The Fetus Suspension

The "Fetus" Suspension: The fetus suspension originated at my friends' wedding a few months ago. A couple of us from Holy City Suspensions were talking about stupid suspension ideas and I said, sarcastically, that I would hang from my knees and elbows. My girlfriend said, "You would look like a fetus." and that was that. I spent a week or two thinking about, concluding that we couldn't have a suspension that has a name and have no one on the team who had done it, so I figured I would go for it. It took quite a bit of thinking ... read more

Suspension at Download Festival

I have always been quite intrigued by suspension. It has never been a ritual that I myself have been interested in experiencing, but I have, with great interest, read BME members experiences of suspension. Like all mods/rituals I often find the stories behind them more interesting than the event or end result. I know that my personal mods(piercings) came about when I went through a great deal of emotional change. In June this year I went to my first music festival, Download which is an annual festival based at Donnington Race track. As well as being overwhelmed by the amount ... read more

A new life, My first suspension

Modification has always been a part of my life. Since I was a very young boy, I was always very interested in piercings and tattoos, despite my parents' strong objection to it. My parents are so against it, in fact, that I have been kicked out of the house just about every time I get a new mod. Thankfully, I have good supportive friends. One of these friends is my good friend Matt who I have been friends with since elementary school, and he introduced me to suspension and serious modification. Suspension is something he had been very much into ... read more

"The Hooks Got Me!! - 1st Suspension - Back Pull

Rob and I have been working on development and set-up of suspension equipment for a safe environment and at a secure private location. Many of us in the area have expressed opinions about forming the "Grand Strand Suspension Club" - G.S.S.C. - for Myrtle Beach and The Grand Strand area. Well, the time has arrived and I am the 1st to undergo the "hooks"! What at my age - 72?? Well, just for science! YA, sure!! (I've taught physics for nearly 30 years and hold a degree in Pre-Medicine). Friday (22 Apr) we sat as the appointed date and time ... read more

My Very First Suspension

Being an anthropology major, I first heard of ritual suspension in class. The first time I heard about it, I was fascinated but never imagined I would or could ever do it. Then I met Joy (iam:bleedmedry) one fourth of July. I overheard her talking about her chest suspension and how she actually got off the ground. I thought that was amazing and I knew I would have to try it someday. Over the following months, I would met Craig (iam:darkncrazy) and he would turn me on to suspension even more. I researched it as much as I could and ... read more

The self-sufficent knee suspension

I don't know where to begin about this night, because it was just so much fun. I've been wanting to go up by my knees for over six months now. Having asked Emrys about doing a suspension one night at the Lucky Monkey, he informed me that the landlord banned us from hanging out there anymore. I was very bummed to hear about this, but he invited me to come out to the new location in Warren and hang. I was overjoyed, this was way closer and when I walked in, I realized this place was way better for a ... read more

A crow earns her wings. 12 point superman suspension

The build up So much to think about, I have finally decided that I'm ready for a suspension.I have spoken to Alex (IAM Serenity) about it and its looking like he's arranging something for sometime in February.Its the 16th of January now so not long to go. I've been questioning myself asking myself is this what I really want to do, and what are my reasons for it. I've always considered myself a weak person. I rarely stand up for myself and I tend to crumble when things get difficult. However I think back to things I have had to ... read more

My Superman Suspension--Number 6

As of now, I have been suspending for right over 8 months, since October of 2004. I have suspended a total of six times, including the one which I am writing this experience about. The team which I am a member of is Holy City Suspensions out of Charleston South Carolina. Thus far I have done 3 Suicide suspensions, 2 knee suspensions, and now a superman suspension, which I am writing about. This time we decided to suspend on a Friday night, due to the South Carolina summer heat. The place which we suspend is about an hour and a ... read more

Third Time's a Charm--My Third Suicide Suspension

As they say, the third time's a charm. This experience is about my 5th suspension, and my 3rd suicide suspension. The day started off with Carolynne and I just going down to watch the team suspend. I had no intention of suspending that day. Little did I know that it would turn out in my favor. We arrived at the location around noon and met up with Chris. Everyone else was running a bit late, but would soon arrive. As the rest of them arrived, I talked to Trevor and Leann. Chris was set to go first as he was ... read more

My first, but definitly not my last suspension.

I have been a professional body piercer off and on for about 6 years. I served a one-year apprenticeship with Sami Swadley who, at the time, worked at Body Graphics in Bonsall California. After my apprenticeship, I moved back to Colorado Springs and basically just stopped pursuing a career in body art. That lasted for about 3 years and I started getting that itch that we all know and love...I needed to get some work done. I didn't really trust any other piercers around here, so I started to tame the animal known as self-piercing. I have done a good ... read more

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