My First Piercing

My first bod mod was a crazy thing, I never thought I'de do something like that. I've been interested and intrigued by piercings forever now and I've always wanted to be a piercer and plan on being one. I never thought I would pierce myself though. I always thought that it would mean more to me if I did the piercing myself but I never had the guts to jsut burst out and pierce myself. I guess I've gotten crazier since I've matured and its great. I dont know too many people my age with piercings so I thought that ... read more

Cured: The Spirit Within

I have always been fascinated with what some may claim are outlandish or freaky acts of self mutilation. For me they are merely a way of life. Some may say that pulling and suspending fall in this category, but not me. For me They are life changing experiences. Although I have yet to do a suspension, I have finally experienced a flesh pull. Some say that it is a demented act of rebellion. Others claim that it is self-mutilation. There are others such as myself who call it a ritual or right of passage. I have wanted to experience a ... read more

:: veritas vincent ::

truth conquers... or so they say This is my experience. These are MY words. This is MY emotion. This is what I saw, what I retained. This is WHAT I KNOW. After having discussed with Alva for several weeks about my reasoning for wanting to suspend, on July 17th, I made the commitment to do it. I left his shop with the calm strength that comes from conviction. I went home, I shaved my head, I made a commitment to stop drinking, to begin purifying, to begin working on the foundation inside of me. I removed all of my body ... read more

High School and Piercings don't mix!

Hello all!!! This past Summer, all I wanted was an eyebrow piercing. I think the Stained video ( It's been a while), really pushed me to do it. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to get it done, but I already decided there was no way I was going to do it myself. I did my belly- button myself several times, and I've never been happy with the results. Nobody I knew had an eye-brow ring, and I really wanted to stand out! Eye-brow rings have always been my favorite piercing, and I would do almost ... read more

Office Lady Button Jockey turned Metal Junkie

I led your basic average life until I decided to get my nipple pierced for my twenty-first birthday. I thought it would be 'cute'. I hadn't had much body modification experience till that point, excluding an ear with five piercings and a cartillage (four of which I did myself, thank you very much) and one bad tattoo during my teenage years. Even at that point, it didn't really affect my life. I was only able to keep the piercing for eight months past that, having turned up pregnant and advised by my doctor to take it out and let it ... read more

Pulling for the first time.

Whoa, where to begin. Two days before the September 2nd BME BBQ my friend Chris and I talked about how cool it would be to try pulling. So I messaged The Great Orbax, and asked him about it, he told me to message Phil, and talk to him, and that he'd also talk to him for me as well. And so it started. After Chris and I arrived at the BBQ, We hung out at the suspension rig to watch them set up. I was also looking for Phil, as he said find him at the BBQ so we could ... read more

a no-ouch septum story

My story of body mod began when I was nine years old, when I got my ears gunned at the mall. I started stretching them at 16 to 00g, where they are now. I decided that I wanted to pierce my nipples for my 18th birthday. I ended up getting my septum pierced instead, a month after my birthday, because of the shorter healing time. This will allow me to get my nipples pierced in about 2 months, rather than having those done first and waiting half a year or more to get my septum done. And yes, I have ... read more

My now 4mm septum

OK, so my piercing. It all began through a friend's brother; he had quite a few piercings, and my interest in native Americans. This interested really introduced to suspension rituals and me tribal piercings. So with the help of a search engine I found BME. This was my first real insight into the real world of piercing. It took me over a year to build up the courage to get my ear pierced. Once I did I wanted more. However the one piercing I wanted above all was my septum. The day I got it done was a wet cold ... read more

But I already did this once before (my septum, redone)

From the moment I got it in January 2000, I loved my septum piercing. I started out at 12ga but soon stretched to a 10ga. Usually I wore a circular barbell, but I also have a black septum spike that was a gift from my boyfriend. But I put in a black retainer for work, and one day took it out and forgot to put it back in; I was sick, I believe, and just didn't think about it. It didn't take long to shrink down to almost nothing. Soon it was beyond the point of tapering open and would ... read more

Hooked on Mal

After the July 1 Toronto BBQ, I knew I wanted to do an energy pull. They looked totally amazing and the energy I witnessed was incredible. I didn't know Mal wanted to do one too until after we talked when we got back. So we decided to do it together. We kept trying to set up a time with Phil and IWasCured, but weren't having much luck. (He was insanely busy with ModCon and other stuff.) We asked about setting something up for August 12. We didn't hear back right away, but we talked and IAM member Amber Strain's birthday ... read more

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