IWasCured assisted suicide

I'm a very experimental person. I'm willing to try just about anything, especially when it comes to body modification. I'm one of the people that get a huge rush after being pierced, but still I wanted more. I used to think certain things were just plain crazy. What the hell could those people be thinking? Why would you want to hang yourself from hooks? So what if it's spiritual? I eventually changed that thought once I realized just how much pleasure could come from a little pain. Now I'm left thinking, what the hell was wrong with me? I heard ... read more

My bme tattoo

I had wanted to get a bme tattoo for a month or so, and I had been searching the sites looking for something that I liked. I had played with some ideas, and saw what some of the other people had.. I finally found one that I liked so I printed one, and enlarged it some, and took it to the shop here in town. I sat and I talked to the guy who was working (the same person that does my piercing) we discussed prices and stuff. And I also wanted to be sure to he'd be able to ... read more

Anyone want to hook me up??

Anyone want to hook me up?? I'll first mention that the first time I saw a suspension was (of course) the movie "A Man Called Horse." I was around 13 yrs old when I saw the movie and I found it amazing. I wanted to know more about it, but there wasn't any place that I could find more information. Fast forward to 1999, when I finally got the Internet on my computer. I had been in the BME chatroom and someone mentioned "fleshhooks" and I hadn't a clue what they were, until (as my usual nature), I tried to ... read more

The mind, The hooks, and The passion

When I first saw a picture of a suspension....I was in awe. I couldn't get it out of my head....I thought about it before falling asleep and then once again when I would wake up. After a few months I decided to look more into the whole suspension movement. I would absorb as much information possible about it. I would look at as many pictures as possible, read all the experiences; it became my mission to figure out why people were doing this? What drives a person to such extreme measures? Is there a spiritual factor? Or is it just ... read more

Reclaiming My Body

This is my story, twisted and sometimes deeply hidden was the path but I have made my way. Sort of...I grew up spending a lot of time with my uncle he road a harley and had these (actually rather bad art work) full sleeves but to me at that time I thought they were the most magical beautiful things in the world. So I began piercing all my teddy bears with my moms "good" jewlery, and soon all my barbies and dolls had the most colorful tattoos :) of course to me this was not strange but to my friends ... read more

Never was an artist

many people want to know what kind of person would deliberately cut themself, I guess I will give you some background information about me. I can't remember when I first became interested in body mods. It just started so gradually, but I would have to say that my pain fasinations began when I was about 5. In kindergarten, I was always getting in trouble for pouring glue on my arms so I could peel it off. I did this because I loved the slight pain I got when the little hairs were pulled out. When I was 14, I went ... read more

My industrial peircing...finally

my last body mod (self pierced tragus) I decided that i was completely done. Of course, I thought that after my septum too. I don't listen to myself all that well. I've wanted an industrial for about 5 years now, but after reading experiences on BME, and talking to people, I decided to be the baby that I am, and not do it. However, I got really brave and finally went through with it. I have really small ears and this was a concern, so I went in to the studio before the big day to get them to look ... read more

Sternum Surface Piercing

my chest pierced!!!! And I loved every minute of the pain. Of course if you are reading this, or are on this site, you are into B&D and S&M (but arent we all?)(its just that some of us have no reason to hide it). Piercings have become my favorite fetish. I only have three, and one of them was self inflicted(to satisfy that fetish craving). The self infilcted one is located at a spot labeled as the "frenum". It is still there and took no time to heal(4 weeks). Don't ask why I did it, I just had to. This ... read more

My first Piercing

a strange day. I was wandering around Brighton with my girlfriend of the time (She has her nipple pierced) and I decided that I wanted my nipple pierced. I had been thinking about it for a long time but never thought I would have the guts to get it done. I had seen how much pleasure her piercing gave her and figured that if mine gave me half that it had to be good. We wandered out to Perforations, which is where she had her piercing done, and numerous friends of mine also got pierced. As we went in I ... read more

My family + my piercings = bonding

History: Hmm, where to start? My name is Lara and I have pretty liberal parents who realize that I am my own person. (I hear that's a rarity.) Now my relatives on the other hand aren't as liberal and consider my artwork to be "dark". (I can't wait when they see me designing creatures as a Make-up Effects Artist. *laughs*) Yet how can artwork be judged I ask? Exactly, it can't. Not that I overly care what they or anyone else thinks for that matter. It's not going to break my heart, far from, I'm too strong for that and ... read more

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