Vertical suspension (4pt back 2pt chest) to 4pt suicide. I learnt to swing

I decided I wanted to do a vertical suspension, because I wanted to swing. I'd had trouble with suicides with all the pressure being on my back. It meant that I couldn't really concentrate on anything except the pain when I was up. I thought that if I had some hooks on my front as well it would even out the pressure a bit and I could swing :) Also, I was curious as to how it would feel to suspend from my chest, as I enjoy chest pulls. However, I found the idea of doing a chest suspension on ... read more

Geurilla suspension, Fetal style

So last night I hung from hooks, in a park overlooking the beautiful city of Seattle. About a month ago, I met Jawn D online, and it was a totally serendipitous occasion, as he is a suspension artist, and I've been itching to suspend. I'd also recently found a picture online that inspired me to do it in a fetal position. My roommate and I rolled into Seattle last night at around seven, and met with Jawn as on his dinner break, and talked about where we were going to do the suspension. Jawn hadn't been able to find an ... read more

"Venus Rising" - a delicate new suspension

They say there is nothing new under the Sun, and this surely applies to types of body suspension. That said I would like to share with anyone interested an adaptation of a couple of old standards. The resultant hybrid I have termed "Venus Rising". What led me to suspension. I am a 39 year old British woman raised in a culture and profession (theatre) where any form of body modification or pain experimentation is deeply frowned upon and considered "well dodgy". At drama school we young women were instructed to avoid at all costs getting tattooed or cutting our hair ... read more

first pull to suspension

Area 51 a local piercing shop decided to have an art show. this was going to be used to help pull the piercing/tattoo/freak community together. It had been too long that some one had put on an event to bring this community together. When keri came by to give me an invitation to the show, I was super excited to attend this special event. I was so excited by this, I offered my body as a part of this spectacular event. to add to this a dear friend of mine steve and ERIC were going to be a part of ... read more

Crackheads, Vietnamese food, and a suicide suspension

I could start out talking about how I found people to hang me, getting myself informed and prepared, yadda yadda. I'd rather just go to the meat of the story and talk about the day it happened. There are three main characters. Me (the suspendee), Dan (the friend), and Luke (the suspender). I did a four point suicide suspension with eight gauge hooks, and here's how the story goes. Luke lives in St. Louis, that's three and a half hours away from where me and Dan live. We left town at 3:30pm, and got into St. Louis at 7. Our ... read more

My first (of many...?) suspension

Herein is my attempt at describing my first suspension. The specifics of the event are as follows: I was suspended Sunday evening, 7 November, starting at around 7pm, finishing up around 10pm. Nick Fletcher of Illicit HQ suspended me. He's a friend of mine who has performed all of my piercings. So, first I'd like to preface this with an apology. I'm not very good at describing the things which I'm going to be attempting to describe. On top of that, my state of consciousness throughout the experience was pretty altered, so my perceptions and ability to write on them ... read more

Breaking the suspension cherry

I first discovered suspension at a very young age. Cable television opens up many worlds to latch key children! After seeing it on television, both the new skool westernized version as well as the native americans, and the hindu kavadi, i was "hooked" so to speak. I suppose that it all started when I got my first tattoo at the tender age of 11, piercings where soon to follow. Eventually the path of body modification would lead me to want to do a suspension. I met Sara (IAM: HeHadItComin ) online, through one of the other "profile" sites. We discussed ... read more

crucifix suspension no.1

I remember being at work and looking through countless videos and pictures of suspension and talking to so many people about their experiences on it, I also remember the moment I decided, "I want to do that ". And on Saturday 28th July I did my first suspension, I had being leaning towards doing just a 4 point suicide suspension which most people seem to start on but then I remember seeing pictures of a crucifixion suspension on iam: volatile's page and that just tipped me over the edge, I decided I had to do it every time I looked ... read more

my second suspension - ten point eight gauge superman

After doing my first suspension, a four-point "suicide" suspension, I felt I had to go back to the Rites of Passage third annual Suscon (Suspension Convention) and try a "superman" suspension. Therefore, my second suspension was the superman. This suspension is called superman because you lie down, and have hooks in your back and legs; you look like you are flying while you suspend. I was very excited for this suspension after seeing many people do all kinds of suspensions two days previous, and from talking to many BME members who highly recommended that I attempt this form of suspension. ... read more

Mind Over Body - My First Suspension

Where to begin? While driving to the Richmond BME bbq I knew there was going to be an after-party where we could do pullings if we wanted. This would be my second pulling and I was thinking of doing a chest pull. The after party was held in the community room at an apartment complex; just the right size for our group and plenty of room for some pullings. Once everyone was organized and ready though, someone from the M.O.M. suspension team said, "You know, I bet we could throw up a suspension rig into these rafters." And with those ... read more

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