"Hi Mr. BME person, can you tell me how to stretch my ears out big like you!"

My story starts about 6 years ago when I was in the 5th grade. I was in a mall in Illinois and my mom randomly said, "Hey do you want to get your ear pierced?" I said yes and we went off to Claire's and got my ear pierced with a 20 gauge stud, yes I got my ear gunned but I was 11, what did I know? That was the beginning of what soon would become my ear stretching project. The stretching on the other hand began 2 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. I ... read more

Electro-Cautery Ear Lobe Enlargment (Becoming my true self)

My work takes me to a variety of places. Recently a business trip took me to Arizona. Mixing business with pleasure for the most part never causes a problem for "mainstream" society. My pleasure is different...My pleasure is modification. I have hidden my modifications from my employer and had to overcome a lot of prejudice at the same time. One thing I have learned from this is that I will not change who I am and what I believe. Now I no longer hide... I scheduled an extra day into this business trip in order to meet with Steve Haworth. ... read more

My torn stretchings lead me to tears

The first time I had ever heard about body modifications I was utterly fascinated with them and wanted to learn as much as I could-quite the opposite reaction from everyone else towards bod mods. Piercings, tattoos, stretchings, suspension, neo-tribalism-all of it had me completely captive. After relentless talks with the closest and most understanding person to me-my sister, I decided I wanted to start stretching my lobes. I'd seen lots of people with mods and I felt an over powering attraction/lust for them because of this. I was so exited when I finally got my first pair of 14 gauge ... read more

Rolled up joints and a tragus piercing?

This is about my tragus experience, and the day that led up to it. It wasn't my first piercing. But it was my first cartilage piercing, and only one besides my lobes, which I had a friend pierce some time ago. They went from a little 16 gauge to 2 gauges nicely. So I figured it was time for a new addition! This is how it all started: A few friends and I were going downtown to see a suspension. One of the owners of Mild To Wild (now closed), Pete the piercer at the time, was going to do ... read more

Self Inflicted Surface?

I was rather fascinated with the surface piercings on Dee Snider's "Capt. Howdy" and decided I wanted a surface since I haven't seen any (seeing how I live in BFE and there are no shops willing to do "such a delicate procedure") surfaces done. I happened to have a 1.6 mm (14 g) needle and acquired a 1" barbell with excessively large balls on it. I chose the area and the direction of the piercing, then marked the area (away from the entrance/exit area.. why risk further chances of infection??) so I could get an idea of my boundaries. I ... read more

(back) to the drawing board

My name is Paul Clark and about three months ago I had walked into my local piercing shop with my friend. My friend was about to get his nipple's pierced by the owner Jason. There was this other woman there from South Carolina named Clarissa, she had two or three piercing's on her face and others on her body I am sure of. Anyway, Clarissa had been talking to one of the customers or maybe one of the co-workers I am not sure, she was talking of all the places on the body she had pierced. I asked her if ... read more

Changing Tastes

I never considered piercing to be something I wanted until I had my nipples pierced while in tech training for the military. I completely enjoyed the experience, but it was two years before I decided to have another one. My first surface piercing was done in Guam on my left inner arm just below the elbow. The process was more enjoyable than the jewelry was and that piercing only lasted a week. Since then, about a year and a half now, I've wanted to have the tops of my wrists done. After wanting it for so long, I decided that ... read more

oh, mr. hand web! I luff you! or did.

This wasn't the best choice I ever made. Ok so I had just finished stretching my ears and I was so fascinated by body modification and piercings. I wanted to do so much more, but then I had to come to my senses. I'm 14 years old and looking forward to suspension and nape piercings. My mom would never go for anything but stretching my ears. So then rebellion set in, even though it was something minor and...once again pointless. I grabbed a pack of needles from my parent's room after the left. I didn't even think to numb my ... read more

In pursuit of symmetry...

"You know, rubbing alcohol doesn't take blood off steel very well..." It's not often I get particularly nervous about a mod, but I'm slightly ashamed to admit that this one had me a bit apprehensive at first. Two weeks ago I started up a chest-piece tattoo, but it was healing oddly and I couldn't finish it off until it got its shit together... so what to do? What to do? It was actually a bit more calculated a reason for getting scalpelled on my part - one of my ears was at 1/2 inch, but the other was stubbornly stalled ... read more

The Journey So Far

I don't guess I am the "type" of person one would expect to be pierced, though to even write that line is laughable in that it reveals stereotypical prejudices with which I was indoctrinated from youth: "men with piercings are a bad element." Anyway, I am a professional with three degrees, including a Ph.D. I am rather conservative in my political stances, but I do not argue with anyone about anything. All that is to say that if you saw me in my suit & tie, you probably would not imagine that I have 4 gauge nipple rings and a ... read more

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