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Bumbed out...
3/13/2005 | 0 comments

Been pretty fucking bumbed out today.... argument this morning has put me in a horribly mopey mood.

I couldn't even to the work that I had to today, for a client tomorrow.... not good. I only hope I snap out of it later tonight, and have the energy for an all-nighter to have it done by 7am.

On better news, my new display stands should be coming in this week - so I'm pretty excited. Today resulted in my now pretty clean room, with a couple of my favorite posters finally put up - to try and combat my feelings as of late. Honestly, nothing (even Jim Beam) has really helped.

Hopefully a night of coding and debugging will lift my spirits. Time to put on some Twiztid and get to work.


Glebe Jewellery Photos
3/11/2005 | 0 comments

A actually slept pretty well last night, however I think i slept on my side odd and my implant is a little aggravated.

Well I'm off to the city today, to meet up with web design clients. Yippie! I get outta the house. :D

Attached is a bunch of photos of the jewellery I sell at Glebe Markets with their AUSTRALIAN prices. Check it out, come visit me every Saturday and hang out! Fun fun fun.

Take care any and all reading this, and keep checking back for more photos.

Not that much to say....
3/11/2005 | 0 comments

Well, its like 1am... im fucking stuffed.
Had an awesome day w/my g/f Juzzie. We went bush walking (usually not my thing, but it was nice) and had a great time. However my legs are now wishing to be hacked off at the bone, but I'm hoping that they will play nice in the morning after some rest.

Because you asked for it, I put up all the images - with fixed color levels now (sorry!). So all grab a stool, and sit around gazing at my hairy ass fucking nipples.

Well, I'm off. TTFN!


Images, here we come
3/9/2005 | 0 comments

Ok, as promised and requested - here come more photos of my power implant1

I'm going to take a more recent one very soon too, I just have to keep working on the skin to stretch it out.

Hope you all like em! ENJOY! :D


3/8/2005 | 0 comments

aello all! I'm not new to bme, but I'm new to iam. Too many ppl asking me if I had an account, so I just made one. :)

More images are on the rise soon, so stay tuned. ;)

Well... That's really about it, I'm open to suggestions in regards to my page and always welcome critisism.




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