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Shirt designs (of doom)
9/13/2007 | 0 comments

God damn it. Firefox just terminated just before submitting my last post. No dramas, he we go again.

It's been a cool past week. Lots of really bad ass work has been coming in lately, lots of high-gauge stuff and plenty of anchors to keep me highly entertained. I'm going to have to do another big portfolio update soon.

Ranga's birthday was cool, we just hung out (and got drunk) all day and had some mashed-tatos for dinner! w00! I gave her the Micky Sharpz engraved (with an old school 'R') tattoo machine, which she loved and joy was had.

I got my shiny new bike (pic attached, mines the cruiser). Gotta take some more pics soon after I do some small cosmetic modifications and give her a clean. The GS500 is nearly restored, she got a new chain, new indicators and a really good clean the other day with the help of Matt and Bofflechopter.

I have been designing lots of shirts lately. It's been very therapeutic to release some pent-up studio-related-stress. I even did a couple designs to sell in the shop, which *should* make the boss happy.

Tomorrows my birthday, doesn't feel like it - but I'm turning 23. I guess I'm pretty young being in the industry at the position that I am, however I look back at all the waisted time of my youth and wonder.

Got the lobes back up there the other night, they are both at a pretty loose 38mm. My left one is perfect as, my right one has always had a lot of downwards pressure from my large anti-tragus. I'm going to have to get some of the tissue trimmed in the next few weeks just to even it all up (we suspected as much after the last scalpeling). Looking forward to wearing some of my sexy solid glass pieces, but until my anti-tragus settles the fuck down, I'll be sticking to my lighter glass DF tunnels.

The plan is to clean up the place here while playing some new Twiztid, do some web-design work and then head to Renee's for pre-birthday dinner. Might have a couple drinks tonight, relax a bit and take a bunch of pictures of my latest mods. Really wanna take some pics of my inner-conches and tummy piece. I tried to take some silly pics (attached) earlier, but I really need to shave first and it's hard taking pics in the mirror without them looking all silly.

I will leave you all now with a bunch of shirt designs that I did in the past few weeks. 3 of which are already printed, the rest should be done by the end of next week (if all goes to plan). We are doing 20 of each design on plain black cotton shirts and the popular ones will come out on hoodies/wife beaters too!

Click to enlarge. Non iam users can right click & 'view image' to view larger.

Hmnn.. I need to fucking update more.
8/31/2007 | 8 comments

Just finished uploading about 120 pictures into my portfolio/personal mod trackers. I have now finished going through *most* of my pics from the past few months.

Some notable achievements in the past few.

  • I got promoted to head piercer
  • I'm getting a new bike
  • I'm planning on moving in with the one
  • I got my tummy rocker tattoo finished
  • I'm booked in for two brand new awesome tattoo designs with two grea t artists
  • I chipped ma wii
  • I'm turning 23 in two weeks (tomorrow actually)
  • I have been horribly busy in the studio, to the point of nearly going insane (nearly)
  • I got a LOT of new mods... Scapeled lobes, inner-conch removals, new facial implants, tongue re-splitty and the list goes on
  • I got in a fight with a coke dealer at the back of the shop and had the glass in my lobes shattered
  • I had to downsize back to 1"
  • Some of my work was featured on modblog

Long story short, sorry to all that still thought I was in japan... or dead due to lack of updating. I promise to try and get off my ass more regularly and not let it all pile up again.

It's Ranga's birthday tomorrow, all wish her happiness. I hope her prezzie came in the mail today, delivered to the studio. She will heart it muchly.

I now leave you with some VERY outdated pics from my previous Japan tour. Move to come.

Konichiwa bitches.
6/11/2007 | 17 comments


Last night was the craziest shit EVERRRRRRRR. Me and BOFH got on our delayed flight from Sydner international airport to Osaka Japan around mid-day and finally dropped at like 10pm. The flight was too damn long.

We walked around for 3 hrs trying to locate a decent hotel that didn't have an hourly rate. We were given bodgey directions everyhwere and were looing for a hotel that doesn't exist anymore. Needless to say, by the time we checked in we were feeling pretty exhausted.

Fun times were had eating crazy food saishokushugisha bejitarian food and buying porno at 3am.

Heres a couple photos to tide you all over until I get onto a notebook and pull the rest off.

I am about 2 go check out a huge ass ferris wheel overlooking Osaka and then hopefully some shopping! woo! Take care all and look after Sydney while I'm gone.

Arigatou gozai mashita!!! ^-^

Oh yeah and FUCK these crazy ass keyboards.

5/13/2007 | 9 comments

Finally, I have gotten the fuck off my ass and updated some of my favorite work from after my Melbourne tour. I've had a fucking rockkkinnn month.

Met some cool new iammers, even pierced some of em, welcomed some old ones back (welcome again Steve).

My new diet (Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program) has been going good. I have only had a couple days where I slipped (a little... god damn I miss bread too much!). I lost 3.5kilos through the first week - I haven't gotten a chance to weigh my self in this week, but I think I would have lost a couple more. I have updated my iam list to show my current height and weight too (not that anybody cares).

Speaking of updates, I have SERIOUSLY updated my trackers. I wonder if there is a limit to the number IAM allows.... hmnn... I might find out soon. ;). I have updated 6 portfolio trackers, added two, updated a couple personal ones ad added 2 new personal trackers too. See if you can guess what they are.

I finally got my Straight Eight low rider after I got back from Melb, after 4 months of waiting - It officially fucking ROX the SOX! Been having a mad time riding around with Nick and Ranga around the place. I have already had customers come in that had seen us cruising around the city. Come up and say hi if you see us. :)

After being such a good boy the past month (at least health wise), I have gone on a bit of a mod-bender. Stretched the PA up to 7mm (you may notice me walking a lil funny), Rob hooked me up with some brand-spanking new lowbrets, RIPed my beloved vertical labrets (for the 4th? time), did a new DIY anchor and got a couple hours of touch-ups on my white sleeve. Hot damn. Feel free to send me your healing vibes! I love my new anchor, it's not quite a bride (I wanted it above my glasses), it's not quite a 3rd eye... I have officially dubbed it my bling-brow (bling-bling monobrow).

Sexy new Hiptop 3 (or Sidekick 3 for you yanks) finally came the other day. VERY little production run in Aust and they didn't do ANY advertising (fucking shame), but its a god damn sweet phone. Hit my ass up [email protected].

Just wanna draw some attention to my dermal anchor section, there are some fucking RAD new ones in there - I'm really happy with Mitch's wrist project. Some regulars to my page may notice that I have also added a scarification section, I'm not offering it to the public yet (so relax) - just did some scratchin on Ant. Much love for that again bro, I think we both got a real kick out of it. I can't wait to practice more and prepare for my next piece.

Well, I'mma get back to watching Fat Pizza and get ready to go noozie-towns. Tomorrow should be pretty dope, I have got a cool navel anchor project coming in and some regs visiting me too. Woop Woop!

Had a blast of a weekend!
4/1/2007 | 14 comments

It started eating some Puffffy-custard-deelies (pictured). They make me cry happiness from inside my pants. Watched Mr Bean's new movie - I thought it was fucking mad, but I'm a sucker for stuff like that. ^_^

Geek shopping is always fun with Ranga, we have a ball in the craziest shops ever! Scored some really rare ass figurines (for us both) and spent WAY too much money. :). Ranga got some sweet Munster & Willy Wonker ones and I got a bunch of rare ICP stuff and some cool Ren & Stimpy stuff too!

Friday I suspended again with the always lovely Chelfy-poo and Pony-poop. They were fucking fantastic and I think it was by far my favourite suspension, the atmosphere was just amazing and I was able to realllly get into it. Good shit gals. I'm really looking forward to helping out next Friday for the Good Friday suspensions.

I have uploaded a bunch of pics to my Suspension tracker from Friday, there was some sweet shots. :) Scored some nice ones of Lucky going up too, she was fucking amazing.

Yesterday we spent the (slept in) afternoon chilling around St. Kilda and found the BEST music shop ever! It was fucking unreal. I got some HUGE (I mean HUGEEEEE - 10ft x 6ft) ICP street posters and a awesome shirt. I might wear it today in fact. Renee got some cool (but sore to break in) shoes too and a rare 'Tenacious D' picture-vinyl.

After our awesome music store shopping, we were greatly disappointed by the visually misleading sweets. They looked fucking unreal, but tasted like a fly's ass. Oh well, can't win em all!

Last night we FINALLY got to go to Luna Park. I had mad fun, so did Rentron. We went on all the silly rides and bumped the FUCK out of each other on the dodge-em cars. Fun times were had, scary times were had, dizzy times all round. Got a REALLY cute pic of Ren on da horseys! The 'Prison Break Live' ride was pretty cool, Ren got shit scared (I still can feel her claws digging into my hips!). There was a VERY cute boy in goul make-up on the exit door tho. We wanted to go a second time just to catch a perv. ;)

Well, I think that's it for now. Renee wants the puta and I need to upload the new beta for LunaCobra.net (which is currently waiting on a domain redeligation). Check out the beta (static) site HERE too. All comments GREATLY welcomed.

Catch ya'll lata!


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