Nipples are on sale?!?

I have this friend named Nikki who's all into piercings and tattoos and all that suspension stuff and I think everyone that comes within 20 feet of her is heavily influenced by all the metal in her skin, this including me. I remember it being a huge thing for me to be getting my belly button pierced, but now it just seems like getting a haircut. So far I only have my ears stretched to 2ga and 4ga, a double tongue web (both 16ga), 14ga navel, and 14ga nipple, but you're talking to a girl who did not even know ... read more

The Beauty That Is My Left Nipple

My friend has been trying to get his tattoo for weeks now, and has been given many setbacks. One artist said yeah just come in, bring a picture and I'll do it. So we came in, brought the picture, and the artist on duty said it had to be redrawn and needed about a week. So we submitted the picture, it was redrawn, and finally the constant moaning about wanting a tattoo was about to come to an end. Three of us have become semi regular at Sinkin' Ink... my best friend gets tattoos (two so far, saving for a ... read more

Tongue Web from Hell

After trying to decide on my next piercing, I decided on the tongue-web. It was the only thing that I could really think of. My ears are pretty much full of plugs and rings, my tongue has a nice barbell going through it, and my septum has healed fully and wonderfully. I was aching to feel the needle again, but it needed to be something discreet due to work and also what I would be comfortable with. So, the tongue-web was my decision. I had heard that it was relatively painless and healed quickly. But, living in a small town, ... read more

Scalp Tattooing Experience

Scalp Tattooing On Tuesday, April 2nd I drove three hours from my apartment in Austin, TX to visit friends at Obscurities Piercing / Trilogy Tattoo in Dallas, TX and have my scalp tattooed. It had been over a year since I had previously been tattooed, my work as a performer often makes it difficult to schedule in getting and healing new tattoos or other mods, and it would be the first time that anyone other than Mad Pup of Mad Pup Tattooing in Plattsburgh, NY would tattoo me since beginning my transformation project. Choosing to have work done at Obscurities ... read more

my beautiful yet subtle medusa...

I have a great and growing love for all body modifications and so far, have had quite a few piercings, including my septum, bridge, navelx2, nostril, helix, tragus, conch and an 18mm lobe. I also have a tattoo on my lower back, that says ''TRUE'' in gothic style lettering. I felt it was time to have something else done. Since loosing my bridge about 2/3months ago due to it starting to reject, my face had started to feel slightly bare! I thought it was time to get some sort of oral piercing :) I'd thought about the side of my ... read more

almost done with my face, a vertical labret

Last Friday I went into New York City for a number of reasons, one of the most important was to get my vertical labret. During the IAM brunch the Saturday before I visited Gotham with a group of other people to check out the shop. I wanted to see if I really wanted to be pierced by Sean. I had meet him at the NYC suspension in January and heard that the shop was good. Hearsay is okay but I wanted to see the shop for myself. It was a quaint little shop on 20th St. and close to 7th ... read more

Burning the man

I wake up and decide to poke around live journal, an online journaling site that many of my friends belong to. A really marvelous bondage artist makes a post on the burning man community asking for people to take part in some of her suspension projects at the festival. Of course I jump on, and wanting to see more of what this girl was about I start reading through her journal. I don't get too far when I come across an excited post talking about the possibility of getting branded by Fakir at burning man this year. I think all ... read more

Scared Bars

Going into Winter break from school I felt like things were falling apart. I had completely lost touch with all religion, I hadn't been to church since August and even then I didn't believe anymore; I had been on only one date in the previous year and that had been an absolute disaster; My grades were horrible compared to what I could have made; My job at Universal Studios absolutely sucked; The worst part had been my first poem written for my poetry class went completely unregarded. I had titled the poem Manic Depression and written it as a triple ... read more

my 14 gauge (will be stretched soon) septum

I've wanted to get my septum done for a while now. I've wanted many piercings for a while now. The problem is that I went to Catholic school for my first two years of high school and they only allowed ear piercings. I fucking took advantage of that; my plugs were almost an inch. But I wanted more piercings.. Now I go to public school so I can do whatever the fuck I want. And I wanted my septum, so here beings the story. One night my two best friends and me were chillen in Barnes and Noble. And we ... read more

Remove a piece of Flesh, and make something beautiful

I had dreams and Quests of suspensions, giving birth to my LifeMate's children-- even things as simple as receiving a smile and a big hug from a respected figure whom I have yet to meet in person. None of these things can compare at this point in my 18 years of living as what I am typing now so late at night. After passing the 1-year mark with my nipple rings-- and not having them for seven of those twelve months due to migration-- I decided that I needed something to prove my 'warrior' status. Not to just anyone... but ... read more

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