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my problems are bigger than your tits

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rat in me kitchen
what am i gonna do
i'm gonna fix that rat
that's what i'm gonna do
i'm gonna fix that rat

hero of the day
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thank you
satan's child

for your technical support.
now it is proved...iam far too stupid

wow weekend wow
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i had a dam good weekend...
fridaychris birthday party with everyone i wanted to see (love ya efi)(we are the lesbians..you know)(or is it bomber).

saturday: saw chopper for the first time and had the biggest live music hall fun

sunday: the mad caddies played at the club (altenberg)where i use to work. there are a lot of punk, hardcore bands playing at this club like u.s. bombs, agnostic front and whoever...

next gig will be on the 17th of april with ignite, snfu, venera, deviates and powderhouse.
ruhrgebiet is rocking again.

next weekend will be a torture, because i will be working from thursday to sunday night at the alternberger.
extremly horrible hardcore will be saturday night shift...to get an expression of this horror visit:

kiddies night... after this shift i always like to kill some people.

thursday shift is okay, when you are on goth stuff. i am not, but i like the people so this is the best shift in the week.


everything is pissing you off?
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...just take a look at this picture and be glad you are not on it.
i appretiate your comments in the forum


gorillaz-tommorrow comes today
world inferno friendship society-california
undertones-teenage kicks
social distortion-anti fashion
john frusciante-the first season
jack black-let's get it on

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