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Goooooooood morning.
11/20/2006 | 12 comments

I just woke up, its past midday and I'm bludging watching Simpsons S18 Halloween eppie - it was pretty decent. I have been gradually disappointed in Simspons lately, however that may have been the turning point for me.

I am currently watching a really great eppie of Weeds (S02-E04) and doing up some graphics for this post. Today I bludge, tonight I code and tomorrow I pierce. FUCK I'm a busy lil boy these days.

Went into Newtown again the other night to see Caf and Feel. Phil was FUCKING trashed (you knew you were man!) and Cath had to run around looking after him. It was good seeing the old crew again - I promised myself I would actually go out and about doing stuff after me and Emma broke up. Fuck I hate trains... can't wait till my bikes back on the road.

Took some pix of my boots and such the other day, finally got off my ass to put the CF card into the puta and copy them across. Also some picies of my brand-spanking new surface bars (w00!).

I switched back to Fluxbox (1.0r3) yesterday, took a bit to get it compiled correctly with Xinerama support (tricked by my fake xinerama libs). God damn triple-head monitors are hard to maintain sometimes.

Left the shop at a not-so-unreasonable hour last night (~12:00 midnight). Did approx 21 piercings yesterday, mostly the magic 5 but there were a few interesting ones thrown in the mix. It was a day mostly of regulars bringing in friends, which I always really love. It's the best feeling when people come in to get stuff and go "I have heard a lot about you, I hear you are really good". Fun times.

Stretched my septum again yesterday, good ol' teflon tape. I have not measured it, however I think it must be around (perhaps a little more) than 11mm. I'm really looking forward to my custom GWS 12mm wear on their way, pinchers, retainers, big spikey things. w00! I'mma spike the shit outta stuff.

I'm gonna snuggle up with my kitty and enjoy the rest of my morning/afternoon off! Take care BME world and I shall post again soon after my Wednesday night out at the movies. ^_^

Omg, I'm SO moving to Newtowns!
11/18/2006 | 6 comments

This morning I got back from Newtown where I stayed at ren-ren's place. We did HEAPS of shit, lots of phunness.

First stop we got my new boooties (I'll post pics tomorrow) and then went into Industrial Strength to eye-sex jewellery (and Rob). We had Burgerlicous, minus the burgers. I had nachos (of doooom) and ren-hole had some silly salad (of chickeny doom).

I got hit on by a strange man (who seemed to find amusement in my batman shirt) and had a couple of Bourbon cokes. Fun was had, much giggles and drooling at a guys VERY floppy lobes. Hotness.

Movies were watched all night, till I fell a-noozie (and snored out the place, whoops!). In the morning we headed out and had cafe' breakfast. It was yummy and filled with scrambled-egg goodness. The rest of the day entailed window shopping, boot stomping of random inanimate objects (cans, boxes, etc) and goatee extensions! woo! I lub them and I get *very* odd looks in da' riff. Theses a pic posted today, but I took some more with the DSLR that I'll post tomorrow.

Fuck it, they are fun as. Renbot got 14 new dreads put in while we were @ Furr (7x double-ended ones). I can't wait to show Jaz (my kitty) my dreads and teach her to attack them at every corner. Awesome.

I was SOOO sick last night, it really hit me just after we left IS (for the 2nd time). Got some phat shit from IS including a sample surface bar (thanks Duncan, its hawt). More about that later. I got back 2 ren's to pack up my shit and could barely stand up. I think my inner-ear is playing up! oh-nos!

Back to surface stuffs, I showed Kel (teh boss) the IS surface bar, an int threaded wildcat bar and IME's surface bars too. We compared them and concluded that the IS ones kicked the shit. Tues I'm gonna be ordering a number of them, insertion pins to suit and a handful of their new dermal anchors. Woo-hoo. Looking forward to playing around with them, might beg Unkie Pete to skoul me in the black arts.

Well, today has been a day of navels! I got called a "CUNT!!!" by a very young lady (with her parents beside her). It was quite amusing. At current count I have done 14 and have ~3-4 coming in (via phone booking), of which 6 have been navels. Can't complain however.

On a MUCH more embarrassing note, I was showing some regulars some of my surface work (in my iam portfolio) and left them to browse it while I did a Monroe piercing and a change-over - I exited the room to hear them all going "oh... my... GOD!!!". Turns out that they stumbled into my DIY PA section and full screen was a pic of my pierced weenie. It was a lil weird for a few moments as none of the girls could look me in the eyes for about 10 minutes. lol.

My ear has been owwie all day today, its hard to describe... like a REALLY deep head bruisage. I hope my brains won't fall out. ^_^

I'm off! Hopefully to prod more bellllllllies.

Woop woop!

More updates! w00-h00!
11/15/2006 | 5 comments


In an effort to keep my iam page up to date, I have once again uploaded some more images in my portfolio and misc stuff. Also if anyone ever checks my 'to-do' list, it's also updated. Can't fucking wait to get more punch work done.

My left inner-conch (6g) is totally awesome now, I removed the O-Ring this morning during a soak (gunk build up) and was very pleased with it's healing process - no discomfort, however still a small amount of localised swelling at the back.

Been chatting to my main man Oscar Void about some future work and the possibility of him coming back to Australia. It'll be very exciting for us both if he can, I think I'll keep him busy (check to-do list). lol.

Well, I'm just finishing up some work and downloading the latest Ubuntu (don't laugh, its not for me) x86 binary CD to hook up Ren-Ren's laptop. It'll be a sweet ass movie machine by the time I'm done with it!

Tonight: Newtown food, movies, fun and sleep.
Tomorrow: SHOPPPPIIINNNGGG!!!!!!! I have quite a list of shit I wanna checkout/purchase. I'll take pix of stuffs tomorrow for you all.

Dun-DUN-DUN!!! The moment of truth, goatee extensions! I'm oh so very excited to get them tomorrow. Been stuck in my mind for a while.

I must jet, or I fear I will miss my train. I leave you with a photo of Jaz being a scarf and me with a new hat.

Omg, 2 updates in one day?
11/13/2006 | 6 comments


Okay, you already knew that.

Forgot to upload my 'Geek Life' drawing so check it out (input is appreciated).

Also uploaded is a 'Kaos Vagina' tutorial that I did up, for those regulars that have been blessed/cursed by the Kaos vagina - you already know what it looks like.

Check it out (larger) here too: http://www.wickedink.com.au/jOEL/Kaos-Vagina.jpg

Updated my 'to-do' list as well. fun times.

So many more holes.
11/13/2006 | 9 comments

Greetings world, It's been a while (as usual) since my last update.

Been hanging out with Ren-Ren (iam:blackdahlia_13) lots lately, she has been keeping me sane. We are shopping on Thursday for new boots for me, I'm getting my goatee extensions (w00!) and generally having fun in New-Town. If any of you guys are gonna be around, send me an sms and we'll do lunch (or gang-bang dinner).

In the world of mods I have had some cool work lately. I did my own PA (again). This time at 8g and a fair amount deeper. It's awesome now (you can see procedural pics in my tracker). I'm oh so much happier with it now, healing has been much more painful than last time - however it feels so much better now.

Also got my left inner-conch punched by unike pete (iam:piercing pete). It was a lot of fun to hang out with the kids from TPU and even more fun to eat a chunk of my cartilage. Can't wait till this heals up so I can get started on the right outter-conch project. Exciting stuff!

Shop work has been pretty good lately too, I have had quite a number of regulars coming in lately and getting some really cool shit done. Did some beading implants some cool high gauge genital piercings and always fun surface piercings.

Very excited about the punch and taper course I'm doing very soon too. It will hopefully bring a much higher knowledge to my surface work and enable me to start doing some procedures that I was unable to previously. If anybody is interested in some cheap-ass P&T guini-pig work, send me a PM with what you want.

Anything with two wheels and the guaranteed fun on them continues as does modifications to my GS500. She now has blue LEDs above the engine and rear fairings, modified taco (see pic) with blue UBLED back-lights, 37 red UBLEDs as the break lights and dual luxeon indicator bulbs. Fucking fun stuff, can't wait to get her back on the road. Just a damn shame I can't put a bed on the back and shag on/in it. Hawt. I also got myself a Eastern Jane 07 BMX bike, its REALLY hawt and fun to hoon around on. I promised my self to exercise daily to get in better shape. I haven't weighed my self in literally like 6 years, however I can feel/notice quite a difference - its great. I really enjoy ridding to/from the shop and its becoming less and less of a challenge - might have to kick it up a notch!

I finally booked in to get my tummy tattoo started. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I've attached the colour design to this post. It's going to running above my navel, just like Tupac's "thug life" one - only cooler. Can you guess what the binary says in the background?

I've got my GWStudios order coming REAL soon - can't wait to get it all. It's gonna rock and I can finally start stretching my septum again (going from 10mm->11mm->12mm). Will take lots of pics when it comes!

Till then, Imma watch 'Aaagh Its The Mr Hell Show'. You guys check out pics of my new shoes and me wearing my kitty as a hat. Oh how warm it was.


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