Announcing the Lifestyle Suspension Crew

September 24th, 2005: it is the day of Bodypiercing Lifestyle's 10 year anniversary party. Partytime is from from 2 pm till all the booze and food is gone. There are many performances, and I am one of those performers. I'm doing a 4-point suicide as I already know what that's like. So why not try something new, you may ask? Well, because while hanging there I'm supposed to announce the brand new Lifestyle Suspension Crew. This is the story of my suspension/performance. I arrived at Lifestyle around 12.30 pm – I was supposed to get there at noon but of ... read more

Growing up through a suicide suspension

It was a nice sunny day in August, a Sunday to be exact. I had been debating this whole experience for about a month. Coming from the area I'm in, this type of thing was something u just don't have the opportunity to see, let alone participate in. So spiritually it was a big decision to make. So after a day of anticipation, I did all I was told to do. "Eat a good meal" and "drink lots of water" also to "drink some orange juice" like an hour before hand. I admittedly had a bit of a fight with ... read more

The Zen of Suspension

Since my most recent suspension about a month ago I have been doing quite a bit of thinking about this topic. There is a lot I want to say on this subject... People who know I have done suspension ask me questions all the time (most notably "does it hurt" to which I reply with a sideways glance that they can interpret however they want). The second most asked question is "why?". With the inevitable follow up of "Is it a spiritual thing?". This is what I have been contemplating for the last month. I did my first suspension in ... read more

BME BBQ Raleigh and My 2nd Knee Suspension

On Saturday April 16th Carolynne and I attended my first BME BBQ in Raleigh, NC with Carolynne. We had an awesome time and Sporko was a great host. I can't wait to attend again. The day started off with us leaving SC at 7 am. Gosh, it was early for me. We made the 4 hour trip up to Raleigh and arrived at Umstead Park. We met up with Trevor, Leann, and many other BME folks at the shelter. Around 11am, there were just a couple of us and Sporko was grilling up some burgers. After a while the people ... read more

My Knee Suspension--Enlightened

I have written a good bit about my experiences with body modification. These include both inner triumphs, as well as external triumphs. To this date, I have suspended 3 times, with two that I would personally call a triumph. The subject of this experience is that of my first knee suspension. Carolynne and I had been in contact with the people of my suspension team. I was going to finally suspend by my knees. At 250 pounds, this is a great personal triumph. It was Saturday, and we left to go down to the location which I was to suspend ... read more

My First Calf Suspension

My First Calf Suspension: December 12th, 2004 marked my first year anniversary of suspension, so, naturally, I threw a party. I wanted to go big on this day; bigger than I ever had before. I wanted to do 4 suspensions, to make a total of 20 suspensions in my first year of doing it. I decided to one up myself on even this lofty goal and do a completely new one: my calves. With that background given, here we go.... I decided on doing my calves because I knew it was rare, and wanted to know why. I was also ... read more

Knee suspension - "sakta men säkert börjar jag hissa"

Februari 2005 begav vi oss ned till södra Sverige, närmare bestämt malmö, för att deltaga i Congrete jungle tribes suspension träff (Cherrybusting 2005). Denna träff var i huvudsak inriktad på första gångens hängare, men var naturligtvis öppet för de som tidigare avnjutit tyngdlöshet genom krokar. Jag tillsammans med mina färdkamrater tar oss in till den lokal som träffen kommer att äga rum. Vi möter upp med Iam:Bena, arrangören till suspension träffen, vi hänger av oss vårat bagage och slår oss till ro och vilar efter de 35 milen vi spenderat i bil. Dröjer inte länge innan man träffar på bekanta ... read more

My Attempted Suicide Suspension

May 7th, 2005 began as just a normal day. Hunter (my boyfriend) and I were going down to Round-O, South Carolina to watch a little bit of suspension. Neither of us had any plans to suspend ourselves that day, but we both ended up going through with it. While Hunter had suspended several times before, I had repeatedly told the suspension team that they would never see me with hooks through my skin. The day started off as normal, setting up all the rigs and equipment. Making a piercing area and prepping everything so that hooks could be thrown. The ... read more

Providence Suscon- Suspension 1

It was a long assed drive from Richmond to Providence. After leaving about 3:30am Friday, I finally arrived at the hotel about 1pm in the afternoon. The trip was an easy one, just basically straight up I-95. When I passed into Westchester County, NY my thoughts were that of my childhood as there was where I was brought up. I almost got off to go on a nostalgia tour, but didn't. I just kept going. For most of the trip, in the solitude of my car, my thoughts were focused on both suspensions I wanted to do that weekend. A ... read more

Richmond Suspension Social/BBQ 2005

I had been looking forward to the Richmond Suspension Social for a good long while since we, Holy City Suspensions, had been asked to do the suspensions. I was so excited to see all the good Iam people again that I had met at the past Raleigh BBQ. After a good month of planning, we were ready to head up to Richmond to see some great people, and hopefully help some people change their lives in the process. We were not going to Richmond for us, we were going to Richmond for the people who wanted to suspend. We get ... read more

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