My First Pull Under an Equinox Moon

It was a beautiful Friday morning as my lover and I caravanned out to the site for our weekend Equinox festival. I was so looking forward to getting away from the city, burying my toes in hot sand and perhaps swimming with some dolphins. Oh yeas, there was also the delicious possibility of doing my first pull. Three weeks prior to the festival, my husband Murray (who's the same person as my lover, so don't get confused, dear readers) asked me if I would consider doing a pull with him. I had seen him do two out of his three ... read more


**DISCLAIMER** I wrote this with a few things and references that have nothing to do with modification. So all know, I am a story Teller in a way, and feel that sometimes, things need to be added to relate to some things, ideas, places, and time. That is just the way I think. ** How did it start? How did I come to the decision to become has my mother and father put it after I had done it "Another piece of Meat on a hook in a freezer?" I will be honest; it was not an easy decision. It ... read more

centre lip ring, Japanese style!

I had been involved in the world of body modification for over two years before getting my first visible facial piercing. This was due to various factors, the main one being that my parents (wonderful in every other aspect) are vehemently against piercings, tattoos, or anything of the sort. I managed to get away with a navel piercing and some cartilage work, but they were dead set against anything they could see. So... Unbeknownst to them I had my nipples, tongue web, four inner labia piercings, two attempts at a triangle, and a surface piercing over my ribs. I also ... read more

My First Flesh Hook Pull

I have been interested in ritual bodily mortification since I first saw George Catlin's paintings of the Mandan Indians engaging in their O kee pa Ceremony. I was eight years old at the time. I am now thirty-seven. In the interim, I have explored various avenues of body modification and ritual. But up to now, I have never taken the plunge and been suspended by my own flesh. Last year was the year I decided to take that plunge. Frankly, my impetuous was fueled by wanting to experience flesh hook suspension before my body became to old to do so. ... read more

Will My Lip Ring Make It ?

This is a story about how I got my lip ring, and about how I might lose it. I have wanted a lip ring for a long time. What held me back was my parents and money. Parents can be the worst stereotypes! But, after a lot of negative and positive research, I have my lip ring. Every day for a week after my mother told me that I could get my lip pierced, I asked her if we could go. Naturally, It took about a month. Now, I'm not impatient, but, how long must one wait? Finally, we went. ... read more

I was up and then I was down

I have been a member of BME since mid-October and have found myself enjoying becoming part of a community. I have had friends that have done suspensions several times and honestly up until about two months ago I would have never considered attempting one. Through reading stories and experiences on BME I found myself developing a desire to attempt a pull. I immediately signed up for the Suscon event in Rhode Island that happened a week ago. I found myself a pull partner and was ready and excited for the event. While I was at the event I had the ... read more

Corset: Tie the laces and open the mind...

I can try and narrate, but I'm not sure how well I'll do. I didn't decide to do it out of meditative desires. I saw a picture of someone who'd done it and I thought it was beautiful. I'd been feeling disconnected from my physical nature, and this was causing a lot of frustration and related problems. I'd been thinking about the corset when I tripped (mushrooms), and it was then that the decision solidified itself. The way I saw it then, it was going to be a process of "making holes so that the wings could come out". It ... read more

Enlightenment & Empowerment Through Cutting

Ever since I was a little kid I have had a fascination with body modification. There is a certain allure of being able to take control of your body in that way and make it beautiful by your own standards. For many years I ignored my interest in modification as my mother and grandparents are devout Catholics and believe that any sort of body modification is wrong and a desecration of your sacred body. For as long as I can remember I have had the unfortunate designation as the fat kid. "Dale the Whale" is what they used to call ... read more

Me and My Bright Ideas! A Providence Suscon Experience Part 1

I almost forgot about it. I almost didn't go. Bad weather, work and there is lots of shit to do in my house because I may have to move in a few months. All reasons that I almost didn't go to the Providence Suscon whether they were good reasons or not is not the point. I would have missed out on a great event. I did decide though to go in late January. I did however, as usual for me, procrastinated in registering until almost mid February. The question now became what type of suspension to do. This was to ... read more

I'm such an amateur at re-piercing

When I was 14, I had my first real piercing (after a unfortunate self-pierced tragus that lasted only 2 days). I had my eyebrow pierced as a birthday present from my wonderful mother. The studio we picked was near where we lived, which is a good idea in case there are problems and I needed help. I wasn't too comfortable with the studio, but it seemed clean and somewhat respectable. We had to make two trips because my mom couldn't pay with a credit card. The guy (I have no recollection of his name now, it was two years ago) ... read more

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