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I am dust.
I live like bees.
I bite like wasps.
I love the way you watch me.
I crawl the floors.
I bleed like lakes.
I'll tear the hands that touch me.
I cannot see you anymore.
All I see now is water.
I feel so old, I look so bad.
I think that God forgot me.
Don't say a word I'm almost there.
I love the way you watch me.

I am dust.

german elegance
2/15/2001 | 0 comments

the real german elegance is what you get

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did i told you, i have met pogo (backpieceartist) again? as soon there is money and time he will put some more ink on my back...stay tuned for further news. maybe you should visit his homepage:


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just realized that football season is starting pretty soon. first game against Cologne Crocodiles will be really tough. this feeling is coming back again: a mixture between joy and tickling in the stomach. after the 5th of may no breaks for 5 weeks, every weekend a game. 12 to 14 games this saeson. will you be with me?


last summer
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pic 1: the most horrible night ever. flo, micha, tina

pic 2: julia relaxing.

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