Suspension #2, I was cured. And I want more.

When Badur said to me, after I was dropped back to the ground, « You can even post about this on BME », I thought to myself and said out loud, "No, I think I'll be all good keeping this to myself". I also thought It would be the stupidest thing to have to share something so intimate with a group of people online, that I don't even know personally. Now, two days after I went up, I suddenly feel this incredible urge to type this out, even if it's for my own understanding of this overwhelming experience and have ... read more

Lotus suspension, het schommelstoel gevoel

Eind vorig jaar had ik op een maand tijd 2 suspension afspraken. Niet zo bijzonder, want na mijn eerste keer was ik helemaal verkocht! Dit zouden nummer 6 en 7 worden, dus ondertussen was ik het allemaal al een beetje gewoon. De eerste suspension van deze reeks (mijn tweede suicide) liep helemaal anders dan verwacht, zoals je hier ook op BME kan lezen. Ik had echter nog bijna 4 weken de tijd om me voor te bereiden op mijn eerste Lotus suspension, en hierover gaat deze experience. Zoals steeds begon ik me mentaal en fysiek een beetje aan te passen ... read more

My First Suspension

I walk into the suspension party and I am early, I got there after work. I'm a nervous wreck, my stomach is in knots, I'm shaking. I met a few people, suzanne who made me feel comfortable as I knew no one there. Then the team arrives and also my best friend tiffani. I watch them set up for the suspensions and get even more antsy. I eventually started talking to people and found out that only 2 girls actually have done this before. The rest were as new as me. I watch some people get pierced and suspended and ... read more

The story of how I discoved a love for suspension.

I did my first suspension at ROP RI Suscon in 2005. I chose to do a 4 point suicide as my first suspension because I figured it would be the easiest. I only went to Suscon on Saturday and talked to almost no one while I was there. I arrived with a good friend in the morning, signed up for my suspension, and hung around for a bit watching others suspend. I was not nervous at all until a girl came up to me with a notecard and told me that I was up. My hooks were thrown by two ... read more

4pt 6g knee suspension attempt

I had been considering attempting a suspension for some time, now being quite comfortable with pulling. Generally, people tend to give a suicide suspension a go first time round, but I wanted to attempt a knee suspension as it seemed less scary than a suicide. Time constraints meant that the perfect opportunity was when I attended Stratosphere, the event put on by The Hanged Man Team in Melbourne. The weekend I went away for involved lots of shopping and drunken debauchery – as all weekends away do. I also had my star cutting recut the night before. I must admit ... read more

popping my suspension cherry ++

I don't remember the first image or footage of a suspension I ever saw, but I can remember the first one I saw live. In 2004 I went with my friend of the time Tash (was on iam but not anymore) to watch her do a suicide suspension. It was not her first time, so she was confident about it and seeing her without fear made me think maybe I could do that one day too. She went up twice, swung around like a monkey on a vine, talking and yelling and singing and stripping off clothing. I was awestruck ... read more

Spacy's Coma Suspension

I did my coma at the Body Evolution meet in Norwich. I couldn't decide whether to try a coma, or knees. They were both suspensions I hadn't done before, and wanted to try because of the curiosity. I'd done a Superman suspension a while ago, and thought the coma would be sort of the same, as it had lots of hooks. I imagined just floating in the air all chilled and stuff for ages. I knew I loved the feeling of my chest pulling when I did chest pulls, so I thought it would be like that. As it was, ... read more

my first suspension

My first suspension was a "suicide" suspension, aptly named for the body hanging from hooks as a person would from a noose. Although my housemate did his first a year ago with six 8-gauge hooks, I decided to go with four since all my other friends who were suspending for the first time did the same. I figured if two girls are going to do four hooks instead of six (which is more painful) then I have to also. BIG MISTAKE! I am not sure if I did a six-hook suspension if I would have been up there longer, or ... read more


In my last story "Just A Little Higher and We've Got You" for this Senior Citizen was based on a 2pt chest/4pt back suspension. Bob and I decided to have me try a 6pt back suicide supension later on in summer. It's now August and once again time to throw hooks. Upon completion of this suspension, I will have had 20 hooks inserted into my flesh in the past several months. Our meeting date was changed from the 1st to the 2nd of August. This was due to jobs and scheduling the site. We will hold it at night when ... read more

Fear no more - a suspension and a newspaper article

Several months after my first suspension, I wrote this article for my alma mater's biweekly newspaper, the Mars' Hill. With a few additions (my upper word limit for the newspaper article was 700; the minimum for BME is 800), here is the article. It was an interesting series of events that led to my standing in this small and chilly garage in Astoria, Oregon. I was shaking not from the cold, but rather from nervousness. Nervous? I'd been downright terrified all day, during the six hour drive my boyfriend and I made from my house. Snatches of the Bene Gesserit ... read more

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