suspended in time..

I finally did it. After months of thinking and weeks of planning, I just completed my first suspension: a 10-point superman suspension and it was worth every minute of anticipation. I have seen pictures of suspensions, and even had a friend who participated in them fairly regularly, but I never really knew much about it, and was definitely in the thought crowd of "Oh my god you're crazy!" That is until the summer of 2001 when the thought started creeping into my head. I started looking at pictures from time to time, then started reading experiences, and the more I ... read more

A union of souls

It was going to be a beautiful day and everyone in the car could feel it! I couldn't help but get emotional just absorbing all the sunshine and the beauty of the outdoors on the drive over to the spot. It was the barbeque meet we'd all been waiting for. Waiting ever so anxiously, excited as kids on Christmas morning. My first pull and it was to be outdoors, on one of the most beautiful days of the year. I'm sure it wasn't a very long drive but when you've been waiting for something for so long it feels like ... read more

i've created a monster

I had never heard or seen anything like a body suspension until I went into a piercing studio in my town looking for someone to do my scarification. Not only did I find someone I also found my destiny so to speak. On the wall was hanging a picture of the owner of the establishment doing a superman suspension. I was in total awe and new the second I saw it that that would be me someday. As I'm still waiting for the day I do a superman, here is the story of my upper back suspensions. So I said ... read more

Ribcage Project: Ramifications Unknown

I have four surface piercings on my ribcage. There are two on each side about two inches below each nipple. My surface bars (14 gauge, 1 ¼") are positioned almost horizontally-- they slant inwards slightly. They are arranged such that the four balls form a square on each side. I laid down on the operating table, which was covered with a clean white piece of medical paper. Gus had marked the insertion and exit points for all four of the piercings. We tried to position the bars on the flattest part of my ribcage and somewhat inwards so they wouldn't ... read more

Soaring Down My Path! With Hooks In My Back!

Before you read this, I suggest you read about My Back-Pull which took place on May.19th, 2002. Once you have read it, you will be relatively brought up to speed on the experience I am about to tell you. It was only minutes after I had left the May.19th, 2002 Suscon that I began to have a yearning to do a body suspension. As each day came and went I always had the thought that I wanted to do a suspension. But what suspension did I want to do? Did I want to do a "coma suspension"? a "superman suspension"? ... read more


Okay, for those of you who have read my previous experiences, you know I like to ramble. For everyone else, please bear with me. I moved to Indianapolis this summer. It was a good choice for me. Why? Besides a healthier environment, I got to meet an online friend, Rick and became involved with his Suspension Group, Industrial Primitives. I was very reluctant in suspending with just anybody, after developing a personal relationship with Steve Truitt, Alva Richcreek and Jessica Black of the former Needle Fetish, in Jacksonville Florida. Since going our separate ways, I had pretty much given up ... read more

Meine Erfahrungen mit dem Schmerz

Hi ich heiße Jenny, komme aus Deutschland und möchte euch meine tollen Erfahrungen die ich in punkto Bodymods gemcht hab mit euch teilen: Alles begann , als ich in die Pubertät kam, zusammen mit meiner geschlechtlichen Entwicklung, veränderte sich auch meine Einstellung zu Schmerzen. Ich sah sie nicht länger als Belastung sondern als ein angenehmes Gefühl, dass ich schließlich lieben lernte. Ich war zu der Zeit ziemlich im Sress mit meinen Eltern und in der Schule. Meine Noten waren nicht die besten und ich kümmerte mich nich sehr viel darum, mir war es zu der Zeit scheiß egal. Meine Eltern ... read more

My First Flight

On December 31st, 2001, I did a superman suspension courtesy of I Was Cured. Since then, I have been trying to put my experience to words and have been struggling to find words to explain how it was. I can explain the physical aspects of the suspension, but as far as explaining the feelings I have gotten, it has been very difficult. I will do my best to try and explain everything, but please bear in mind that some things I try to explain might not sound right, or they might even sound like I was on some sort of ... read more

prying open my third eye

It's hard to begin to describe something like this. I run my fingers over the tiny circular scars that span two rows of four across my back. My heart feels almost as thought it would expand, open like a womb and consume me... Taking me back to the beginning... It feels like it did the day I suspended. I can remember months ago, hearing for the first time, that iwascured had started a chapter in Windsor Ontario, my hometown. My piercer and friend, Ali at Steel Sanctuary in Windsor, had posted some pics on her IAM page and a brief ... read more

flying on wings of desire

I first saw suspensions on late night TV about 4 years ago. I was fascinated, but grossed out, and I looked away while they did the piercings because it made me squirm so much. The guys performing it looked like they were stoned out of their minds and the environment made it look more like a dirty freakshow than a spiritual event. Since then I was fascinated by the way the human body works, and how it can cope with suspensions so well, but I never had any desire to do it myself. It looked too painful, and too dangerous ... read more

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