Getting my earlobes pierced for the first time at 16!

Earlier tonight I got my ears pierced. I'm not quite sure why I wanted to get them done. I'm 16 and I've never had any inspiration to get anything pierced before, but a few days ago I decided to get them done. So this is my first piercing experience. It's interesting, because a couple of years ago I know I never planned on getting anything pierced. I guess I've changed, with the way I want to look. I remember being a little kid, and watching My Girl Two, they called Vada's piercings "barbaric customs" in that movie. Well, now I ... read more

The Cure to my Disease.

In some shape or form I carry my burdens and struggles as weight on my shoulders. My most current albatross resides in the form of a seemingly incurable virus, eluding my attempts to assuage it's strain by continually changing and re-inventing a new guise. With each new day I've dreamt up new ways of combating my mind's disease, now knowing that my infection is nothing less than an inflammation of apathy. Being fully aware of it's detriment, I somehow allowed myself to succumb to apathy's weight and consequence and felt my knees beginning to buckle from beneath me. It was ... read more

Industrial Trilogy *

My first industrial piercing experience is almost a trilogy. The first part, and the hardest one, was to have the courage to go there and get the piercing done(I'm not strong on pain), the second one is the whole action (which made me a lot nervous) and the third, and last one, the part of taking care of the piercing (which is a little boring and needs a lot of patience). So, my name is Fernanda, I'm a 16 year old girl from Brazil, and here goes the first chapter of my industrial trilogy: some months ago, while I was ... read more

My struggle

Some of you may know and understand my struggles with suspensions. Every time that I suspend it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I remember seeing Fakir do the Sundance in his video when I was about 14. I was amazed at his ability to conquer his body with his mind and overcome his inner battles. I knew from that point I wanted to do the same and one day I too would be able to take control of myself as he had done. Time had passed and overtime I forgot about that day of awakening. It resurfaced again about ... read more

Mortification of the flesh.

Club Apokalypse. It was a body play/fetish/deathrock event. I got there early so I could do the flesh pull for the first time, but unfortunately, the group that was in charge of it had just done a very big suspension show and had a very limited supply of hooks available. They only had enough for the 10 people who were doing the pull, the three people who were doing the "puppet show", which consisted of manipulating mannequin parts via ropes and the hooks in the back of their wrists, and the one girl who did a suicide suspension. I was ... read more

What a Drag!

All I was going to do was to try a pull, a simple one, nothing fancy, just me and an eyebolt in the wall and I was going to watch the suspensions that were being filmed for the BME movie. I ended up pulling my piercer's car across a parking lot in broad daylight, with cars driving by and a few people walking past on the sidewalk. Oh, it all started innocently enough, Badur and Jonny were going to be in town as part of their tour to do some filming for the BME movie. Everyone that would be at ... read more

Dumb for a while

Browsing around BME one finds a lot of things and ideas which one may not usually come across by oneself. I am one of these people too, the idea or thing which I found? Lip sewing. People get their lips sewn for so many reasons; spiritual reasons, rite of passage, public performance, personal testing and the list goes on. We all have our own reasons, and for me? I thought they look cool, and wanted some photos and video of myself with my lips sewn together. And good it did look. Now that we have that out of the way, ... read more

The start of a new life

My interest in a suspension came from a deeply spiritual and emotional place in my life. Ever since the age of 9 or 10, I had always had visions of crucifixions - my crucifixion. I really never had any idea what these visions meant and had always just written them off as daydreams or foolish thinking. Fast forward about 12 years and everything started making sense to me about those daydreams. I had come to a point in my life where I felt I had made mistakes I could not forgive myself for. I felt like I needed to kill ... read more

My Nape, Take Two

I'd had my nape pierced about two years ago by Scott at Progressive Piercing in Chicago. That experience was submitted shortly after the piercing. I had to remove the jewelry within a few days because the beads were beginning to pocket under the skin. In addition, it was just a bit too high for my taste. If I wore a button-down shirt that wasn't fully buttoned, it might show. That wasn't acceptable for my line of work. I had this staple-shaped surface bar sitting in my jewelry box for over two years. I've since had several piercers look at my ... read more

Perfect Pain

It came to me as I lay in bed battling insomnia at this time last year. The idea rose unbidden into my mind, and tugged at me, refusing to go away. I didn't sleep until after I had promised myself that I would bring this idea to life. The next afternoon, I walked into Foxx Works and my first surface piercing was born in the back room. It was beautiful, and as I stood contorted in front of the full length that hung on the wall of the small studio, I fell in love. Centered in the middle of a ... read more

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