Hooked at Auscon

What an experience I have just had!! My very first suspension and everything went so smoothly. It took place on the usually sunny Gold Coast and I could not imagine a better place for it. Although rain was the forecast, it managed to stay away for the best part of the weekend. The day started with the drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. It took way too long if you ask me but i think that's because i could not stop thinking about what was going to happen to me later on that day. After all it's not every ... read more

A Tribe of My Own

Some decisions in life are easy ones to make, while others aren't. Decisions regarding body modification have to be thoroughly considered before committing yourself to them. Such things as ritual modifications (suspension, pulling, kavadi), tattoos, and body piercings can have major implications on a spiritual, emotional, and even social levels. These are all things to keep in mind when getting any body modification done. While some body modifications are gaining in popularity, it doesn't mean that they are totally accepted by society in general yet. I've had to make these decisions for myself. I can also speak from personal experience ... read more

Realization of Self

I went to the concert of a local Tempe, Az band in the spring of 2002, whereupon I witnessed a suspension performance during the last song. It was a guy hanging upside down, with hooks inserted above the knees, and the rig he was connected to allowed for the lead singer to spin him around and around. The song had to have been at least 12 minutes long, but the gentleman appeared to dig it immensely, and the effect of the music, the live performance, and the suspension rooted me in place. I hadn't seen anything more intimate and entertaining ... read more

Pulling, Transforming, and Shedding My Fear

This is taken from my Journal right after the event, and two updates there after. Though most who read this already know what a pulling is and who Fakir is, when I had written it, I was writing for those who might not be familiar with either. This was a whole new experience for me and until that day, I was unsure of what a pulling actually was. The ritual took place Nov. 2nd 2002, at a BDSM convention called BR2002. Journal entry: This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Fakir Musafar. He is essentially one of the reasons ... read more


For my 16th birthday I wanted to get a modification. I originally wanted to do a suspension, but my mother would not allow that. Instead I had to beg her to allow me to get a piercing. Since I had had multiple piercings before, none of which were done professionally, I know she would appreciate me asking for a professional to do it. I finally talked her into letting me get my tongue pierced, although I would have preferred my lebret, which looking at it now would have been a better way to go. My step father put up much ... read more

16 with two tongue piercings

I've wanted My tongue pierced ever since the first time I saw it. Unfortunately my mom did not feel the same way about this piercing so I consequently begged for it for many years. Finally for Christmas in 2001 my mom agreed to let me get it done for my present. I got it done four days after Christmas, at a piercing studio called Ink Link. I have gotten two other piercings there since then, and I really enjoyed my experiences there. After that I thought I would be finished with oral piercings, I had my favorite piercing, what more ... read more

My first major piercing:)

My mother has always been a strict woman. I was only allowed one hole in each lobe up until the age of 18. Ever since I was about 13 years old I always admired tongue rings and thought they were very cute. I had joked about to my mom a few times and I got the same "no way, I will disown you" response. I was really upset because a tongue ring was something I REALLY wanted. When I turned 18 and went off to college I decided that this is something that I really wanted and it was worth ... read more

tongue piercing trancending accessory

There are few things I take seriously in life. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Hotdogs? People who mispronunciation the word "genealogy?" the fact that the 16 year old college sophomore who lives below my dorm room is repeating one Eminem song over and over and has been for three hours? These things are all sources for wild, maniacal laugher on my part. However, my children, there is one thing that I take very seriously: body modification, especially piercing, but I suppose that's because it's the form of body modification I'm most experienced with. Even though I'm an infant in this game (I ... read more

Nightime Of Elevated Bliss

This is the "second part" of my suspension day stories, the first part was called "Picture Perfect Knee Suspension" so check that out for that story. Earlier in the day I had done a 4-hook knee suspension and at night I was planning on partaking in a small and intimate suspension show for about 30 people. This group of people had never seen a suspension in person before and they wanted a good show. Marty had come up for the week and we were going to show these people from Peterborough a few good suspensions. I decided to go up ... read more

My First Anahata Chest Cutting Experience

I never expected to get a cutting- partially because I was told I wouldn't be able to take it, and frankly because I just wasn't interested. My fiancé has a Native American phoenix symbol on his shoulder which was the first cutting or scarification that I had ever seen- or, at least, noticed. The way it looked, plus hearing the very trance-like experience leading up to the cutting, was always highly intriguing to me. I could definitely respect him for getting the cutting and understand how much it personally meant to him, but I never transposed that feeling or experience ... read more

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