Sew you want your lips sewn together....

The lip sewing idea was inspired by a picture I saw on BME. It was a beautiful image of a young lady, lips sewn tight together with a cigarette provocatively hanging from her mouth. It said many things to me. It was haunting but it a good way. It was intriguing in a probing way. It was challenging in a healthy way. It was stunning in a beautiful artistic way. It was enticing in a fascinating way. It was so much more than just a photo or a procedure. It touched me. I wanted to do it. I wanted to ... read more

first time for everything

The first time I ever heard anything of suspensions, I was fascinated. Though I always thought that it was something I would never do. It just seemed too painful. The more I read about it, the more intrigued I became. And once I saw my first flesh pull at a bbq this past summer I became obsessed, talking to everyone I knew who had experienced it. The more I talked to others about their experiences the more I felt it was something I had to do. Something that would make me feel complete. A couple weeks ago I received a ... read more

Small needles, big thrills.

I left work one Saturday afternoon and hopped on the bus to go and see my friends Julien, Ella, and Nick at their apartment. We had made plans to see Ella perform a fireshow at a local fetish club called Funhouse that night, and I was quite excited for the show. When I arrived at their apartment, Nick was sitting on a couch with a box of 25g play piercing needles in front of him. I laughed a bit, because I remembered when he first moved in with Ella and Julien a couple of weeks before, he literally shuddered at ... read more

Opening my eyes. A Burning Swing Adventure.

I'm sick and tired of not doing anything because people either break plans or for some reason things just don't work out, I was really pushing the idea of going to Vermont! I loved the idea of getting away without the kids. I really admire the artwork behind the mods and couldn't wait to get my hermit husband out of the house! Friday night I got done working at 12 a.m., hurried to get changed into some comfy clothes, climb into the truck and off we went! I always try to stay awake for the long rides, but that doesn't ... read more

Twenty-seven minutes as Superman

My name is Mike, and you'll find me on as hypermike. Before I tell about my suspension, let me explain why I wanted to do this. In January 2003, I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease called Multiple Sclerosis. While I'm on some great therapy, the past eight months have been a lot of "can't do" experiences. I can't over-exert myself. I shouldn't put on any more weight. I have to be more careful in some situations because I have a lack of balance at times and might fall. Frankly, I was tired of being afraid, and I ... read more

Getting high...a second suicide.

"Oh man! I can see the fucking sea!" It wasn't supposed to be that funny, just a statement, but the people crashed out at the third Metal Fatigue Suspension Convention seemed pretty amused. That cherry picker was a fantastic idea! I was handed a camera to try get a picture. As I dangled a good few meters off the floor, with four reasonable sized hooks protruding through my skin and attached to a towering crane, an old couple came into view on the little patch of pavement I could see out onto. I waved. You know, like you do. One ... read more

The Burning Swing Festival through the eyes of Code Zero

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go, I have a fear of people not liking me, or making fun of me, I am a large guy after all. I kicked around the idea of not going and weighted it off of whether or not my piercer mwm416 and his girlfriend tatjanaturtle were going to go. I am beyond glad that my wife talked me into going. This was going to be our first BME event, our first time seeing a suspension in person and our first time mingling with some highly modified people. Friday, August 29th 2003. I ... read more

A world of your own is your only escape

In the eight years I have been into body modification I hadn't realized the different things that branch off of scarification, piercing and tattooing. For a good part of those years I didn't really know anyone into it. Piercing will always be my main interest in body modification. I felt I was missing something but I didn't know what. I came across a book on "ball dancing". Interesting but wasn't what I was looking for. I remember I was sitting watching Ripley's Believe It Or Not a few years back. Just before the commercial they gave a preview on what ... read more

Virgin Meat For Hooks

My experience starts long before I actually followed through. I started several years ago when I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about body modification. It showed several acts of suspension, which at the time was something I had never heard of, let alone seen. My first reaction was a resounding, "Wow! Cool!" Followed by a deep wondering of why would someone do this to his or her self. It looked horribly painful, especially when they showed a man doing a suspension from two hooks in his chest. The pain was so great he had to be put down ... read more


I had traveled to Oklahoma city to go to a BME BBQ there. I had heard read that they were going to do some suspensions and figured this would be a good time to try it out if everything felt right. So off I went on the 3 hour drive. The drive itself was thankfully uneventful and I arrived in the city around dusk. I ventured around a bit and found the place. It was a decent sized apartment complex and there was a courtyard type area with buildings surrounding it. Off to one side was a tree and they ... read more

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