Solidification of Self

Almost exactly one year after I had done a flesh tug at a reputable underground venue in Phoenix, Arizona by Steve Haworth (see story "Realization of Self" by user Solipsist666 [Vanishing Man]), I was making plans to move back to my hometown of Seattle. I had wanted to do an actual suspension since before that landmark day, and that event bolstered my desire tenfold. Knowing that I may not be able to see Steve again for a few months, I called him up and explained who I was, and my desire to suspend before my departure. He seemed to remember ... read more

My first self-done brand

Since as far back as I can remember I have been extremely fascinated with body modification, and wanted many of my own. I have my ears pierced and stretched to a 0g and growing, a helix stud, and a lip ring. I my newest interest has been with scarification, and branding. I do all of my own modification's because I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I receive when it's done, and I would like to work as a piercer or tattoo artist in the future. Recently I got the idea to try a brand on myself, just wasn't sure ... read more

I Swung...but not for long

I have wanted to do a suspension for a couple years now, but every time an opportunity arose, it was quickly cast aside. This was due to outside forces beyond my control, and every time I lost a little hope in quest to suspend. About a month ago, I contacted a guy who lived a couple hours from me who "hooked" me up with a time and date to come over so that I could finally do a suspension. Needless to say, I was excited and nervous. Well, I will pass over the small details and jump to the moments ... read more

first time flesh pull

Well, it all started after I met this girl, you may know her as Sabrina or Oriana. How many stories begin with that? She is heavily interested in pulling/suspension and had just started when I met her. This was October of last year (2002). I was finally convinced by March (2003). I have 5 piercing (lobes, septum, nipples) and had watched her and her fellow hook-fiends do there thing, and I figured I could handle it. About a week before we had planned to do it, I felt really anxious and worried about what was I getting myself into. I ... read more

Stars Alignment

All I hear is buzzing. On my left, buzzing in my ear, I switch towards my right; this buzzing noise overtakes me until all I hear is buzzing. I close my eyes as my body passes through waves of pain in and out they flow. For the next half hour this is how it went, silently enduring my pain. Slowing and carefully I stand and turn around to see what a half hours pain has cost me, something that's made me complete. April first is when it all started. Somewhere in the sky the constellation Virgo aligned. When I saw ... read more

Does this mean I'm not getting that job at McDonalds?

WARNING: You will walk away from this either believing that tattoos are a whole lot more than you've been told they are, or you'll walk away from it thinking that I'm totally delusional and, well, insane. But that's OK. Also, please be aware that this experience documents and probably glorifies activities that are dangerous on personal, social, and spiritual levels. I've wanted my face tattooed for as long as I can remember being cognisant of the fact that it was an option. For the past ten years I've been telling myself, "when you turn thirty, if you still want it, ... read more

Torture Garden Fetish Ball

OH MY GOD! Saturday, April 26 2003, was by far the best suspension show I think I have ever done. OK here's the full story. Masuimi and I were hired to do the San Francisco Fetish Ball. This event was a Torture Garden event that was hosted by Mister and Madame S. TG is actually a club from the UK, but when they come to the US, we normally perform with them. I'm sure it's much cheaper to hire local talent then to try and fly people in from the UK. Well, since San Francisco has seen so many suspensions, ... read more

my experience of getting my twins pierced.

Breast cancer runs in my family. Every female in my family has had it, and it is pretty much guaranteed that I will get it too. Because of this, I have always been eager to enjoy my boobies to the fullest, and to appreciate them while they are still around (or not mutated as all the other boobs in my family are.) Because of this (and because you must admit, its hot as hell) I decided that when I turned 18 I would get my nipples pierced. I had just moved to New York for college a week before my ... read more

female 4mm nipples - piercing and stretching experience.

I had my nipples pierced about 5 years ago, and since then have stretched them to 4mm. I decided to write this experience as I am often asked questions about how long to wait until stretching, and how much it hurts. Also, while a fair amount of men have large gauge nipple piercings, I don't think I know any other women who have stretched their nipples larger than 2.4mm, so hopefully this will inspire some of you to ditch the small rings for something chunkier and more fun. Before getting my left nipple pierced, I'd only previously had ear and ... read more

Short but Sweet

So, this is the story of the day I suspended with Ihung. This was not my first suspension, as I have known the feeling on being lifted off the ground with flesh hooks previously six different times on three occasions with two great suspension groups. Though it's still very fresh in mind, this experience would be no less important then the others. The last time I suspended was on my birthday in September with the Industrial Primitives Group outside of Saint Louis. I went up Crucified that time and truthfully the experience took a lot out of me physically and ... read more

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