I owe this moment to Daphna

I need you to see this place. It might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be inside of you. How do you do it? (Make me feel like I do...) Most people would probably think I needed a cat scan for willingly putting fish hooks in my back, tying them into another set of fish hooks stuck into someone else's back and then pulling each other's skin off our respective frames. And I suppose if you put it that way, I'm inviting the men in the white coats over for a pork chop ... read more

Two hooks and a cock ring - my first pull

Background Info I don't like being afraid or feeling like I'm not capable. So, I always go out and do what scares me in order to prove to myself that I am a strong person without limits. I had been interested in pulls for a while, but I never thought I'd get up the courage to do one myself. Even when the hooks were in, I still didn't think I could do it. Through IAM I met some wonderful people who I started talking to about pulls and suspensions. I asked them about their experiences and learned that one of ... read more

no training needed for this septum

Hi there. I'd like to tell you about getting my septum repierced. A little bit of background information about my septum: I had it pierced a couple of years ago at 14ga in New Brunswick, Canada. Its demise came in a wrestling ring, when my friend and opponent caught me in the nose with a crossface forearm shot to the schnoz, ripping it upwards a few millimeters, and thus retiring the bloody thing. If you're interested in the long version of it, you can go read here. I was saddened that the piercing was gone, as I did not have ... read more

The Piercing I Never Wanted...

For as long as I can remember, I NEVER wanted a septum. Never. I still can't quite believe that I actually did it. There are several reasons why I eventually did it... it was planned, well-thought out and carefully executed. I have a lot of piercings now. Prior to getting my septum done, I was at 14, 17 holes (there's a few industrials and orbitals included in that count), and several holes that I have retired. I had finally finished my ear projects, which took 12 of those total 14 piercings. It took me four long years to get those ... read more

Septum Stretching: An Exploration

Piercing has become an important part of my life. And for me, the natural relative to piercing is stretching. In this submission to BME, I want to do two things: talk about the process of stretching my septum, and explore the reasons for this particular stretching. The Process My septum is now 8mm wide, which is about the thickness of a straw. I can stick a chopstick through the hole with extra space, while a pencil will push through with a little bit of force. I am wearing a flesh tunnel designed for an ear lobe, and I leave in ... read more

My meeting with the cautery pen.

When the smell of burning flesh is coming from your own skin your mind and body tends to react very strangely or at least that is what I gather from my first branding experience. For my first branding I went to the only shop in the Elmira, Corning region of New York state that I would trust with my skin and that shop would is DIVINITY Body Piercing in Elmira Heights New York. The head piercing at DIVINITY is a guy by the name of Joe Castellaneta. Joe has been an important member of the body modification scene in the ... read more

My First Pull

When we first heard about Hell City, we went to their web site and discovered that Steve Haworth and Life Suspended would be doing pulls, and wanted experienced volunteers to participate. Since CrimsonMane has suspended before, she decided to try and participate. Since I had only done rigging and piercing, I didn't know if I qualified to participate, and besides, the thought of it scared the hell out of me. When we arrived at the con, we contacted security, who put CM in touch with Steve. He sent Eric down to talk with us. He took down CM's info, and ... read more

It is Not about the Pig

Let me tell you about my day. I spent my Sunday afternoon at the very first Dallas BME BBQ. I thought I was going to be hanging out, meeting people, eating some pig, and hopefully checking out some suspensions. What my experience at the BBQ became was so much more than I could have ever expected. I think it is important to point out that I am from North Carolina and I am positive that if I had not moved to Dallas I would never have had the opportunity to go to a BME BBQ. My partner Angel IAM:fighting_camel keeps ... read more

Things happen for a reason

I have heard the saying, "things happen for a reason" often enough. It's a good saying, one I often try to take heart. Sometimes it is tough to see the good when the bad punches you in the face. Other times the cards of fate seem to just fall in place, even through the dark days. This experience is about one such event. I found Jessica online via IAM and started a correspondence with her. It was maybe a month later that I finally did meet her. I felt instantly connected to her. With her, there was no awkwardness of ... read more


For the past two years, I've been trying to arrange a group suspension/ritual, and the only people I trust with that kind of event are the folks from INR.NRG. They are pros AND friends. When the Travel Channel contacted me about setting up a body ritual for them, I jumped at the chance and got the right people involved. Over time, other people with other ideas got involved in our growing little community and other ideas about conflicts between what we wanted from our ritual and what the public/the tv crew/the world wanted came to light. Still, however, we forged ... read more

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