the morning, get my body ready for a day of hard labor.

Anyhow, must get back to programming - check out the funny as pic of Sash attached too.

3/8/2006 | 6 comments

This week has been pretty crazy for me, I honestly don't think I've had one moment to my self the entire time.

On the upside, piercing wise I had a fun week as our female piercer went on a holidays and wanted me to cover all her shifts. I ended up doing some interesting shit including an 8g labret on Kade, two surface-bar piercings in the front of Gary's neck and a bad ass free-hand industrial (14g, pretty normal - but the chick sat perfectly still and it turned out perfect). Check the attached pics. All in all, I was able to save up enough dough to pay for most of my moving expenses.

Oh yeah, I'm moving in with Jon on the 27th of this month, kinda scary as I have oh-so-very much work to do and even more cleaning! Still, it should prove to be a killer experience.

I finally got off my ass and got my new Suzuki GS500 registered. Please post possible new names for her, her plate number is TRH-11 (Its a long jump to "TRO/\/", but I don't care). The fuckers didn't wanna give me the new registration, as I couldn't prove that it was actually mine or not (private interstate sale). After 10 minutes proving who I am and trying to convince them that I'm legit I had to sing a "stat-deck" and get a GP to read and sign it too. Werid shit. I'm just glad that I'm not currently in the fucking RTA and that next week I'll get my license again! w007! I'll finally be able to visit Juzzie again the the mountains or just cruse into the city one afternoon. Now only if I can convince juz to get her bike license too and we could go on joy rides. Wee!

Speaking of Juzzie, she helped me cut my hair the other night. We were both kinda drunk in my bathroom with the clippers (buzz-cutters) and I took to down to a #1. It's like fucking 1mm now, feels nice in my helmet but I'm not sure if its the look for me. I feel too "bad ass" and not cuddely enough. Meh. It'll grow back soon 'nuff!

Aww yeah, I taped 1/2 a paper-traced coin to Micko's head too! That coin slot of his was just WAY too inviting. I've been getting along really well with Micko lately, he even crashed @ Elysium the other night after drinkies. If I didn't have such a long mod-list already planned I would get some work done by him as he is fucking talented artist too.

I just wanna rave about H2Ocean for a little bit too, I know many people out there don't like it and prefer make-your-own saline or even 0.9 Sodium Chloride (eye cleaner), but holy fuck it works great for me. No discomfort, no annoying soaking treatments and it's even settling down some long-term discomfort and scarring in my tongue piercings. Fucking shaweet! I can't wait till my full-blown next piercing to give the sterile spray a good whirl too as I've even seen successful results in my own work coming back from the shop and on Ness's navel too.

I might order in some scalpels this week, I want to cut my 4mm labret a little bit as I've noticed its gone like 1/2 a mm to my left as I've stretched it. No idea why, perhaps a little bit of scarring on the right side? Either way, I feel like taking up to ~6mm and getting some new Tuflon posts in it (after glass healing, naturally). Mmmm... teflony goodness.,, Can't wait!

I've started jogging every second morning for an hour, just around the park near my place. I feel like shit for an hour afterwords but for the rest of the day I'm buzzing. It's hard to start of, but I can even feel my self getting better at it and I can jog for longer time periods now. I took juzzie with me yesterday, she didn't do too well.... Such a skinnny girl, but so unfit! I worry about her sometimes. Too much fucking smoking I think.

Thinking of starting up a new iam account called WickedInk and just posting all the artists imgs in their own mod trackers and just general info on the shop, etc. I think it might be kinda geeky nice and also submit a lot of the amazing work that we are pumping out (Piercings and tats alike).

Anyhows, I must get back to fixing up this computer I currently have in pieces and fall back to reality. All take care and peace. I'm out.

Juzzie and me on our 2nd date (in 3 years of dating)
2/22/2006 | 8 comments

Last night Juzzie came around to my place and I was putting the final touches on a web site that I had begun that morning. It was actually a new css front end to Bolt's shopping cart system, quite an odd day of coding actually. Basically its a generated checkout system, though pretty effective, it is butt fucking ugly. I mean, its REALLY nasty looking. The real problem is that as I didn't code the system, I don't have access to accessing how the html is generated. They paid me to spend like 5 hours to engineer a css override sheet that would manipulating the layout enough to make it look totally different. Only problem: there were very few IDs and Classes set (and there were even different elements with the same IDs!). Long story short, it was pretty frustrating but turned out really nice and they were happy.

It ended up being a fucking lovely night with Juz. We went out to see a movie, but little did we know that all movies out right now fucking suck. Instead we ate some nice food from the new noodle bar near penrith. A really relaxing environment, great food and it was great just chilling with juz. Its too rare that we just get to go out on a date and hang out, I must make sure to more often as it was nice. We finished our food watching some Futurama on my v3x and just chatting the evening away. On our pleasant walk around Penrith we decided to grab a drink or two at a local (hill billy) 'Sports Bar'. This is where the night got more fun. I don't actually think I have never drunk with juzzie before, not that I drink much.

I had a white Russian and a New, juzzie had a black Russian an and Old. Fuck she is the yang to my ying. The blonde bar wench (no offense to any waitress or bartenders out there) didn't even know what 1/2 the drinks she made for us were. It was a lil sus where exactly she got her bartenders license from, perhaps Kellogs are packaging them with Fruit Loops... then again, she was very blonde.

Ben was in the area and came by the bar to have a coke and bourbon (I think) with us and scared the shit outta me while me and juzzie went head to head at Daytona USA (ok, the bar wasn't TOO bad - just the shit pub trivia). We picked up some take-aways and headed home to snuggle up and watch some CSI while ben took my bike for a spin to Jon's. I had a pretty early night while Juzzie stayed up watching lots of CSI (this time with headphones and the fucking lights off).

I got up this morning with a dieing need to rush into the restroom and slamming the door shut. Long story short, I think I've taken a little bit too much Vitamin C the past week. hmmnn... It's getting harder and harder not enjoying my early mornings with a cup of hot joe and a no-doze tablet.

Me and juzzie went into the studio this morning, a little late from procrastinated waking up. Luckily nobody noticed (it was still well before opening, but I always like to get in nice and early to clean up). I somehow had convinced (drunk) juzzie the night before to get her rook pierced, so that was first on the plate for the morning. She is always really funny to pierce, I ALWAYS walk away with bruises and usually bleeding. Looks nice tho, we went with a 16g x 10mm SSS barbell. It looks like overkill, but it'll make it easier for her to clean. I want to pop a lil 7mm titanium captive in it after two months. Also note her PTFE industrial(s), they are much comfier to sleep with.

Well, its taken me the entire day to finish my post in between doing piercings and crazy people wanting quotes on tattoos. I just had a guy come in, no kidding, asked me if tattoos hurt. His left arm was fucking COVERED (nice grey wash too). I thought he was just playing, but he looked really offended when I giggled. Anyway, he left after a quick chat and actually walked into the closed door. Thats just the definition of Penirth at night.

Love to all and special quickness vibes are shot to the postal service as Jon's and my own Palm TX wi-fi PDAs are being delivered. Fingers crossed I get them within the week, can't wait. Now what to do with my palm m500... hmnn...

VB tastes like shit.
2/19/2006 | 0 comments

Yet another fucking long ass day in the office. ^_^

I just got home, kicking back a (quite nasty) VB from lovely Micko. He's a cool guy, funky nose tho (hard to pierce).

Today was pretty quiet in the shop, I mostly spent the day cleaning out the jewelery cabinet and merging my Elysium jewelery into it all. It looks FUCKNIG awesome now. I'll have to go around and update some prices (lotsa prices recently went down from WildCat).

It was also international "I have a fucking odd tongue and I wanna get it pierced" day. Thank you all who attended showing up, truth be told I enjoy every challenge. Quite astonishing the bodies that we are given.

I have a long ass fucking day tomorrow, making a new checkout UI for Bolt. Fun fun fun day of CSS hacking and some good tunes.

#/usr/sbin/lsof | grep avi | tail -n 1
mplayer 25072 joel 4r REG 0,29 366137344 1501 /mnt/downloads/torrent/completed/csi.ny.209.hdtv-lol.[VTV].avi (debil:/mnt/downloads)

Ahh, fresh downloads. w007.


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