My Nape - What a Breeze

My Nape - What A Breeze! I've wanted my nape pierced for a long time now. My good friend Antz got his done by his flatmate who works at Westside. It looked amazing and was healing well. I told him how badly I wanted mine done, and he asked Jase how much he would charge me. He told Antz $40 (AUS), so I was pretty happy with that. I told Jase that I would call him in the next few days and organize something. I didn't end up calling him, but I saw him out in the City at a ... read more

Not your typical self-piercing experience - ankle surface piercing

I tend not to read most self-piercing experiences as they generally involve 15 year olds with safety pins, or men too embarrassed by their genitals to see a professional piercer. I find they serve as a 'what not to do' rather than being useful when researching a new piercing. I hope this experience isn't going to come across like that! I've had at least 25 piercings done professionally, and also several temporary ones for suspensions and pulls, but I've never previously pierced myself, as I find piercings very painful and didn't think I could inflict that much pain on myself. ... read more

My First Pull...And In Japan!

I'm a Canadian living in South Korea, teaching little kids English. I've been here for almost a year, so my time is up and I'm heading home in about 4 weeks. Well, about a month ago I got a great idea to look up BME events that may be happening when I get home. There didn't seem to be anything when I was due home, but I came across an event that was set to take place in Fukuoka, Japan. After messaging dita and reikon too many times to count over the next few weeks, I hopped on a plane ... read more

Defining moments...... my first flesh pull

This is the story of my first flesh pulling. It's basically broken down into parts, because there were alot of certain 'factors' leading up to the actual day, the event itself, and afterwards. ***** Ever since I first discovered flesh pulling and suspensions after looking around on BME and IAM, I knew it was something I wanted to learn all I could about it. I wanted to know everything - the procedure, the risks, the after effects and the mental/emotional aspect of things too. I later found out about suspension groups like IWasCured, Rites of Passage, Etre Suspendu and TSD. ... read more

If at first you don't succeed...

If at first you don't succeed, try another piercing. My right ear looked naked after the failure of my industrial. Hindsight being what it is, I should have gone for the snug in the first place. I only got the industrial because a piercer told me my anatomy wasn't right for it (it was, there was just something about it my body, and my tastes, didn't like). I'd seen the snug a long time ago, and thought it was really interesting and unique. I don't live in a very small or very conservative area, but I haven't seen anyone else ... read more

BMEfest: Behind the Scenes

BMEfest: Behind the Scenes I apologize in advance for the extreme length of this experience, as well as its disjointedness. I'd definitely encourage other BBQ hosts to write similar stories, as well as attendees who can offer their viewpoints. I've broken this down into sections. If you just want to read about the BBQ itself, scroll down to "Part Three". Also, I should mention that many of the links in this experience will only work for IAM members — sorry! But I did make it so the pictures should work for all. Looking for some underwater basket weaving Part One: ... read more

Stretching myself to new levels.

This is the story of my first suspension, a four-point suicide suspension. I'm really pleased at finally being able to write this experience, and I have many people to thank for it, but I'll get to that in time. For now, I'll start at the beginning, and what led me to having the experience. I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I've lived there my entire life. A month ago, however, my uncle invited me to come stay with him for a little while in Calgary, Alberta. I jumped at the opportunity, because I had no real plans for the summer: ... read more

I can.

"My biggest piercing so far had been at a 10 gauge and you expect me to get four of them at 8 gauge and then hang from them?" That was what my little voice in the back of my mind was saying to me as I got backwards into the chair, ready and marked for Jonny to hook me up. Luckily that voice was very quiet and was overridden by my excitement and desire to do this. I am not sure exactly when my desire to suspend came from but I do know that it was after I came to ... read more

Scalpels= very little pain!

When I started stretching my lobes around 4 years ago, I only said I wanted to go as big as an 8 gauge. I remember how big a 0 looked back then, after I hit the 00 mark I stopped saying "I'm just going to go one size bigger and be done" because it had become futile hehe. I have always loved the way large stretched lobes look. even when I saw pictures of them in national geographic when I was younger I loved the way it looked, but I never was sure if it would look right on me. ... read more

Biography of the Body Art Daredevils

Biography of the Body Art Daredevils _____________________________________________ It all started in the fall of 97'.I(Dan Stampfly) had already been hanging out in tattoo shops heavily since 94'.But by 97' my formal apprenticeship in body piercing had begun.I was hanging out with(master piercer) Jason Price and we had become the best of friends.Being so close with Price left me no choice but to begin a formal apprenticeship in body piercing.The man literally changed my life in so many ways, and made such an impression on my life that naturally my blood brother Jason Stampfly would soon enter an apprenticeship also. My ... read more

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