Finially, I got to suspend.

I did my first suspension on the 22nd of December. The entire week before I went up when ever I would think about the coming experience I would begin to tear up. I had been waiting to suspend since about 4-5 grade when I first learned of it. I don't think I was totally aware of power of suspension at that time but I certainly am now. I chose to go up in the suicide style, vertically from the back. I chose 4 hooks just because it seemed like a good number. I weigh about 170 pounds so it worked ... read more

new years eve fun

We got there around 9:30am. I was going to suspend, and my friend Jason was there to watch and help out. All the other people who were suspending were there, and most of the team was there. We went inside, it was very cold outside. The studio itself was kind of cold as well so I kept my coat on. Phil and Orbax looked at the ceiling to decide how they were going to set up the rig. there was only one spot in front of the door to hang from the ceiling beam. The beam was huge, so it ... read more

The Mountain's High

It's four in the morning, my mind is racing, my lower back is aching, my upper back is bandaged and sore, but I feel happy. Four and a half hours ago I suspended for the first time. I don't think hindsight will add anything of significance to this account, so I'll write it out while the memory is still fresh. A few months ago I discovered that Azl, a piercer from Black Sun Studio, was planning on doing a suspension event, which he called ETRE SUSPENDU. I've been wanting to suspend since visiting Shannon Larratt's July first BBQ and witnessing ... read more

Hooks of Pleasure

My first pulling experience happened just last week. A couple of very good friends of mine work together at a piercing shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had done several other pullings, at which I was present. And it made me really jealous watching them have the experience and not being able to feel it myself. At the end of one of the pullings, I asked my good friend Jesse "When is it my turn?" and he said whenever I wanted. I talked it out with him and we decided the following Sunday would be the slowest day for ... read more

daith -- the epitome of perfection

In my humble opinion, the daith is the epitome of perfection in the world of cartilage piercing. Its sister piercings the helix, conch, industrial, rook, etc., are all exposed and vulnerable to damage in the event of receiving a big hug from a friend, picking up the phone too fast, or sleeping on the wrong side. None of these problems plague the daith, which is perfectly nestled away in the ear -- away from harm's way. My first cartilage piercing experience was in February 2001, and consisted of a tragus and rook in my left ear and a daith in ... read more

20 Years of Fascination

Well it all started for me when I was about ten or so. I guess I have to say that is when I first discovered my fascination for ear piercing. Back then the social acceptance was very small, and I guess the fact that my Parents were dead against any earrings (especially a boy)made the desire to get pierced that much more challenging. However I still choose to follow my fascination (even if it was temporary).You see I use to pierce both my ears with a pin then push a stud through the holes and wear them for an hour ... read more

^erin^ going UP face DOWN

I still have a hard time describing in words, what my experience is. My intentions going in were very simple. I wanted to take myself to a place that I never thought possible. What I got out of it was much more than that. I have been in the piercing industry, going on for three years now. I've been a client of Mike Pitts, formerly of Black Hole, for a couple years now. What started out as a piercer/client relationship evolved into a great friendship. Over the past year, we have grown really close and I am thankful to have ... read more

Industrials are great

Hey guys. I'm back again with a new mod and this time it's an industrial, a piercing I have been intrigued by, and wanted for a long time. I had thought about getting it done for over a year but the night it happened, I ended up getting it sort of on a whim. It was Friday night, my friends and I were bored so we decided to head to Nashville for a more interesting evening. We ended up at The Ink Gallery in Nashville. A reasonably professional place, with very amusing artists and pierces to talk to. The piercing ... read more

How I got my Plugs...

About Ten months ago I met this guy, who is currently the love of my life. A month into our relationship he asked me if I wanted to go to a suspension event with him in Brooklyn. Being a very open minded person, I said sure I'll go with you. So we went, and when I got there I was very nervous. Every one who was there was totally modified and I felt so left out. Then I started talking to people, and I realized theses are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. Everyone was so nice ... read more

My poorly placed tragus :-(

It was nearly a year ago when I decided to get my tragus pierced, after seeing a friend of mine who had just had his done. I had only had my lobes pierced twice and my top cartilage twice at that point, and decided I wanted something a little different, as well as hoping it would cheer me up a bit cause I had just split with my boyfriend of the time:-( The first time I went to a studio they refused to do it due to scarring problems with people in the past. So I then decided to go ... read more

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