i love my daith and forward helix

i had gotten my tragus done back in the summer before school started, and i absolutely loved it. i had the little nub next to my ear pierced with a gun, a big mistake over all, but it healed just fine. that experience lead me to want to add to my total of 10 ear piercings to make it a total of 13..a rook, daith, and helix being the next to be done. so, as always, i got my ass to bme and did some research, read the stories, blah blah blah. then, i came across the people section and ... read more

My First Flesh Pull: Philly Septum Crew Hits Toronto

This story starts in the beginning of the summer of 2001, when I moved into an apartment with two girls, Lauren and Erica. Soon three became five, when Lauren's boyfriend, James, and our friend, Xander, moved in. Quickly, the five of us became a family, all living in what we fondly call the "Big Gay Haus". All of us were very into body modification and it was the beginning of what bonded us all together. Towards the end of the summer, four out of the five of us started planning our trip to Toronto for the BME BBQ on September ... read more

Pleasure in Play

Shortly after my first piercings I began to understand what people meant by " The Addiction". As one piercing turned into another and soon another it became clear to me that this was what life was all about. The persuit of the ultimate pleasure. Piercings in general have always givin me a rush. Adrenaline coursing through my body like a wave of pure intensity. This eventually became a problem. I have a real job. A snobby, preppy and at times downright anal job. But it pays the bills. You see where my problem is? I want to be pierced but ... read more

Turning science-fiction into reality

They somehow caught my eye, and captured my imagination the very first time I saw them - right there in front of me on a BME image update - a set of back rings! Rather intriguingly labelled "Cell" piercings, it was a set of six rings across the shoulders and upper back area: the effect looked absolutely stunning. Although there was nothing obvious to indicate to whom they belonged, I resolved there and then to find out as much as I possibly could about them. I took a look at the rest of the image gallery, and found two more ... read more

Why I got my arms pierced.

I have 14gauge PFTE barbells sticking through the skin on the back of both of my arms. No, I wasn't born with them there (no such luck), but rather, I had a guy named Chad shove 12gag hollow needles into me and then stick them there. In a few weeks (once they've healed), I'll have them stretched to (hopefully) a 6gauge or - if Chad would be so kind - a 2gauge. I'll then insert freaking huge stainless steal bull-ring-looking things into them. Okay, the technical crap is out of the way... now for the fun part: Why would I ... read more

My Madison

It was the morning of March 12th year 2K1 and i had planned to wake up and go get my bridge pierced. I got on the bus and headed downtown. It was about noon by now and Tim Carn's Exotic Skin Shop wasn't open yet. I kept calling Tim just hoping he'd open up but see this was my March break and he must have gone away for a couple days. Ok, i'm a really impatient person and i couldn't wait any longer. I already had the barbell i wanted to put in it so I really was eager to ... read more

Kat's Spine Ladder Saga (Issue #1)

(I worte this in "notepad", So I apologise if the spelling smells of unwashed gym socks) I'd been thinking about getting the "back ladder", or "spine ladder" (or whatever the term-of-the-day might be) for awhile, but never really had the money to fund it or a piercer who was really excited about doing it for me. Well, it happened that I was in HTC to look for some new ear jewlery (being that the bastard crowd surfer knocked one of my tunnels out of my head and I've been cruising around with a rolled up business card shoved in my ... read more

a note on suspensions

I should begin by saying that I haven't written an experience for BME in a very long time. Its funny how things happen and you let the more important things in life pass you by. I digress.. Though I am sorting out some personal issues related to suspension right now, I will say that I am a founding member of http://www.iwacured.com. Until now I have performed four suspensions, and this is the story of the last. >As a group, we were hired to perform a suspension ritual at a Hallowe'en party on October 27, 2001. I had decided that I ... read more

suspend my heart...suspend my tears

I remeber when I was a young kid, my dad had this movie he bought from a video store. The video was called "Dances Sacred and Profane" and it had Fakir Musafar suspend from his chest. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I remember watching the movie a few years later when i was in maybe 6th grade or so i watched the video again, i was still amazed. Eventually I started reading BME and seeing all the suspension pics and they still amazed, I knew one day I would want to do one, I ... read more

My frist flesh pull

I didn't plan on pulling that day. It had just kind of happen; well some of it was planed. I was at the Labor Day social in Maryland. Two others had just finished their back pull. A friend of mine that was there with me wanted to pull. He asked me if I would pull with him. I desire to pull. I did, and still do, want to suspend. My friend told me try to pull first, it will help with my decide on suspension. So I said, "Yes I'll pull with you." He got sick later on that day. ... read more

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